]> nv-tegra.nvidia Code Review - linux-2.6.git/shortlog
2009-01-26 Anton Vorontsovgianfar: Revive VLAN support
2009-01-26 Ben Greearvlan: Export symbols as non GPL symbols.
2009-01-26 Vladislav Zolotarovbnx2x: tx_has_work should not wait for FW
2009-01-26 Dhananjay Phadkenetxen: reduce memory footprint
2009-01-26 Dhananjay Phadkenetxen: fix vlan tso/checksum offload
2009-01-26 Krzysztof Hałasanet: Fix linux/if_frad.h's suitability for userspace.
2009-01-26 Matt Helsleynet: Move config NET_NS to from net/Kconfig to init...
2009-01-26 Daniele Venzanoisdn: Fix missing ifdef in isdn_ppp
2009-01-26 Jesse Barnesnetworking: document "nc" in addition to "netcat" in...
2009-01-26 Jesse Brandeburge1000e: workaround hw errata
2009-01-26 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm...
2009-01-26 Timo Terasaf_key: initialize xfrm encap_oa
2009-01-26 Alex Williamsonvirtio_net: Fix MAX_PACKET_LEN to support 802.1Q VLANs
2009-01-26 Heiko Carstenslcs: fix compilation for !CONFIG_IP_MULTICAST
2009-01-23 Larry Fingerrtl8187: Add termination packet to prevent stall
2009-01-23 Abbas, Mohamediwlwifi: fix rs_get_rate WARN_ON()
2009-01-23 Christian Lamparterp54usb: fix packet loss with first generation devices
2009-01-22 Vlad Yasevichsctp: Fix another socket race during accept/peeloff
2009-01-22 Vlad Yasevichsctp: Properly timestamp outgoing data chunks for rtx...
2009-01-22 Vlad Yasevichsctp: Correctly start rtx timer on new packet transmiss...
2009-01-22 Vlad Yasevichsctp: Fix crc32c calculations on big-endian arhes.
2009-01-22 Steve Glendinningphy: Add suspend/resume support to SMSC PHYs
2009-01-22 Anton Vorontsovphylib: Fix oops in suspend/resume paths
2009-01-22 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Version
2009-01-22 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: loopback test failure
2009-01-22 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Missing rmb when waiting for FW response
2009-01-22 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Calling napi_del
2009-01-22 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Carrier off first call
2009-01-22 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Handling load failures
2009-01-22 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Disable napi
2009-01-22 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Reset HW before use
2009-01-22 Reinette Chatreiwlwifi: return NETDEV_TX_OK from _tx ops
2009-01-22 Hin-Tak Leungzd1211rw: adding Sitecom WL-603 (0df6:0036) to the...
2009-01-22 Christian Lamparterp54usb: fix nasty use after free
2009-01-22 Christian Lamparterp54: more cryptographic accelerator fixes
2009-01-22 Chrp54: add missing break in eeprom parser
2009-01-22 Pavel Roskinorinoco: use KERN_DEBUG for link status messages
2009-01-22 Ivo van Doornrt2x00: Fix TX rate short preamble detection
2009-01-22 Christian Lampartermac80211: fix slot time debug message
2009-01-22 Andrey Borzenkovorinoco: move kmalloc(..., GFP_KERNEL) outside spinlock...
2009-01-22 Brian Cavagnolomac80211: decrement ref count to netdev after launching...
2009-01-21 Christian Eggersusb/mcs7830: Don't use buffers from stack for USB transfers
2009-01-21 Steve Glendinningusbnet: allow type check of devdbg arguments in non...
2009-01-21 Patrick McHardynetfilter: ctnetlink: fix scheduling while atomic
2009-01-20 Herbert Xugro: Fix merging of paged packets
2009-01-20 Herbert Xugro: Fix error handling on extremely short frags
2009-01-20 Herbert Xugro: Fix handling of complete checksums in IPv6
2009-01-20 roel kluinvia-velocity: fix hot spin
2009-01-20 Brice Goglinmyri10ge: don't forget pci_disable_device()
2009-01-20 Jiri SlabyNET: net_namespace, fix lock imbalance
2009-01-20 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm...
2009-01-20 David S. MillerRevert "xfrm: For 32/64 compatability wrt. xfrm_usersa_...
2009-01-20 Inaky Perez... wimax/i2400m: error paths that need to free an skb...
2009-01-20 Gabriel Paubertmv643xx_eth: prevent interrupt storm on ifconfig down
2009-01-20 Lennert Buytenhekmv643xx_eth: fix multicast filter programming
2009-01-20 Lennert BuytenhekRevert "mv643xx_eth: use longer DMA bursts".
2009-01-20 Jarek Poplawskinet: Fix data corruption when splicing from sockets.
2009-01-20 Matt Carlsontg3: Fix firmware loading
2009-01-20 Peter P Waskiewicz Jrixgbe: Fix usage of netif_*_all_queues() with netif_car...
2009-01-20 Don Skidmoreixgbe: fix tag stripping for VLAN ID 0
2009-01-20 Don Skidmoreixgbe: fix dca issue with relaxed ordering turned on
2009-01-20 Herbert Xunet: Add debug info to track down GSO checksum bug
2009-01-20 Phil Sutterkorina: drop leftover assignment
2009-01-20 Phil Sutterkorina: adjust headroom for new skb's also
2009-01-20 Phil Sutterkorina: fix loop back of receive descriptors
2009-01-20 Divy Le Raycxgb3: Fix LRO misalignment
2009-01-20 Richard Röjforsmacb: avoid lockup when TGO during underrun
2009-01-20 Roel Kluinnet/9p: fid->fid is used uninitialized
2009-01-20 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Version update
2009-01-20 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Barriers for the compiler
2009-01-20 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Driver description update
2009-01-20 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Handling PHY FW load failure
2009-01-20 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Legacy speeds autoneg failures
2009-01-20 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Prevent self test loopback failures
2009-01-20 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: 1G-10G toggling race
2009-01-20 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Overstepping array bounds
2009-01-20 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Block nvram access when the device is inactive
2009-01-20 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Read chip ID
2009-01-20 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Wrong HDR offset in CAM
2009-01-20 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Potential race after iSCSI boot
2009-01-20 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Handling probe failures
2009-01-20 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Free IRQ
2009-01-17 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub...
2009-01-17 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub...
2009-01-17 Pavel Roskindell_rbu: use scnprintf() instead of less secure sprintf()
2009-01-17 Vegard Nossumsecurity: introduce missing kfree
2009-01-17 Uwe Kleine... move wm8400-regulator's probe function to .devinit...
2009-01-16 Roland DreierMerge branches 'ehca', 'ipoib' and 'mlx4' into for...
2009-01-16 Stephen RothwellIB/ehca: Use consistent types for ehca_plpar_hcall9()
2009-01-16 Stephen RothwellIB/ehca: Fix printk format warnings from u64 type change
2009-01-16 Christian Lamparterp54: fix p54_set_key's return code
2009-01-16 Artur Skawinap54: set_tim must be atomic.
2009-01-16 Rami Rosenrt2x00: fix a wrong parameter for __test_and_clear_bit...
2009-01-16 Luis R. Rodriguezcfg80211: Fix parsed country IE info for 5 GHz
2009-01-16 Luis R. Rodriguezcfg80211: Fix regression with 11d on bands
2009-01-16 Luis R. Rodriguezcfg80211: make handle_band() and handle_channel() wiphy...
2009-01-16 Zhu Yiiwlwifi: remove CMD_WANT_SKB flag if send_cmd_sync...
2009-01-16 Jouni Malinenath9k: Fix an operator typo in REG_DOMAIN_2GHZ_MASK
2009-01-16 Jouni Malinenath9k: Fix an operator typo in phy rate validation
2009-01-16 Andrey Yurovskylibertas: Fix alignment issues in libertas core