2006-02-05 Stephen Smalley[PATCH] selinux: require SECURITY_NETWORK
2006-02-05 Dave Jones[PATCH] missing license tag in intermodule
2006-02-05 Phillip Susi[PATCH] pktcdvd: Allow larger packets
2006-02-05 Peter Osterlund[PATCH] pktcdvd: Don't waste kernel memory
2006-02-05 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] Let CDROM_PKTCDVD_WCACHE depend on EXPERIMENTAL
2006-02-05 Peter Osterlund[PATCH] pktcdvd: remove version string
2006-02-05 Phillip Susi[PATCH] pktcdvd: Fix overflow for discs with large...
2006-02-05 Chuck Ebbert[PATCH] sched: only print migration_cost once per boot
2006-02-05 Stephen Smalley[PATCH] MAINTAINERS/CREDITS: Update SELinux contact...
2006-02-05 Miklos Szeredi[PATCH] fuse: fix request_end() vs fuse_reset_request...
2006-02-05 Markus Lidel[PATCH] Fix i2o_scsi oops on abort
2006-02-05 Tejun Heo[PATCH] block: request_queue->ordcolor must not be...
2006-02-05 Jens Axboe[PATCH] fix ordering on requeued request drainage
2006-02-05 Eric Dumazet[PATCH] percpu data: only iterate over possible CPUs
2006-02-05 Linus TorvaldsRevert "[PATCH] x86_64: Fix the node cpumask of a cpu...
2006-02-05 Jon Mason[PATCH] x86_64: IOMMU printk cleanup
2006-02-05 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86_64: Let impossible CPUs point to reference...
2006-02-05 Andi Kleen[PATCH] i386/x86-64: Don't ack the APIC for bad interru...
2006-02-05 Ashok Raj[PATCH] x86_64: Dont record local apic ids when they...
2006-02-05 Jan Beulich[PATCH] x86_64: minor odering correction to dump_pageta...
2006-02-05 Jan Beulich[PATCH] x86_64: small fix for CFI annotations
2006-02-05 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86_64: Calibrate APIC timer using PM timer
2006-02-05 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86_64: Don't allow kprobes on __switch_to
2006-02-05 Zach Brown[PATCH] x86_64: align per-cpu section to configured...
2006-02-05 Kevin VanMaren[PATCH] x86_64: When allocation of merged SG lists...
2006-02-05 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86_64: Fix zero mcfg entry workaround on x86-64
2006-02-05 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86_64: Do more checking in the SRAT header...
2006-02-05 Ashok Raj[PATCH] x86_64: data/functions wrongly marked as __init...
2006-02-05 Shaohua Li[PATCH] x86_64: mark two routines as __cpuinit
2006-02-05 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86_64: Clear more state when ignoring empty...
2006-02-05 Chen, Kenneth W[PATCH] x86_64: Fix memory policy build without CONFIG_...
2006-02-05 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86_64: Remove rogue default y in EDAC Kconfig
2006-02-05 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86_64: Remove CONFIG_INIT_DEBUG
2006-02-05 Ravikiran G... [PATCH] x86_64: Fix the node cpumask of a cpu going...
2006-02-05 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86_64: Undo the earlier changes to remove...
2006-02-05 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86_64: Fix swiotlb dma_alloc_coherent fallback
2006-02-05 Shaohua Li[PATCH] x86_64: [PATCH] timer resume
2006-02-05 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86_64: Automatically enable apicmaintimer...
2006-02-05 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86_64: Allow to run main time keeping from...
2006-02-05 Venkatesh Pallipadi[PATCH] x86_64: Only switch to IPI broadcast timer...
2006-02-05 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86_64: Define pmtmr_ioport to 0 when PM_TIMER...
2006-02-05 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86_64: Disallow kprobes on NMI handlers
2006-02-05 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86_64: Update defconfig
2006-02-04 Stephen Smalley[PATCH] SELinux: fix size-128 slab leak
2006-02-04 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/kyle/parisc-2.6
2006-02-03 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2006-02-03 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2006-02-03 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2006-02-03 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'upstream-linus' of git://
2006-02-03 Russell King[ARM] Remove ARCH_CAMELOT from at91 defconfigs
2006-02-03 Russell King[SERIAL] 8250: limit range of runtime ports
2006-02-03 Mark Fasheh[PATCH] ocfs2: don't wait on recovery when locking...
2006-02-03 Eric Sesterhenn... [PATCH] BUG_ON() Conversion in fs/configfs/
2006-02-03 Joel Beckerconfigfs: Add permission and ownership to configfs...
2006-02-03 Joel Beckerconfigfs: Clean up MAINTAINERS entry
2006-02-03 Mark Fasheh[PATCH] ocfs2: fix compile warnings
2006-02-03 Eric Sesterhenn... [PATCH] BUG_ON() Conversion in fs/ocfs2/
2006-02-03 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] fs/ocfs2/dlm/dlmrecovery.c must #include <linux...
2006-02-03 Arjan van de Ven[PATCH] ocfs2: Semaphore to mutex conversion.
2006-02-03 Kurt Hackel[PATCH] ocfs2/dlm: fixes
2006-02-03 J. Bruce Fields[OCFS2] Documentation Fix
2006-02-03 Mark Fasheh[OCFS2] Make ip_io_sem a mutex
2006-02-03 Jeff Mahoney[PATCH] ocfs2/dlm: fix compilation on ia64
2006-02-03 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] OCFS2: __init / __exit problem
2006-02-03 Joel Beckero Remove confusing Kconfig text for CONFIGFS_FS.
2006-02-03 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2006-02-03 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] IDE: always enable CONFIG_PDC202XX_FORCE
2006-02-03 Loren M. Lang[PATCH] RocketPoint 1520 [hpt366] fails clock stabilization
2006-02-03 Alan Cox[PATCH] ide: set latency when resetting it821x out...
2006-02-03 Jean Delvare[PATCH] ide-disk: Restore missing space in log message
2006-02-03 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] drivers/ide/ide-io.c: make __ide_end_request...
2006-02-03 Ingo Molnar[PATCH] solve false-positive soft lockup messages durin...
2006-02-03 Richard Purdie[PATCH] stop CompactFlash devices being marked as removable
2006-02-03 Andreas Mohr[PATCH] ide Kconfig fixes
2006-02-03 Bjorn Helgaas[PATCH] ia64: drop arch-specific IDE MAX_HWIFS definition
2006-02-03 Jason Gaston[PATCH] piix: add Intel ICH8M device IDs
2006-02-03 Jayachandran C[PATCH] IPMI: fix issues reported by Coverity in ipmi_m...
2006-02-03 Jayachandran C[PATCH] UDF: Fix issues reported by Coverity in namei.c
2006-02-03 KAMBAROV, ZAUR[PATCH] coverity: udf/balloc.c null deref fix
2006-02-03 Vincent Hanquez[PATCH] debugfs: hard link count wrong
2006-02-03 Karsten Keil[PATCH] i4l: warning fixes
2006-02-03 Andrew Morton[PATCH] ip2main.c warning fixes
2006-02-03 Davi Arnaut[PATCH] Fix keyctl usage of strnlen_user()
2006-02-03 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] edac_mc: Remove include of version.h
2006-02-03 OGAWA Hirofumi[PATCH] fat: Fix truncate() write ordering
2006-02-03 OGAWA Hirofumi[PATCH] Trivial optimization of ll_rw_block()
2006-02-03 OGAWA Hirofumi[PATCH] fat: Replace an own implementation with ll_rw_b...
2006-02-03 Andrew Morton[PATCH] uninline __sigqueue_free()
2006-02-03 Paul Fulghum[PATCH] new tty buffering locking fix
2006-02-03 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] ipmi: mem_{in,out}[bwl] => intf_mem_{in,out...
2006-02-03 Fernando Luis... [PATCH] Compilation of kexec/kdump broken
2006-02-03 Paul E. McKenney[PATCH] Fix comment to synchronize_sched()
2006-02-03 Herbert Poetzl[PATCH] quota: fix error code for ext2_new_inode()
2006-02-03 Zhang, Yanmin[PATCH] Export cpu topology in sysfs
2006-02-03 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] ixj: fix writing silence check
2006-02-03 Peter Williams[PATCH] lib: Fix bug in int_sqrt() for 64 bit longs
2006-02-03 Herbert Poetzl[PATCH] quota: remove unused sync_dquots_dev()
2006-02-03 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] drivers/serial/jsm/: cleanups
2006-02-03 V. Ananda Krishnan[PATCH] jsm: update for tty buffering revamp
2006-02-03 dean gaudet[PATCH] fcntl F_SETFL and read-only IS_APPEND files