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Lantiq XWAY SoC RCU USB 1.1/2.0 PHY binding
This binding describes the USB PHY hardware provided by the RCU module on the
Lantiq XWAY SoCs.
This node has to be a sub node of the Lantiq RCU block.
Required properties (controller (parent) node):
- compatible : Should be one of
- reg : Defines the following sets of registers in the parent
syscon device
- Offset of the USB PHY configuration register
- Offset of the USB Analog configuration
register (only for xrx200 and xrx200)
- clocks : References to the (PMU) "phy" clk gate.
- clock-names : Must be "phy"
- resets : References to the RCU USB configuration reset bits.
- reset-names : Must be one of the following:
"phy" (optional)
"ctrl" (shared)
Example for the USB PHYs on an xRX200 SoC:
usb_phy0: usb2-phy@18 {
compatible = "lantiq,xrx200-usb2-phy";
reg = <0x18 4>, <0x38 4>;
clocks = <&pmu PMU_GATE_USB0_PHY>;
clock-names = "phy";
resets = <&reset1 4 4>, <&reset0 4 4>;
reset-names = "phy", "ctrl";
#phy-cells = <0>;