2005-05-05 Domen Puncer[PATCH] ixj* - compile warning cleanup
2005-05-05 Jesper Juhl[PATCH] fix up a comment still refering to verify_area
2005-05-05 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] comments on locking of task->comm
2005-05-05 Randy.Dunlap[PATCH] reiserfs: use NULL instead of 0
2005-05-05 maximilian... [PATCH] cyrix: eliminate bad section references
2005-05-05 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] make some things static
2005-05-05 Alasdair G... [PATCH] device-mapper: Some missing statics
2005-05-05 Alasdair G... [PATCH] device-mapper dm-emc: Fix a memset
2005-05-05 Alasdair G... [PATCH] device-mapper multipath: Use private workqueue
2005-05-05 Alasdair G... [PATCH] device-mapper: tidy dm_suspend
2005-05-05 Alasdair G... [PATCH] device-mapper: handle __lock_fs error
2005-05-05 Alasdair G... [PATCH] device-mapper: let freeze_bdev return error
2005-05-05 Alasdair G... [PATCH] device-mapper: __unlock_fs void
2005-05-05 Alasdair G... [PATCH] device-mapper: store bdev while frozen
2005-05-05 Andrew Morton[PATCH] revert ext3-writepages-support-for-writeback...
2005-05-05 Pavel Roskin[PATCH] orinoco MAINTAINERS update
2005-05-05 Manu Abraham[PATCH] bttv: fix dst i2c read/write timeout failure.
2005-05-05 Christoph Hellwig[PATCH] remove do_sync parameter from __invalidate_device
2005-05-05 Christoph Hellwig[PATCH] remove outdated comments from filemap.c
2005-05-05 Christoph Hellwig[PATCH] DAC960: add support for Mylex AcceleRAID 4...
2005-05-05 Daniel Ritz[PATCH] pcmcia: yenta TI: align irq of func1 to func0...
2005-05-05 Dominik Brodowski[PATCH] pcmcia: enable 32-bit memory windows on pd6729
2005-05-05 Frederic CAND[PATCH] saa6752hs: resolutions handling
2005-05-05 Matt Porter[PATCH] Update dontdiff
2005-05-05 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] remove BK documentation
2005-05-05 Andrew Morton[PATCH] uninline tty_paranoia_check()
2005-05-05 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] drivers/ide/pci/sis5513.c: section fixes
2005-05-05 Paulo Marques[PATCH] setitimer timer expires too early
2005-05-05 Andrew Morton[PATCH] __block_write_full_page() simplification
2005-05-05 Andrew Morton[PATCH] __block_write_full_page speedup
2005-05-05 Nick Piggin[PATCH] __block_write_full_page race fix
2005-05-05 Nick Piggin[PATCH] fix race in __block_prepare_write
2005-05-05 Daniel Ritz[PATCH] 3c59x: only put the device into D3 when we...
2005-05-05 Randy.Dunlap[PATCH] patch-kernel: support non-incremental 2.6.x...
2005-05-05 Ananth N Mavinakayan... [PATCH] kprobes: Allow multiple kprobes at the same...
2005-05-05 Prasanna S... [PATCH] Kprobes: Oops! in unregister_kprobe()
2005-05-05 Prasanna S... [PATCH] Kprobes: Incorrect handling of probes on ret...
2005-05-05 Bodo Stroesser[PATCH] uml: header and code cleanup
2005-05-05 Bodo Stroesser[PATCH] uml: remove a dangling symlink
2005-05-05 Bodo Stroesser[PATCH] uml: s390 preparation, sighandler interface...
2005-05-05 Bodo Stroesser[PATCH] uml: s390 preparation, delay moved to arch
2005-05-05 Bodo Stroesser[PATCH] uml: s390 preparation, checksumming done in...
2005-05-05 Bodo Stroesser[PATCH] uml: s390 preparation, linkage.h inherited...
2005-05-05 Bodo Stroesser[PATCH] uml: s390 preparation, elf.h
2005-05-05 Jeff Dike[PATCH] uml: hostfs failed mount handling
2005-05-05 Jeff Dike[PATCH] uml: inclusion cleanup
2005-05-05 Jeff Dike[PATCH] uml: tidy Makefile.rules
2005-05-05 Jeff Dike[PATCH] uml: Fix SIGWINCH relaying
2005-05-05 Bodo Stroesser[PATCH] uml: S390 preparation, abstract host page fault...
2005-05-05 Jeff Dike[PATCH] uml: fix a ptrace call
2005-05-05 Al Viro[PATCH] uml: finish cross-build support
2005-05-05 Al Viro[PATCH] uml: fix missing subdir in x86_64
2005-05-05 Al Viro[PATCH] uml: cross-build support : mk_task and mk_constants
2005-05-05 Al Viro[PATCH] uml: cross-build support : mk_thread
2005-05-05 Al Viro[PATCH] uml: cross-build support : kernel_offsets
2005-05-05 Al Viro[PATCH] uml: cross-build support: mk_sc
2005-05-05 Al Viro[PATCH] uml: cross-build support : mk_ptregs
2005-05-05 Al Viro[PATCH] uml: start cross-build support : mk_user_constants
2005-05-05 Al Viro[PATCH] uml: use variables rather than symlinks in...
2005-05-05 Al Viro[PATCH] uml: include the linker script rather than...
2005-05-05 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml kbuild: avoid useless rebuilds
2005-05-05 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] x86_64: make string func definition work as...
2005-05-05 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: kludgy compilation fixes for x86-64 subarc...
2005-05-05 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: obvious compile fixes for x86-64 Subarch...
2005-05-05 David Gibson[PATCH] ppc64: pgtable.h and other header cleanups
2005-05-05 Jesper Juhl[PATCH] ppc64: add missing Kconfig help text
2005-05-05 Anton Blanchard[PATCH] ppc64: remove hidden -fno-omit-frame-pointer...
2005-05-05 Kumar Gala[PATCH] ppc32: Simplified PPC core revision report
2005-05-05 David Woodhouse[PATCH] ppc32: platform-specific functions missing...
2005-05-05 Herbert Xu[PATCH] Add CXT48 to modem black list in ac97
2005-05-05 Stuart Brady[PATCH] include/linux/soundcard.h: endianness fix
2005-05-05 Andrew Morton[PATCH] interwave needs isa pnp
2005-05-05 Jason Gaston[PATCH] intel8x0: fix for Intel AC'97 audio driver
2005-05-05 Andrea Arcangeli[PATCH] avoid -ENOMEM due reclaimable slab caches
2005-05-05 Alexander Nyberg[PATCH] x86 stack initialisation fix
2005-05-05 Linus TorvaldsMerge ... /linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6.git
2005-05-05 Linus TorvaldsMerge ... /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6.git
2005-05-05 Linus TorvaldsMerge ...
2005-05-05 Nicolas Pitre[PATCH] ARM: 2665/1: kill warnings in entry-armv.S
2005-05-05 Nicolas Pitre[PATCH] ARM: 2663/1: straightify TLS register emulation...
2005-05-05 Arnaldo Carvalho... [PATCH] Kconfig i18n support
2005-05-05 Coywolf Qi... [SPARC]: Remove legacy stuff from cpu_idle().
2005-05-05 David S. Miller[TG3]: Update driver version and reldate.
2005-05-05 Michael Chan[TG3]: Ignore tg3_stop_block() errors.
2005-05-05 David S. Miller[TG3]: Elide tg3_stop_block messages when such events...
2005-05-05 Patrick McHardy[IPV4]: multipath_wrandom.c GPF fixes
2005-05-05 Christoph Hellwig[SPARC64]: Kill useless __pte_alloc_one_kernel indirection
2005-05-05 Christoph Hellwig[ATALK]: Add alloc_ltalkdev().
2005-05-05 Arnaldo Carvalho... [IPV6]: Fix OOPS when using IPV6_ADDRFORM
2005-05-05 Nathan Scott[XFS] Cleanup use of loff_t vs xfs_off_t in the core...
2005-05-05 Nathan Scott[XFS] Use the right offset when ensuring a delayed...
2005-05-05 Nathan Scott[XFS] Do not do delalloc conversion on pages beyond...
2005-05-05 Eric Sandeen[XFS] remove noisy printk at vnode trace allocation
2005-05-05 Daniel Moore[XFS] stop background sync from waiting for in-use...
2005-05-05 Nathan Scott[XFS] Disable the combination of XFS direct IO and...
2005-05-05 Nathan Scott[XFS] Resolve an issue with xfsbufd not getting along...
2005-05-05 Eric Sandeen[XFS] Fix up warnings
2005-05-05 Nathan Scott[XFS] Allow initial XFS delayed allocation size to...
2005-05-05 Dean Roehrich[XFS] Add ATTR_NOLOCK for xfs_setattr to indicate that...
2005-05-05 Eric Sandeen[XFS] Enable XFS_VNODE_TRACE