2007-10-16 Krzysztof Helttdfxfb: 3 fixes
2007-10-16 Krzysztof Helttdfxfb: coding style improvement
2007-10-16 Krzysztof Helttridentfb: coding style improvement
2007-10-16 Hans J. Kochpxafb: Add support for other palette formats
2007-10-16 Raphael Assenatmbxfb: Improvements and new features
2007-10-16 Ben Dookssm501fb: Ensure panel interface is not tristated when...
2007-10-16 Ben Dookssm501fb: Call fb suspend function during suspend and...
2007-10-16 Ben Dookssm501fb: update suspend and resume code
2007-10-16 Krzysztof Heltpm2fb: accelerated 24-bit fillrect
2007-10-16 Krzysztof Heltpm2fb: Permedia 2V initialization fixes
2007-10-16 Krzysztof Heltpm2fb: source code improvements
2007-10-16 Krzysztof Heltpm2fb: accelerated imageblit
2007-10-16 Krzysztof Heltpm3fb: mtrr support and noaccel option
2007-10-16 Krzysztof Heltpm3fb: improvements and cleanups
2007-10-16 Krzysztof Heltpm3fb: 3 small fixes
2007-10-16 Krzysztof Heltpm3fb: imageblit improved
2007-10-16 Krzysztof Heltpm3fb: header file reduction
2007-10-16 Krzysztof Heltskeletonfb: wrong field name fix
2007-10-16 Krzysztof Heltpm3fb: copyarea and partial imageblit suppor
2007-10-16 Michal Januszewskiuvesafb: documentation
2007-10-16 Michal Januszewskiuvesafb: the driver core
2007-10-16 Michal Januszewskiuvesafb: add connector entries
2007-10-16 Michal Januszewskiconnector: change connector's max message size
2007-10-16 Michal Januszewskifbdev: export fb_destroy_modelist
2007-10-16 Bryan Kadzbanrtc: allow validated RTC_PIE_ON for non-root
2007-10-16 Bryan Kadzbanrtc: add max_user_freq to sysfs
2007-10-16 David Brownellrtc-cmos probe() cleanup
2007-10-16 Mark Lordrtc: fix readback from /sys/class/rtc/rtc?/wakealarm
2007-10-16 Scott Woodrtc: RTC class driver for the ds1374
2007-10-16 Jean Delvarertc-pcf8583: Check for i2c adapter functionality
2007-10-16 Atsushi Nemotortc: make rtc-ds1742 driver hotplug-aware
2007-10-16 Atsushi Nemotortc: make rtc-ds1553 driver hotplug-aware
2007-10-16 Mark Zhanrtc-dev: no need to convert file->private_data to rtc...
2007-10-16 David Brownellrtc_irq_set_freq() requires power-of-two and associated...
2007-10-16 Alessandro... RTC: periodic irq fix
2007-10-16 Michael Halcrowecryptfs: clean up page flag handling
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: replace magic numbers
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: remove unused functions and kmem_cache
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: initialize persistent lower file on inode...
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: fix data types
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: convert mmap functions to use persistent...
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: make open, truncate, and setattr use persiste...
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: update metadata read/write functions
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: set up and destroy persistent lower file
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: replace encrypt, decrypt, and inode size...
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: read_write.c routines
2007-10-16 Michael Halcrowecryptfs: fix error handling
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: remove assignments in if-statements
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: remove header_extent_size
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: Use generic_file_splice_read()
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: make needlessly global symbols static
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: remove unnecessary variable initializations
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: kerneldoc fixes for crypto.c and keystore.c
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: comments for some structs
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: grammatical fix (destruct to destroy)
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: collapse flag set into one statement
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: remove unnecessary BUG_ON
2007-10-16 Andrew Mortonecryptfs: printk warning fixes
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: update comment and debug statement
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: fix Tag 11 writing code
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: fix Tag 11 parsing code
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: fix Tag 3 parsing code
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: fix Tag 1 parsing code
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: kmem_cache objects for multiple keys; init...
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: use list_for_each_entry_safe() when wiping...
2007-10-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: add key list structure; search keyring
2007-10-16 Adrian Bunkfs/nfsd/export.c: make 3 functions static
2007-10-16 Jesper Juhlisdn: guard against a potential NULL pointer dereferenc...
2007-10-16 Jesper Juhlfix possible NULL deref on low memory condition in...
2007-10-16 Matthias Kaehlckeuse mutex instead of semaphore in isdn subsystem common...
2007-10-16 Tilman Schmidtgigaset: remove pointless locking
2007-10-16 Masami Hiramatsukprobes: support kretprobe blacklist
2007-10-16 Tony Jonesspi doesn't need class_device
2007-10-16 WANG CongDocumentation/spi/spidev_test.c: constify some variables
2007-10-16 Anton Vorontsovspi_mpc83xx handles other processors with QUICC engine
2007-10-16 David BrownellSPI driver runtime footprint shrinkage
2007-10-16 Kyungmin ParkOMAP2 McSPI code cleanup
2007-10-16 Jesper JuhlClean up duplicate includes in drivers/spi/
2007-10-16 Paul Jacksoncpuset: remove sched domain hooks from cpusets
2007-10-16 Shannon NelsonI/OAT: Add DCA services
2007-10-16 Shannon NelsonDCA: Add Direct Cache Access driver
2007-10-16 Shannon NelsonI/OAT: Add support for MSI and MSI-X
2007-10-16 Shannon NelsonI/OAT: Split PCI startup from DMA handling code
2007-10-16 Shannon NelsonI/OAT: code cleanup from checkpatch output
2007-10-16 Shannon NelsonI/OAT: Rename the source file
2007-10-16 Shannon NelsonI/OAT: New device ids
2007-10-16 Thomas GleixnerV850: cleanup struct irqaction initializers
2007-10-16 Lepton Wuuml: definitively kill subprocesses on panic
2007-10-16 Jeff Dikeuml: arch/um/drivers formatting
2007-10-16 Jeff Dikeuml: fix stub address calculations
2007-10-16 Jeff Dikeuml: correctly handle skb allocation failures
2007-10-16 Jeff Dikeuml: network driver MTU cleanups
2007-10-16 Jeff Dikeuml: network formatting
2007-10-16 Jeff Dikeuml: use *SEC_PER_*SEC constants
2007-10-16 Jeff Dikeuml: eliminate SIGALRM
2007-10-16 Jeff Dikeuml: time build fix
2007-10-16 Jeff Dikeuml: eliminate interrupts in the idle loop
2007-10-16 Jeff Dikeuml: tickless support
2007-10-16 Jeff Dikeuml: clocksource support
2007-10-16 Jeff Dikeuml: GENERIC_CLOCKEVENTS support