[PATCH] visws: reexport pm_power_off
[linux-3.10.git] / sound / pci /
2005-07-13 Dave KleikampMerge with /home/shaggy/git/linus-clean/
2005-07-12 Todd PoynorMerge with rsync://fileserver/linux
2005-07-12 Len Brown[ACPI] merge acpi-2.6.12 branch into latest Linux 2...
2005-07-11 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tglx/mtd-2.6
2005-07-07 Dave AirlieMerge ../linux-2.6/
2005-07-07 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2005-07-06 Linus TorvaldsMerge master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2005-07-06 Tony LuckAuto merge with /home/aegl/GIT/linus
2005-07-06 Dave Jones[PATCH] Fix bt87x.c build problem for real
2005-07-06 Artem B. BityuckiyMerge with rsync://fileserver/linux
2005-07-06 Greg KH[PATCH] Fix bt87x.c build problem
2005-07-06 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2005-07-05 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2005-07-05 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/pci-2.6
2005-07-01 Greg Kroah-Hartman[PATCH] PCI: clean up dynamic pci id logic
2005-06-28 Tony LuckAuto merge with /home/aegl/GIT/ia64-test
2005-06-28 Russell King[PATCH] ARM SMP: TLB implementations only affect local CPU
2005-06-28 Greg KHMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6
2005-06-28 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2005-06-28 Jeff GarzikMerge /spare/repo/linux-2.6/
2005-06-27 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/usb-2.6
2005-06-27 Linus TorvaldsMerge master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-serial
2005-06-27 Linus TorvaldsMerge master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2005-06-27 Linus TorvaldsMerge 'upstream' branch of /linux/kernel/git/jgarzik...
2005-06-27 Linus TorvaldsMerge 'upstream' branch of /linux/kernel/git/jgarzik...
2005-06-27 Linus TorvaldsMerge 'upstream' branch of /linux/kernel/git/jgarzik...
2005-06-27 Linus TorvaldsMerge /linux/kernel/git/dtor/input.git manually
2005-06-26 Jeff GarzikMerge /spare/repo/linux-2.6/
2005-06-26 Thomas GleixnerMerge with rsync://fileserver/linux
2005-06-26 Jeff GarzikMerge upstream (approx. 2.6.12-git8) into 'janitor...
2005-06-26 Linus TorvaldsMerge 'drm-3264' branch of /linux/kernel/git/airlied...
2005-06-26 Linus TorvaldsMerge 'drm-fixes' branch of /linux/kernel/git/airlied...
2005-06-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2005-06-23 Linus TorvaldsMerge master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-serial
2005-06-23 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/paulus/ppc64-2.6
2005-06-23 Paulo Marques[PATCH] create a kstrdup library function
2005-06-22 Linus TorvaldsMerge master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2005-06-22 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/aegl/linux-2.6.git
2005-06-22 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/i2c-2.6
2005-06-22 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/w1-2.6
2005-06-22 James Courtier-Dutton[ALSA] emu10k1: Add more card identification entries.
2005-06-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Add dxs_support for Soltek SL-K8Tpro-939
2005-06-22 Matt[ALSA] SigmaTel HDA SPDIF and input mux updates
2005-06-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] via82xx - Fix info text about dxs_support option
2005-06-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] hda-codec - More fix of ALC880 codec support
2005-06-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] hda-codec - Add support of more models with...
2005-06-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] hda-codec - Allow sub_device=0 in board config...
2005-06-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] hda-codec - Clean up and fix ALC-codec support...
2005-06-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] hda-codec - Feed front signals to all surrounds
2005-06-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] hda-codec - Print all AMP IN values
2005-06-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Disable MPU401 on SIS7018
2005-06-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Fix the analog loopback volumes of ALC codecs
2005-06-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Fix the PCM mixer switch for AD1986A
2005-06-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Fix the handling of amp cache in hda-codec
2005-06-22 Jaroslav Kysela[ALSA] via82xx - fixed entry for Umax AB 595T (VIA...
2005-06-22 James Courtier-Dutton[ALSA] ca0106: Fix 96000 Hz audio playback.
2005-06-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Add HDSP MADI driver
2005-06-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Add FSC T3010 quirk
2005-06-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] hda-intel - Fix Oops in the error path
2005-06-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Add write support to snd-page-alloc proc file
2005-06-22 Jesper Juhl[ALSA] Remove redundant NULL checks before kfree
2005-06-22 James Courtier-Dutton[ALSA] AC97 - renamed vendor/device to subvendor/subdev...
2005-06-22 Jaroslav Kysela[ALSA] AC97 - renamed vendor/device to subvendor/subdev...
2005-06-22 Jaroslav Kysela[ALSA] via82xx - added 0x1071/0x8399 to while list
2005-06-22 Sasha Khapyorsky[ALSA] Modem support for ALI5451
2005-06-22 Tobias Klauser[ALSA] sound/pci/ca0106: Use the DMA_32BIT_MASK constant
2005-06-22 Sasha Khapyorsky[ALSA] PCI modem drivers update
2005-06-22 Sasha Khapyorsky[ALSA] MC97 modem mixer in sound/pci/ac97
2005-06-22 James Courtier-Dutton[ALSA] Be more specific with which I2C channel to use.
2005-06-22 James Courtier-Dutton[ALSA] Implement S32_LE(24bit) and 96000 capture rates...
2005-06-22 James Courtier-Dutton[ALSA] Add Mic capture support.
2005-06-22 James Courtier-Dutton[ALSA] Implement support for Line-in capture on SB...
2005-06-22 Jaroslav KyselaMerge ... /linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git
2005-06-21 Jaroslav KyselaMerge ... /linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git
2005-06-15 Tony LuckAuto merge with /home/aegl/GIT/linus
2005-06-06 Dmitry TorokhovMerge ... /linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6
2005-06-02 Dave KleikampMerge with /home/shaggy/git/linus-clean/
2005-06-01 Adrian BunkInput: kill empty comment in gameport support section of
2005-05-29 Arnaud Patard[ALSA] emu10k1: add details for the audigy player box...
2005-05-29 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] ice1724 - Add support of Chaintech AV-710
2005-05-29 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] als4000 - Fix kernel panic with MPU401
2005-05-29 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Add dxs_support for a Twinhead mobo
2005-05-29 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Fix a wrong bit set in AC1985 code
2005-05-29 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Fix ALC880 capture problems
2005-05-29 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] hda-code: Fix the array size of codec list
2005-05-29 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Update documentation for ice1712 and ice1724
2005-05-29 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Add Shuttle SN25P support
2005-05-29 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Add the vendor 0x1558 to PM whitelist of es1968
2005-05-29 James Courtier-Dutton[ALSA] Tidy up card recognition.
2005-05-29 James Courtier-Dutton[ALSA] When the alsamixer says 'SPDIF Out [Off]', SPDIF...
2005-05-29 James Courtier-Dutton[ALSA] Implement surround71 outputs on SB Live 24bit.
2005-05-29 Ville Syrjala[ALSA] maestro3: Add hardware volume control quirk...
2005-05-29 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Fix resume of via82xx-modem
2005-05-29 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Fix Mic/CLFE sharing on AD1985
2005-05-29 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Add Analog Devices vendor name
2005-05-29 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Allow more than 2 channel modes
2005-05-29 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Fix a typo in position_fix module option type
2005-05-29 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Suppress error message
2005-05-29 Adrian Bunk[ALSA] make code static
2005-05-29 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Remove obsolete mixer control