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2011-08-11 Alok Chauhanarm: tegra: clock: Reading APB bus before disabling... dev-hc tegra-11.2.13
2011-08-11 balamusb: ehci: tegra: enable hotplug interrupt for port3
2011-08-09 Varun WadekarARM: tegra: ventana: nvidia memory table updates to...
2011-08-09 Nitin Kumbharventana: use separate emc chips for ventana based devices
2011-08-09 Victor Ryabukhinarm: tegra: otg: check connected devices on resume
2011-08-09 Manjula Guptavideo: tegra: dc: Update hdmi hot-plug status on resume
2011-08-04 Sumit Bhattacharyaasoc: tegra: Fix wired jack resume
2011-08-04 ScottPetersonarm:video:dc Audio EDID improvements
2011-07-30 Roger Hsieharm: tegra: fuse: Add A04 chip revision. tegra-11.2.12
2011-07-30 Donghan Ryuvideo: tegra: dc: use a delayed_work on hdcp
2011-07-30 Prashant GaikwadARM: tegra: clocks: Add shared sclk for statmon
2011-07-30 Prashant Gaikwadmedia: video: tegra: avp: set sclk to min
2011-07-30 Sanjay Singh... ARM: defconfig: Enable H/W stat mon for ventana
2011-07-29 Sachin Nikammedia: video: tegra: set_clk_rate for avp
2011-07-29 Sachin Nikammedia: video: tegra: avp: get module clock freq
2011-07-29 Sachin Nikammedia: tegra: avp: respond to unsupported service ids
2011-07-29 Mayuresh Kulkarnitegra: avp: implement NvRmPowerModuleClockConfig()...
2011-07-29 Prashant GaikwadARM: tegra: add support for hardware statistic counter
2011-07-27 Ken ChangARM: defconfig: enable debugfs write
2011-07-27 Donghan Ryuvideo: tegra: dc: fix delay on hdmi modeset
2011-07-26 Elaine K. Tamvideo: tegra: host: Clear refcnts+syncpts on suspend
2011-07-25 Rahul Bansaldrivers: net: wireless :bcm4329: disable sdio interrupt...
2011-07-25 Gaurav Sarodevideo: tegra: dc: Fix no_vsync hang issue.
2011-07-25 Elaine K. Tamvideo: tegra: host: Force DC reset on stuck DISP syncpt
2011-07-25 Venkat Mogantyusb: otg: tegra: Fix for kernel freeze during resume
2011-07-22 Manjula GuptaASOC: tegra: Acquire wake_lock during play/capture
2011-07-22 Bo YanARM: tegra: restore voltage to nominal when reboot tegra-11.2.11
2011-07-22 ScottPetersonvideo: tegra: dc: Add basic audio EDID
2011-07-22 Ken ChangARM: tegra: ventana: support power sequence timing
2011-07-22 Xin Xievideo: tegra: nvhost: reduce HOST off timeout
2011-07-22 Varun Wadekarcrypto: tegra-aes: store keys in individual requests
2011-07-22 Xin Xietegra: dc: change EMC efficiency for bandwidth
2011-07-22 Xin Xietegra: dc: set EMC clock for every frame
2011-07-22 Xin Xietegra: dc: set EMC clock dynamically
2011-07-22 Wen Yiarm: tegra: manage graphics clock
2011-07-21 Vandana SalveARM: defconfig: enable USB_NET_AX8817X by default
2011-07-21 Artiste HsuARM: tegra: dc: Disable EDID dump
2011-07-21 Alexandre Courbottegra: power: restore cpufreq governor target
2011-07-20 Wen Yiarm: tegra: whistler/ventana: dynamic cpufreq governor
2011-07-20 Artiste HsuARM: tegra: das: Add port check before set DAP tristate
2011-07-20 Sanjay Singh... video: tegra: fix divide by zero exception in hdmi...
2011-07-20 Wen Yiarm: tegra: dvfs: use 1.1 v for usb
2011-07-20 Haley TengARM: tegra: Modify DDC (i2c2) clock rate as 100KHz
2011-07-20 Kenji Chenusb: host: tegra: don't clear other port events for...
2011-07-14 Varun Wadekararm: tegra: fuse: accept strings starting with 0x/x
2011-07-14 David SchaligARM: defconfig: enable USB accessory for Ventana
2011-07-14 Roger Hsieharm: tegra: correct 3D power gate WAR.
2011-07-14 Manoj GangwalARM: tegra: rw permissions for TEGRA_MC_ATTRIBUTES
2011-07-14 David SchaligARM: tegra: ventana: register USB accessory driver
2011-07-14 Vandana Salvevideo: tegra: dc: Reduce usage count of nvmap client
2011-07-12 Alexandre CourbotRevert "tegra: usb: prevent crash if irq occurs while...
2011-07-12 Benoit Gobynet: ppp: Reduce GFP_ATOMIC memory usage
2011-07-12 James Wylderusb: misc: out-of-band wake for usb devices
2011-07-12 John Kramermedia: video: tegra: Correct mclk settings for ov5650
2011-07-12 Mike LockwoodUSB: gadget: f_mtp: Don't block waiting for online...
2011-07-12 Dmitry Shmidtnet: wireless: bcm4329: Prevent working thread to run...
2011-07-12 Mike LockwoodUSB: gadget: f_mtp: Add support for queueing multiple...
2011-07-12 Chao JiangASoC: tegra: wait on amplifier to be enabled
2011-07-12 Sanjay Singh... video: tegra: check for hdmi peripheral during resume
2011-07-12 Sumit BhattacharyaASOC: tegra: Fix wired jack suspend/resume
2011-07-12 lichengkernel: Fix the issue of counters not being reset
2011-07-12 Shridhar RasalASOC: tegra: Disable wired jack IRQ
2011-07-11 Raj Jayaramanarm: tegra: ventana: Revised resume sequence for link...
2011-07-11 Alok Chauhani2c: tegra: Avoid duplicate write into Tx Fifo
2011-07-11 Benoit Gobyusb: host: ehci: Increase IAA watchdog
2011-07-07 Ken ChangARM: tegra: ventana: set usb2 phy type tegra-11.2.10
2011-07-06 Suresh Mangipudiarm: tegra: usb: usb registration order
2011-07-06 Suresh Mangipudiarm: tegra: otg: Remove host stop
2011-07-06 Ken Changusb: ehci: tegra: fix hotplug issue on usb2
2011-07-04 Frank Chenmedia: video: update copyright headers
2011-07-01 syed rafiuddinvideo: tegra: hdmi: support for edid like data
2011-06-30 Varun Wadekararm: tegra: fuse: new programming sequence
2011-06-30 Varun Wadekararm: tegra: dvfs: add entry for fuse_burn
2011-06-30 Varun Wadekararm: tegra2: clocks: add fuse and fuse_burn clocks
2011-06-29 Alexandre Courbottegra: usb: prevent crash if irq occurs while sleeping
2011-06-29 Kirill Artamonovvideo: tegra: nvmap: fix GART pin lockups
2011-06-29 Kirill Artamonovvideo: tegra: nvmap: single page allocation policy...
2011-06-27 Xin Xiearm: tegra: power: fix LP2 scheduling in atomic tegra-11.2.9
2011-06-27 Jubeom Kimtegra: host: fix the compare statement.
2011-06-27 Jubeom Kimspi: tegra: fix uninitialized values and if statement
2011-06-27 Jubeom Kimrtc : tps6586x: move NULL checking to the front.
2011-06-24 Jubeom Kimmedia: video: tegra: avp: Retry to connect to the AVP.
2011-06-24 Jubeom Kimmedia: video: tegra: avp: add kfree to error routine.
2011-06-24 Jubeom Kimtegra_mediaserver: fix wrong kzalloc param, uninitializ...
2011-06-24 Jubeom Kimvideo: tegra: fix the free sequence in tegra_fb_register.
2011-06-24 Jubeom Kimcrypto: tegra-aes: replace dev_err and add NULL checking
2011-06-22 Sumit BhattacharyaARM: tegra: Enable cdev1 clk from board file
2011-06-21 Sanjay Singh... video: tegra: Do not set HDMI as a wakeup source
2011-06-21 Alexandre Courbottegra: usb: fix ehci suspend in host mode
2011-06-21 Jubeom KimARM: tegra: Fixed the wrong 'if' statement.
2011-06-20 Xin Xietegra: dc: set HDMI clock to 0 if HDMI unplugged
2011-06-18 Kenji Chenvideo: tegra: nvmap: free vm_struct in nvmap_munmap()
2011-06-18 Donghan Ryuvideo: tegra: dc: fix hdmi mode filter
2011-06-18 Donghan Ryufbdev: Fix fb_find_nearest_mode refresh comparison
2011-06-16 Peter Zuvideo: tegra: dc: fix ksv_list query sequence and timeo...
2011-06-16 Donghan Ryuvideo: tegra: remove 1080p@30HZ define from kernel
2011-06-16 Seongho Joovideo: tegra: dc: make hdcp respond quickly on HDMI...
2011-06-14 Nathan Connellusb: ehci: tegra: Correctly handle GetPortStatus during...
2011-06-14 David Schaligmmc: tegra: disable broken deferred resume
2011-06-14 David Schaligmmc: fix card detect after suspend