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MediaTek T-PHY binding
T-phy controller supports physical layer functionality for a number of
controllers on MediaTek SoCs, such as, USB2.0, USB3.0, PCIe, and SATA.
Required properties (controller (parent) node):
- compatible : should be one of
"mediatek,mt2701-u3phy" (deprecated)
"mediatek,mt2712-u3phy" (deprecated)
make use of "mediatek,generic-tphy-v1" on mt2701 instead and
"mediatek,generic-tphy-v2" on mt2712 instead.
- #address-cells: the number of cells used to represent physical
base addresses.
- #size-cells: the number of cells used to represent the size of an address.
- ranges: the address mapping relationship to the parent, defined with
- empty value: if optional 'reg' is used.
- non-empty value: if optional 'reg' is not used. should set
the child's base address to 0, the physical address
within parent's address space, and the length of
the address map.
Required nodes : a sub-node is required for each port the controller
provides. Address range information including the usual
'reg' property is used inside these nodes to describe
the controller's topology.
Optional properties (controller (parent) node):
- reg : offset and length of register shared by multiple ports,
exclude port's private register. It is needed on mt2701
and mt8173, but not on mt2712.
- mediatek,src-ref-clk-mhz : frequency of reference clock for slew rate
- mediatek,src-coef : coefficient for slew rate calibrate, depends on
SoC process
Required properties (port (child) node):
- reg : address and length of the register set for the port.
- #phy-cells : should be 1 (See second example)
cell after port phandle is phy type from:
Optional properties (PHY_TYPE_USB2 port (child) node):
- clocks : a list of phandle + clock-specifier pairs, one for each
entry in clock-names
- clock-names : may contain
"ref": 48M reference clock for HighSpeed (digital) phy; and 26M
reference clock for SuperSpeed (digital) phy, sometimes is
24M, 25M or 27M, depended on platform.
"da_ref": the reference clock of analog phy, used if the clocks
of analog and digital phys are separated, otherwise uses
"ref" clock only if needed.
- mediatek,eye-src : u32, the value of slew rate calibrate
- mediatek,eye-vrt : u32, the selection of VRT reference voltage
- mediatek,eye-term : u32, the selection of HS_TX TERM reference voltage
- mediatek,bc12 : bool, enable BC12 of u2phy if support it
- mediatek,discth : u32, the selection of disconnect threshold
- mediatek,intr : u32, the selection of internal R (resistance)
u3phy: usb-phy@11290000 {
compatible = "mediatek,mt8173-u3phy";
reg = <0 0x11290000 0 0x800>;
#address-cells = <2>;
#size-cells = <2>;
u2port0: usb-phy@11290800 {
reg = <0 0x11290800 0 0x100>;
clocks = <&apmixedsys CLK_APMIXED_REF2USB_TX>;
clock-names = "ref";
#phy-cells = <1>;
u3port0: usb-phy@11290900 {
reg = <0 0x11290800 0 0x700>;
clocks = <&clk26m>;
clock-names = "ref";
#phy-cells = <1>;
u2port1: usb-phy@11291000 {
reg = <0 0x11291000 0 0x100>;
clocks = <&apmixedsys CLK_APMIXED_REF2USB_TX>;
clock-names = "ref";
#phy-cells = <1>;
Specifying phy control of devices
Device nodes should specify the configuration required in their "phys"
property, containing a phandle to the phy port node and a device type;
phy-names for each port are optional.
#include <dt-bindings/phy/phy.h>
usb30: usb@11270000 {
phys = <&u2port0 PHY_TYPE_USB2>, <&u3port0 PHY_TYPE_USB3>;
phy-names = "usb2-0", "usb3-0";
Layout differences of banks between mt8173/mt2701 and mt2712
mt8173 and mt2701:
port offset bank
shared 0x0000 SPLLC
0x0100 FMREG
u2 port0 0x0800 U2PHY_COM
u3 port0 0x0900 U3PHYD
0x0a00 U3PHYD_BANK2
0x0b00 U3PHYA
0x0c00 U3PHYA_DA
u2 port1 0x1000 U2PHY_COM
u3 port1 0x1100 U3PHYD
0x1200 U3PHYD_BANK2
0x1300 U3PHYA
0x1400 U3PHYA_DA
u2 port2 0x1800 U2PHY_COM
port offset bank
u2 port0 0x0000 MISC
0x0100 FMREG
0x0300 U2PHY_COM
u3 port0 0x0700 SPLLC
0x0800 CHIP
0x0900 U3PHYD
0x0a00 U3PHYD_BANK2
0x0b00 U3PHYA
0x0c00 U3PHYA_DA
u2 port1 0x1000 MISC
0x1100 FMREG
0x1300 U2PHY_COM
u3 port1 0x1700 SPLLC
0x1800 CHIP
0x1900 U3PHYD
0x1a00 U3PHYD_BANK2
0x1b00 U3PHYA
0x1c00 U3PHYA_DA
u2 port2 0x2000 MISC
SPLLC shared by u3 ports and FMREG shared by u2 ports on
mt8173/mt2701 are put back into each port; a new bank MISC for
u2 ports and CHIP for u3 ports are added on mt2712.