2007-10-19 Mathieu DesnoyersLinux Kernel Markers - Samples
2007-10-19 Mathieu Desnoyersmarkers: Add samples subdir
2007-10-19 Mathieu DesnoyersLinux Kernel Markers
2007-10-19 Mathieu DesnoyersCombine instrumentation menus in kernel/Kconfig.instrum...
2007-10-19 Mathieu DesnoyersChange struct marker users
2007-10-19 Srivatsa VaddagiriHook up group scheduler with control groups
2007-10-19 Bernhard WalleAdd documentation for extended crashkernel syntax
2007-10-19 Bernhard WalleUse extended crashkernel command line on sh
2007-10-19 Bernhard WalleUse extended crashkernel command line on ppc64
2007-10-19 Bernhard WalleUse extended crashkernel command line on ia64
2007-10-19 Bernhard WalleUse extended crashkernel command line on x86_64
2007-10-19 Bernhard WalleUse extended crashkernel command line on i386
2007-10-19 Bernhard WalleExtended crashkernel command line
2007-10-19 Pierre PeifferIPC: fix error case when idr-cache is empty in ipcget()
2007-10-19 Kirill Korotaevvirtualization of sysv msg queues is incomplete
2007-10-19 Pierre PeifferIPC: cleanup some code and wrong comments about semundo...
2007-10-19 Nadia Derbeyipc: remove unneeded parameters
2007-10-19 Nadia Derbeyfix idr_find() locking
2007-10-19 Nadia Derbeyipc: fix wrong comments
2007-10-19 Nadia Derbeyipc: inline ipc_buildid()
2007-10-19 Nadia Derbeyipc: introduce the ipcid_to_idx macro
2007-10-19 Nadia DerbeyStoring ipcs into IDRs
2007-10-19 Nadia Derbeyipc: integrate ipc_checkid() into ipc_lock()
2007-10-19 Nadia Derbeyipc: remove the ipc_get() routine
2007-10-19 Nadia Derbeyipc: unify the syscalls code
2007-10-19 Nadia Derbeyipc: store ipcs into IDRs
2007-10-19 Gautham R ShenoyAdd irq protection in the percpu-counters cpu-hotplug...
2007-10-19 KAMEZAWA HiroyukiCPU HOTPLUG: avoid hotadd when proper possible_map...
2007-10-19 Cliff Wickmanhotplug cpu: migrate a task within its cpuset
2007-10-19 Paul MenageControl groups: Replace "cont" with "cgrp" and other...
2007-10-19 Pavel EmelyanovUse task_pid_nr() instead of pid_nr(task_pid())
2007-10-19 Pavel EmelyanovUse task_pid_nr() in ip_vs_sync.c
2007-10-19 Pavel EmelyanovRemove unused variables from fs/proc/base.c
2007-10-19 Alexey DobriyanUse helpers to obtain task pid in printks (arch code)
2007-10-19 Pavel EmelyanovUse helpers to obtain task pid in printks
2007-10-19 Pavel EmelyanovIsolate the explicit usage of signal->pgrp
2007-10-19 Eugene TeoFix tsk->exit_state usage
2007-10-19 Neil Hormanproc: export a processes resource limits via /proc/pid
2007-10-19 Jiri Slabyremove BITS_TO_TYPE macro
2007-10-19 Jiri SlabyFlashPoint, use BIT instead of BITW
2007-10-19 Jiri Slabydefine global BIT macro
2007-10-19 Jiri Slabyget rid of input BIT* duplicate defines
2007-10-19 Jiri Slabydefine first set of BIT* macros
2007-10-19 Jiri Slabyamba-pl011, rename BIT macro
2007-10-19 Jiri Slabys2io, rename BIT macro
2007-10-19 Jiri Slabyi2c-pxa, rename BIT macro to PXA_BIT
2007-10-19 Krzysztof Heltcyber2000fb: checkpatch fixes
2007-10-19 Jiri Slabycyber2000fb, rename BIT macro
2007-10-19 Jiri Slabyforbid asm/bitops.h direct inclusion
2007-10-19 Jiri Slabyremove asm/bitops.h includes
2007-10-19 Jiri Slabyfs/select, remove unused macros
2007-10-19 Jiri SlabyMisc: phantom, improved data passing
2007-10-19 Jiri SlabyMisc: phantom, add comment about openhaptics
2007-10-19 Jiri SlabyMisc: phantom, synchronize_irq() on suspend
2007-10-19 Paul MenageFix cpusets update_cpumask
2007-10-19 Paul Jacksoncpusets: decrustify cpuset mask update code
2007-10-19 Paul Jacksoncpuset sched_load_balance flag
2007-10-19 Pavel EmelyanovUninline the task_xid_nr_ns() calls
2007-10-19 Pavel EmelyanovUninline find_pid etc set of functions
2007-10-19 Pavel EmelyanovIsolate some explicit usage of task->tgid
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelyanovpid namespaces: remove the struct pid unneeded fields
2007-10-19 Pavel EmelyanovUninline find_task_by_xxx set of functions
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelyanovpid namespaces: changes to show virtual ids to user
2007-10-19 Sukadev Bhattiprolupid namespaces: destroy pid namespace on init's death
2007-10-19 Sukadev Bhattiprolupid namespaces: allow signalling cgroup-init
2007-10-19 Sukadev Bhattiprolupid namespaces: create a slab-cache for 'struct pid_nam...
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelyanovpid namespaces: initialize the namespace's proc_mnt
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelyanovpid namespaces: make proc_flush_task() actually from...
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelyanovpid namespaces: allow cloning of new namespace
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelyanovpid namespaces: miscellaneous preparations for pid...
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelyanovpid namespaces: make proc have multiple superblocks...
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelyanovpid namespaces: move alloc_pid() lower in copy_process()
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelyanovpid namespaces: helpers to find the task by its numeric...
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelyanovpid namespaces: helpers to obtain pid numbers
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelyanovpid namespaces: make alloc_pid(), free_pid() and put_pi...
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelyanovpid namespaces: add support for pid namespaces hierarchy
2007-10-19 Sukadev Bhattiprolupid namespaces: introduce struct upid
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelyanovpid namespaces: prepare proc_flust_task() to flush...
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelyanovpid namespaces: introduce MS_KERNMOUNT flag
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelyanovpid namespaces: move exit_task_namespaces()
2007-10-19 Oleg Nesterovpid namespaces: rework forget_original_parent()
2007-10-19 Daniel Walkerwhitespace fixes: task exit handling
2007-10-19 Matthias Kaehlckemm/oom_kill.c: Use list_for_each_entry instead of list_...
2007-10-19 Matthias Kaehlckekernel/time/clocksource.c: Use list_for_each_entry...
2007-10-19 Matthias Kaehlckekernel/exit.c: Use list_for_each_entry(_safe) instead...
2007-10-19 Matthias Kaehlckefs/super.c: use list_for_each_entry() instead of list_f...
2007-10-19 Matthias Kaehlckefs/eventpoll.c: use list_for_each_entry() instead of...
2007-10-19 Matthias Kaehlckefs/file_table.c: use list_for_each_entry() instead...
2007-10-19 Johannes Bergworkqueue: debug flushing deadlocks with lockdep
2007-10-19 Pavel EmelyanovMake access to task's nsproxy lighter
2007-10-19 Sukadev Bhattiprolupid namespaces: move alloc_pid() to copy_process()
2007-10-19 Serge E. Hallynpid namespaces: define is_global_init() and is_containe...
2007-10-19 Sukadev Bhattiprolupid namespaces: use task_pid() to find leader's pid
2007-10-19 Sukadev Bhattiprolupid namespaces: rename child_reaper() function
2007-10-19 Sukadev Bhattiprolupid namespaces: define and use task_active_pid_ns(...
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelianovpid namespaces: dynamic kmem cache allocator for pid...
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelianovpid namespaces: make get_pid_ns() return the namespace...
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelianovpid namespaces: round up the API
2007-10-19 Serge E. Hallyncgroups: implement namespace tracking subsystem
2007-10-19 Balbir SinghAdd cgroupstats