2005-12-01 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2005-12-01 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2005-12-01 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'upstream' of git://
2005-12-01 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2005-12-01 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'upstream-fixes' of /linux/kernel/git...
2005-12-01 Michael Krufky[PATCH] V4l/dvb: Fix typo, removing incorrect info...
2005-12-01 Mike Isely[PATCH] V4l/dvb: Restore missing tuner definition for...
2005-12-01 Hans Verkuil[PATCH] V4L/dvb: fix kernel message (print of %s from...
2005-12-01 Mauro Carvalho... [PATCH] V4L/DVB: SCM update
2005-12-01 Carlos Silva[PATCH] DVB: BUDGET CI card depends on STV0297 demodulator.
2005-12-01 Denis Vlasenko[PATCH] DVB: Fixes ifs in ves1820 set symbolrate().
2005-12-01 Ralph Metzler[PATCH] DVB: Fix locking to prevent Oops on SMP systems
2005-12-01 Steven Toth[PATCH] DVB: Update Steve's email address.
2005-12-01 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] DVB: Small cleanups and CodeStyle fixes
2005-12-01 Tim Schmielau[PATCH] DVB: Include fixes for 2.6.15-rc1 for removing...
2005-12-01 Patrick Boettcher[PATCH] DVB: Fixed incorrect usage at the private state...
2005-12-01 Andrew de Quincey[PATCH] DVB: Fix locking problems and code cleanup
2005-12-01 Oliver Endriss[PATCH] DVB: Fixed DiSEqC timing for saa7146-based...
2005-12-01 Hans Verkuil[PATCH] V4L: Add workaround for Hauppauge PVR150 with...
2005-12-01 Steven Toth[PATCH] V4L: Fixed eeprom handling for cx88 and added...
2005-12-01 Michael H.... [PATCH] V4L: Fix bttv ioctls VIDIOC_ENUMINPUT, VIDIOCGT...
2005-12-01 Reimar Doeffinger[PATCH] V4L: Fix crash when not compiled as module
2005-12-01 Dwaine Garden[PATCH] V4L: Write cached value to correct register...
2005-12-01 Michael H.... [PATCH] V4L: Fixes Bttv raw format to fix VIDIOCSPICT...
2005-12-01 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] V4L: Makes needlessly global code static
2005-12-01 Mauro Carvalho... [PATCH] V4L: Some funcions now static and I2C hw code...
2005-12-01 Mauro Carvalho... [PATCH] V4L: Enables audio DMA setting on cx88 chips...
2005-12-01 Michael H.... [PATCH] V4L: Bttv bytes per line fix
2005-12-01 Nickolay V... [PATCH] V4L: Fix read() bugs in bttv driver
2005-12-01 Mauro Carvalho... [PATCH] V4L: Removed audio DMA enabling from cx88-core
2005-12-01 Ian Pickworth[PATCH] V4L: Fixes nicam sound
2005-12-01 Steven Toth[PATCH] V4L: tveeprom MAC address parsing/cleanup
2005-12-01 Steven Toth[PATCH] V4: Include comments for DVB models and include...
2005-12-01 Luiz Capitulino[PATCH] V4L: Fixes warning at bttv-driver.c
2005-12-01 Ricardo Cerqueira[PATCH] V4L: Fix hotplugging issues with saa7134
2005-12-01 Sigmund Augdal... [PATCH] V4L: Fixes maximum number of VBI devices
2005-12-01 David Howells[PATCH] Keys: Fix permissions check for update vs add
2005-12-01 Eugene Surovegin[PATCH] ppc32: fix treeboot image entrypoint
2005-12-01 Vitaly Bordug[PATCH] ppc32: Fix incorrect PCI frequency value
2005-12-01 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'release' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2005-12-01 Thomas Graf[NETLINK]: Fix processing of fib_lookup netlink messages
2005-12-01 Phil Oester[NETFILTER]: Fix recent match jiffies wrap mismatches
2005-12-01 Jozsef Kadlecsik[NETFILTER]: Ignore ACKs ACKs on half open connections...
2005-12-01 Arthur Othieno[ARM] sema_count() removal
2005-12-01 Richard Purdie[ARM] 3188/1: Add missing i2c dependency for Akita
2005-12-01 Jeff Hansen[ARM] Fix IXDP425 setup bug
2005-12-01 Russell King[ARM SMP] Use event instructions for spinlocks
2005-12-01 Ralf Baechle[MIPS] Update defconfigs to reflect Kconfig changes.
2005-12-01 Ralf Baechle[MIPS] Avoid duplicate do_syscall_trace calls on return...
2005-12-01 Ralf Baechle[MIPS] Fix register handling in syscalls when debugging.
2005-12-01 Ralf Baechle[MIPS] Alchemy: Set board type on initialization.
2005-12-01 Ralf Baechle[MIPS] Alchemy: Fix BCSR accesses.
2005-12-01 Ralf Baechle[MIPS] Fix return path of sysmips(MIPS_ATOMIC_SET,...
2005-12-01 Ralf Baechle[MIPS] Qemu: Accept kernel command line passed by the...
2005-12-01 Ralf Baechle[MIPS] Qemu: Qemu is emulating a 1193.182kHz i8254...
2005-12-01 Daniel Jacobowitz[MIPS] Generate SIGILL again
2005-12-01 Ralf Baechle[MIPS] Kconfig: Include init/Kconfig after we've set...
2005-12-01 Ralf Baechle[MIPS] Use reset_page_mapcount to initialize empty_zero...
2005-12-01 Ralf Baechle[MIPS] R10000 and R12000 need to set MIPS_CPU_4K_CACHE ...
2005-12-01 Ralf Baechle[MIPS] JMR3927: Declare puts function.
2005-12-01 Sergei Shtylylov[MIPS] JMR3927 fixes.
2005-12-01 Jeff Garzik[netdrvr skge] fix typo, fix build
2005-12-01 Komuro[netdrvr fmvj18x_cs] fix multicast bug
2005-12-01 Matthieu CASTET[wireless airo] reset card in init
2005-12-01 Stephen Hemminger[PATCH] skge: handle VLAN checksum correctly on yukon...
2005-12-01 Pavel Roskin[PATCH] orinoco: fix setting power management parameters
2005-12-01 Ralf Baechle[PATCH] jazzsonic: Fix platform device code
2005-12-01 Ralf Baechle[PATCH] jazzsonic: Fix build error.
2005-12-01 Ralf Baechle[PATCH] mipsnet: Fix Copyright notice.
2005-12-01 Eugene Surovegin[PATCH] ibm_emac: fix graceful stop timeout handling
2005-12-01 shemminger... [PATCH] sk98lin: avoid message confusion with skge
2005-12-01 shemminger... [PATCH] sk98lin: add permanent address support
2005-12-01 shemminger... [PATCH] sk98lin: fix checksumming code
2005-12-01 Jesse Brandeburg[PATCH] e1000: fix for dhcp issue
2005-12-01 Jeff GarzikMerge branch 'for-jeff' of git://
2005-12-01 Len BrownPull 3410 into release branch
2005-12-01 Len BrownPull 5452 into release branch
2005-12-01 Len BrownPull 5571 into release branch
2005-12-01 Linus TorvaldsLinux v2.6.15-rc4
2005-12-01 Venkatesh Pallipadi[ACPI] fix 2.6.13 boot hang regression on HT box w...
2005-12-01 Thomas Renninger[ACPI] Fix Null pointer deref in video/lcd/brightness
2005-12-01 Thomas Renninger[ACPI] Allow return to active cooling mode once passive...
2005-12-01 Len BrownPull 5283 into release branch
2005-12-01 David Shaohua Li[ACPI] properly detect pmtimer on ASUS a8v motherboard
2005-12-01 Len BrownAuto-update from upstream
2005-12-01 Borislav Petkov[ACPI] delete "default y" on Kconfig for ibm_acpi extra...
2005-12-01 Al Viro[ACPI] IA64 build: blacklist.c is used only on X86
2005-12-01 Len BrownPull 5165 into release branch
2005-12-01 Len BrownPull 5221 into release branch
2005-11-30 Steve FrenchMerge ... /linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git
2005-11-30 Francois Romieub44: increase version number
2005-11-30 Francois Romieub44: early return in dev->do_ioctl when the device...
2005-11-30 Mark Lordb44: missing netif_wake_queue() in b44_open()
2005-11-30 Linus TorvaldsRevert "[PATCH] pci_ids.h: remove duplicate entries"
2005-11-30 Linus TorvaldsVM: add "vm_insert_page()" function
2005-11-30 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/usb-2.6
2005-11-30 Egbert Eich[PATCH] SiS DRM: Fix possible NULL dereference
2005-11-30 Russell King[ARM SMP] Disable lazy flush_dcache_page for SMP
2005-11-30 Thomas Renninger[ACPI] fix HP nx8220 boot hang regression
2005-11-30 Venkatesh Pallipadi[ACPI] Add support for FADT P_LVL2_UP flag