]> nv-tegra.nvidia Code Review - linux-2.6.git/shortlog
2011-07-01 Charlie HuangARM: defconfig: enterprise: enable ov9726 sensor rel-12r3 tegra-12r3
2011-07-01 Zhijun HeRevert "i2c: tegra: Remove the synchronization between...
2011-07-01 Charlie HuangARM: tegra: enterprise: Add front camera
2011-07-01 Charlie Huangmedia: video: tegra: enable ov9726 sensor
2011-07-01 Ray Poudrierarm: tegra: cardhu: Add KBC wake event
2011-06-30 Luke Huangarm: tegra: cardhu: enable lp0 by default
2011-06-30 Luke Huangarm: tegra: clock: clock fix for lp0
2011-06-30 Luke Huangarm: tegra: cardhu: disable governor switching on early...
2011-06-30 Karan JhavarARM: tegra: power: Powergate PCIE and SATA partitions...
2011-06-30 Alex Fridcpufreq interactive governor: Update target frequency...
2011-06-30 Karan JhavarARM: tegra: power: Refactored kernel powergate code
2011-06-30 Robert Collinsinput: touch: atmel_mxt_ts: Prevent double suspend...
2011-06-30 Jihoon BangARM: defconfig: enterprise: enable AR0832
2011-06-29 Jihoon Bangmedia: video: tegra: enable ar0832 sensor
2011-06-29 Jihoon BangARM: tegra: enterprise: Add rear camera
2011-06-29 Tom Cherryarm: tegra: enterprise: add usb_vbus for usb phy DO...
2011-06-29 Animesh KishoreARM: tegra: enterprise: Remove dsi postsuspend DO...
2011-06-29 Laxman Dewanganarm: tegra: enterprise: Add VBUS regulator information...
2011-06-29 Laxman Dewanganregulator: tps80031: Add VBUS as regulator DO NOT MERGE
2011-06-29 Animesh Kishorevideo: dsi: tegra: Improve suspend code DO NOT MERGE
2011-06-29 Sachin NikamARM: tegra: enterprise: proper emc table DO NOT MERGE
2011-06-29 Tom Cherryarm: config: enterprise: enable cpu DVFS DO NOT MERGE
2011-06-29 Xin Xievideo: tegra: dc: fix DSI pclk calculation NO NOT MERGE
2011-06-25 Alex FridARM: tegra: clock: Add Tegra3 AVP activity monitor...
2011-06-25 Alex FridARM: tegra: clock: Add Tegra3 EMC activity monitor...
2011-06-25 Robert CollinsARM: defconfig: cardhu: Enable new Atmel touch driver.
2011-06-25 Robert CollinsARM: tegra: touchscreen: Board files for new Atmel...
2011-06-25 Xin Xietegra: dc: set EMC clock dynamically
2011-06-25 Sachin Nikamregulator: write permission for only user
2011-06-25 Kevin Huangvideo: tegra: dsi: Update DSI pad register.
2011-06-25 Donghan Ryutegra: dc: adding max pixclock check for hdmi
2011-06-25 Peter De SchrijverARM: tegra: generate status events for all clocks
2011-06-25 Sachin Nikamvideo: tegra: dc: No S_IWGRP permission for sysfs attrbs
2011-06-25 Sachin NikamARM: tegra: sysfs write permission for user only
2011-06-25 Manjula GuptaARM: tegra: Adds an API to dump spdif registers.
2011-06-25 Xin Xiearm: tegra: power: fix LP2 scheduling in atomic
2011-06-25 Jihoon Bangarm: tegra: enterprise: change microphone config
2011-06-25 Prayas Mohantyarm: tegra: cardhu: handle regulator_get error
2011-06-25 Luke Huangarm: tegra: cardhu: enable PMU features for lp0
2011-06-25 Kevin Huangvideo: tegra: dsi: Set dc and dsi clock for DSI burst...
2011-06-25 Sanjay Singh... video: tegra: Do not set HDMI as a wakeup source
2011-06-25 Alex FridARM: tegra: clock: Add clock rate change notification
2011-06-25 Robert CollinsInput: atmel_mxt_ts: add early suspend/resume functionality
2011-06-25 Robert CollinsInput: atmel_mxt_touch: NVIDIA touch customization
2011-06-25 Robert CollinsInput: atmel_mxt_ts: Atmel customizations to touch.
2011-06-25 Robert CollinsInput: atmel_mxt_ts: Add Atmel mainline touch driver.
2011-06-24 Scott Williamsarm: tegra: Fix file permissions
2011-06-24 kenjchenvideo: tegra: nvmap: free vm_struct in nvmap_munmap()
2011-06-24 venu byravarasuarm:tegra:enterprise:board changes for PMU RTC
2011-06-24 venu byravarasuarm: config: enterprise: support for PMU 80031 RTC
2011-06-24 Laxman Dewanganarm: tegra: cardhu: Uart platform data for hsuart driver
2011-06-24 venu byravarasuarm: tegra: enterprise: adding power off support.
2011-06-24 Jon Mayomisc: mpu3050: removed printk
2011-06-24 venu byravarasurtc: tps80031: Adding driver for TI PMU RTC 80031
2011-06-24 Laxman Dewanganserial: tegra: Support for best clock source
2011-06-24 venu byravarasumfd: tps80031: Adding Power off functionality
2011-06-22 Jin QianRevert "mmc: tegra: disable broken deferred resume"
2011-06-22 Rakesh Bodlausb: otg: tegra: correcting enable/disable clocks
2011-06-22 Laxman Dewanganarm: tegra: enterprise: Configure pmu int on active low
2011-06-22 Seongho Joovideo: tegra: dc: make hdcp respond quickly on HDMI...
2011-06-22 Jin QianRevert "mmc: revert deferred resume"
2011-06-22 Jay ChengARM: tegra: usb: prefetch engine buffer coherency prote...
2011-06-22 Alok Chauhanarm: tegra: pm269: Correct the input supply for HDMI
2011-06-22 Suresh Mangipudiarm: tegra: usb: USB controller set to reset
2011-06-22 Terje Bergstromnvhost: Make 3D workaround Tegra3 A01 only
2011-06-21 Raj Jayaramanarm: tegra: cardhu: Modify modem w_disable control.
2011-06-21 mchourasiaharmony: Added power driver registration
2011-06-21 Michael I.... video: tegra: dc: add window inversion interface to...
2011-06-21 Mayuresh Kulkarnitegra: avp: implement NvRmPowerModuleClockConfig()...
2011-06-21 Alok Chauhani2c: tegra: Remove the synchronization between isr...
2011-06-21 Alex FridARM: tegra: clock: Synchronize Tegra3 clocks scaling
2011-06-21 Laxman Dewanganarm: tegra: common: setup of pmuboard option of kernel...
2011-06-21 Jin Parkaat2870: Change suspend and resume event source
2011-06-21 Laxman Dewanganarm: tegra: cardhu: support for PMUA03/A04
2011-06-20 Jay ChengARM: tegra: confiure AHBDMA gizmo setting.
2011-06-20 Scott WilliamsARM: tegra: Change SOC selecton from choice to simple...
2011-06-17 venu byravarasuarm: config: Adding ina219 power mon configuration
2011-06-17 venu byravarasuarm: tegra: cardhu: Board changes for powermon
2011-06-17 venu byravarasuhwmon: ina219: powermon driver for TI ina219
2011-06-16 Deepesh GujarathiMerging android-tegra-2.6.36 into git-master/linux...
2011-06-16 Heechul Yunvideo: tegra: dc: DC and HDMI debug info display
2011-06-16 David Schaligmmc: revert deferred resume
2011-06-16 David Schaligmmc: tegra: disable broken deferred resume
2011-06-16 Jay ChengARM: tegra: pm: save/restore ahb bus registers
2011-06-16 Jon Mayovideo: tegra: dc: underflow reset is for tegra2
2011-06-16 Sumit Bhattacharyaarm: tegra: disable HDA clocks while not in use
2011-06-16 Animesh KishoreARM: tegra: enterprise: panel power management
2011-06-16 Animesh Kishorevideo: dsi: tegra: driver power management
2011-06-15 Rebecca Schultz... Merge remote branch 'common/android-2.6.36' into androi...
2011-06-15 Chase DouglasHID: magicmouse: Don't report REL_{X,Y} for Magic Trackpad
2011-06-15 Michael PooleHID: magicmouse: Use hid-input parsing rather than...
2011-06-14 Suresh Mangipudiusb: phy: tegra: fix compilation warning
2011-06-14 Robert Collinsmpu3050: Motion Libraries: Update MPU defcfg file to...
2011-06-14 Scott Williamsarm: tegra: clocks: Support standard PLL-P frequency...
2011-06-14 Scott Williamsarm: tegra: power: Fix incorrect use of CONFIG_HOTPLUG
2011-06-14 Gaurav Sarodearm: tegra: add hdmi to earlysuspend
2011-06-14 Terje Bergstromnvhost: Add checks for # of GPU register sets.
2011-06-14 David Schaligmmc: fix card detect after suspend
2011-06-14 Varun Wadekarcrypto: tegra-aes: validate clk_get return values
2011-06-14 Alexandre Courbotusb: gadget: introduce delay when setting address of...