2011-08-01 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-3.1-rc1' of git://
2011-08-01 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'sh-latest' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2011-08-01 Tomi ValkeinenOMAP: DSS2: HDMI: fix hdmi clock name
2011-08-01 Tomi ValkeinenHACK: OMAP: DSS2: clk hack for OMAP2/3
2011-08-01 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-next' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2011-08-01 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2011-08-01 Trond MyklebustNFS: Re-enable compilation of nfs with !CONFIG_NFS_V4...
2011-07-31 Sanjeev Premimfd: Fix mismatch in twl4030 mutex lock-unlock
2011-07-31 Randy Dunlapmfd: twl6030-pwm.c needs MODULE_LICENSE
2011-07-31 Keshava Munegowdamfd: Fix the omap-usb-host clock API usage on usbhs_dis...
2011-07-31 Mark Brownmfd: Acknowledge WM8994 IRQs before reporting
2011-07-31 Mark Brownmfd: Acknowlege all WM831x IRQs before we handle them
2011-07-31 Jesper Juhlmfd: Avoid two assignments if failures happen in tps659...
2011-07-31 Dan Carpenterregulator: Storing tps65912 error codes in u8
2011-07-31 Jesper Juhlmfd: Don't leak init_data in tps65910_i2c_probe
2011-07-31 Jin Parkregulator: aat2870: Add AAT2870 regulator driver
2011-07-31 Jin Parkbacklight: Add AAT2870 backlight driver
2011-07-31 Jin Parkmfd: Add AAT2870 mfd driver
2011-07-31 Jesper Juhlmfd: Remove dead code from max8997-irq
2011-07-31 Linus Walleijmfd: Move TPS55910 Kconfig option
2011-07-31 Om Prakashmfd: Fix missing stmpe kerneldoc
2011-07-31 Axel Linmfd: Fix off-by-one value range checking for tps65912_i...
2011-07-31 Mark Brownmfd: Add devices for WM831x clocking module
2011-07-31 Axel Linmfd: Remove comp{1,2}_threshold sysfs entries in tps659...
2011-07-31 Mark Brownmfd: Don't ask about the TPS65912 core driver in Kconfig
2011-07-31 Dimitris Papastamosmfd: Fix off by one in WM831x IRQ code
2011-07-31 Oleg Drokinmfd: Add tps65921 support from twl-core
2011-07-31 Mark Brownmfd: Add WM831x clock control register definitions
2011-07-31 Mark Brownmfd: Ensure value written by wm831x_set_bits() is withi...
2011-07-31 Mark Brownmfd: Implement tps65910 IRQ cleanup
2011-07-31 Alexander Steinmfd: Add tunnelcreek watchdog to lpc_sch devices
2011-07-31 Linus Walleijmfd: Clean-up ab8500 register file
2011-07-31 Linus Walleijmfd: Update ab8500 subdevice list
2011-07-31 Robert Rosengrenmfd: ab8500-core MFD devices marked as initdata
2011-07-31 Margarita Olayatps65912: add regulator driver
2011-07-31 Margarita Olayatps65912: gpio: add gpio driver
2011-07-31 Margarita Olayatps65912: irq: add interrupt controller
2011-07-31 Margarita Olayamfd: tps65912: Add new mfd device
2011-07-31 Peter Huewemfd: Use kstrtoul_from_user in ab8500
2011-07-31 Peter Huewemfd: Use kstrtoul_from_user in ab3550
2011-07-31 Lars-Peter... mfd: Use generic irq chip for jz4740-adc
2011-07-31 Mark Brownmfd: Fix error handling if BUG() isn't enabled in WM8994
2011-07-31 Mark Brownmfd: Fix WM8994 IRQ register cache restore on resume
2011-07-31 Mark Brownmfd: Support multiple active WM831x AUXADC conversions
2011-07-31 Mark Brownmfd: Restructure wm8994-core device revision handling
2011-07-31 Sascha Hauermfd: Allocate wm835x irq descs dynamically
2011-07-31 Mark Brownmfd: Refactor wm831x AUXADC handling into a separate...
2011-07-31 Mark Brownmfd: Read wm831x AUXADC conversion results before ackno...
2011-07-31 Mark Brownmfd: Support dynamic allocation of IRQ range for wm831x
2011-07-31 Mark Brownmfd: Only register wm831x RTC device if the 32.768kHz...
2011-07-31 Mark Brownmfd: Allow touchscreen to be disabled on wm831x devices
2011-07-31 Mark Brownmfd: Implement support for multiple WM831x devices
2011-07-31 Mark Brownmfd: Fix bus lock interaction for WM831x IRQ set_type...
2011-07-31 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'nfs-for-3.1' of git://
2011-07-31 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2011-07-31 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'urgent-for-linus' of git://git./linux...
2011-07-31 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://
2011-07-31 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/brodo/cpupowerutils
2011-07-31 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/brodo/pcmcia-2.6
2011-07-31 Peng Taopnfsblock: write_pagelist handle zero invalid extents
2011-07-31 Fred Isamanpnfsblock: note written INVAL areas for layoutcommit
2011-07-31 Fred Isamanpnfsblock: bl_write_pagelist
2011-07-31 Fred Isamanpnfsblock: bl_read_pagelist
2011-07-31 Fred Isamanpnfsblock: cleanup_layoutcommit
2011-07-31 Fred Isamanpnfsblock: encode_layoutcommit
2011-07-31 Fred Isamanpnfsblock: merge rw extents
2011-07-31 Fred Isamanpnfsblock: add extent manipulation functions
2011-07-31 Fred Isamanpnfsblock: bl_find_get_extent
2011-07-31 Fred Isamanpnfsblock: xdr decode pnfs_block_layout4
2011-07-31 Fred Isamanpnfsblock: call and parse getdevicelist
2011-07-31 Fred Isamanpnfsblock: merge extents
2011-07-31 Fred Isamanpnfsblock: lseg alloc and free
2011-07-31 Jim Reespnfsblock: remove device operations
2011-07-31 Jim Reespnfsblock: add device operations
2011-07-31 Fred Isamanpnfsblock: basic extent code
2011-07-31 Benny Halevypnfsblock: use pageio_ops api
2011-07-31 Fred Isamanpnfsblock: add blocklayout Kconfig option, Makefile...
2011-07-31 Andy Adamsonpnfs: cleanup_layoutcommit
2011-07-31 Fred Isamanpnfs: ask for layout_blksize and save it in nfs_server
2011-07-31 Benny Halevypnfs: add set-clear layoutdriver interface
2011-07-31 Andy Adamsonpnfs: GETDEVICELIST
2011-07-31 Peng Taopnfs: use lwb as layoutcommit length
2011-07-31 Peng Taopnfs: let layoutcommit handle a list of lseg
2011-07-31 Peng Taopnfs: save layoutcommit cred at layout header init
2011-07-31 Peng Taopnfs: save layoutcommit lwb at layout header
2011-07-31 Andrew Mortonslab: use NUMA_NO_NODE
2011-07-31 Wu Fengguangdon't busy retry the inode on failed grab_super_passive()
2011-07-30 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2011-07-30 Greg Dietschem68k/math-emu: Remove unnecessary code
2011-07-30 Geert Uytterhoevenm68k/math-emu: Remove commented out old code
2011-07-30 Geert Uytterhoevenm68k: Kill warning in setup_arch() when compiling for...
2011-07-30 Geert Uytterhoevenm68k/atari: Prefix GPIO_{IN,OUT} with CODEC_
2011-07-30 Geert Uytterhoevensparc: iounmap() and *_free_coherent() - Use lookup_res...
2011-07-30 Michael Schmitzm68k/atari: Reserve some ST-RAM early on for device...
2011-07-30 Geert Uytterhoevenm68k/amiga: Chip RAM - Use lookup_resource()
2011-07-30 Geert Uytterhoevenresources: Add lookup_resource()
2011-07-30 Geert Uytterhoevensparc: _sparc_find_resource() should check for exact...
2011-07-30 Geert Uytterhoevenm68k/amiga: Chip RAM - Offset resource end by CHIP_PHYSADDR
2011-07-30 Geert Uytterhoevenm68k/amiga: Chip RAM - Use resource_size() to fix off...
2011-07-30 Geert Uytterhoevenm68k/amiga: Chip RAM - Change chipavail to an atomic_t