]> nv-tegra.nvidia Code Review - linux-2.6.git/shortlog
2009-10-01 Atis Elstsnet: Use sk_mark for routing lookup in more places
2009-10-01 Stephen Hemmingersky2: irqname based on pci address
2009-10-01 Michal Schmidtskge: use unique IRQ name
2009-10-01 Ori FinkelmanIPv4 TCP fails to send window scale option when window...
2009-10-01 Andrew Mortonnet/ipv4/tcp.c: fix min() type mismatch warning
2009-10-01 Ralf BaechleKconfig: STRIP: Remove stale bits of STRIP help text
2009-10-01 Ralf BaechleNET: mkiss: Fix typo
2009-10-01 Eric Dumazettg3: Remove prev_vlan_tag from struct tx_ring_info
2009-10-01 Uwe Kleine... move virtnet_remove to .devexit.text
2009-10-01 Uwe Kleine... don't use __devexit_p to wrap sgiseeq_remove
2009-10-01 Uwe Kleine... don't use __devexit_p to wrap meth_remove
2009-10-01 Jiri Pirkobonding: set primary param via sysfs
2009-10-01 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm...
2009-10-01 Eric Dumazetpktgen: Fix delay handling
2009-10-01 Jiri Pirkoixgbe: correct the parameter description
2009-10-01 Ajit Khapardebe2net: Workaround to fix a bug in Rx Completion proces...
2009-10-01 Anton Vorontsov3c59x: Rework suspend and resume
2009-10-01 Choi, Daviddrivers/net: ks8851_mll ethernet network driver
2009-10-01 Mike McCormackskge: Make sure both ports initialize correctly
2009-10-01 roel kluinbcm63xx_enet: timeout off by one in do_mdio_op()
2009-10-01 Ron Mercerqlge: Fix error exit for probe call.
2009-10-01 Ron Mercerqlge: Protect reset recovery with rtnl_lock().
2009-10-01 Ron Mercerqlge: Fix spin_lock warning.
2009-10-01 Ron Mercerqlge: Fix out of sync hardware semaphore.
2009-10-01 Ron Mercerqlge: Fix bad bit definitions.
2009-10-01 Peter P Waskiewicz Jrixgbe: Remove ATR computation for UDP traffic
2009-10-01 Ben Greearixgbe patch to provide NIC's tx/rx counters via ethtool
2009-10-01 Peter P Waskiewicz Jrixgbe: Bump driver version number
2009-10-01 Peter P Waskiewicz Jrixgbe: Fix backplane flow control autoneg
2009-10-01 Peter P Waskiewicz Jrixgbe: Fix disabling of relaxed ordering with Tx DCA
2009-09-30 Jarek Poplawskiax25: Fix possible oops in ax25_make_new
2009-09-30 Eric Dumazetnet: restore tx timestamping for accelerated vlans
2009-09-30 Rémi Denis... Phonet: fix mutex imbalance
2009-09-30 Sascha Hlusiaksit: fix off-by-one in ipip6_tunnel_get_prl
2009-09-30 Eric Dumazetnet: Fix sock_wfree() race
2009-09-30 David S. Millernet: Make setsockopt() optlen be unsigned.
2009-09-29 Christian Lamparterar9170: fix bug in iq-auto calibration value calculation
2009-09-29 Michal Szalatart2x00: Thrustmaster FunAccess WIFI USB and rt73usb
2009-09-29 Jouni Malinenmac80211_hwsim: Fix initial beacon timer configuration
2009-09-29 Michael Bueschb43: Always use block-I/O for the PIO data registers
2009-09-29 Igor Perminovmac80211: Fix [re]association power saving issue on...
2009-09-28 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://master.kernel.org/pub...
2009-09-28 Alan Jenkinssony-laptop: re-read the rfkill state when resuming...
2009-09-28 Alan Jenkinssony-laptop: check for rfkill hard block at load time
2009-09-28 Johannes Bergwext: add back wireless/ dir in sysfs for cfg80211...
2009-09-28 Arjan van de Venwext: Add bound checks for copy_from_user
2009-09-28 Johannes Bergmac80211: improve/fix mlme messages
2009-09-28 Johannes Bergcfg80211: always get BSS
2009-09-28 Reinette Chatreiwlwifi: fix 3945 ucode info retrieval after failure
2009-09-28 Reinette Chatreiwlwifi: fix memory leak in command queue handling
2009-09-28 Reinette Chatreiwlwifi: fix debugfs buffer handling
2009-09-28 Johannes Bergcfg80211: don't set privacy w/o key
2009-09-28 Johannes Bergcfg80211: wext: don't display BSSID unless associated
2009-09-28 Arjan van de Vennet: Add explicit bound checks in net/socket.c
2009-09-28 Jeff Hansenbridge: Fix double-free in br_add_if.
2009-09-28 Randy Dunlapisdn: fix netjet/isdnhdlc build errors
2009-09-28 Juha Leppanenatm: dereference of he_dev->rbps_virt in he_init_group()
2009-09-28 Ralf Baechleax25: Add missing dev_put in ax25_setsockopt
2009-09-27 Sascha HlusiakRevert "sit: stateless autoconf for isatap"
2009-09-27 John Fastabendnet: fix double skb free in dcbnl
2009-09-27 John Fastabendnet: fix nlmsg len size for skb when error bit is set.
2009-09-27 John Fastabendnet: fix vlan_get_size to include vlan_flags size
2009-09-27 Don Skidmoree1000: cleanup unused prototype
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburge1000: fix namespacecheck warnings
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburge1000: drop unused functionality for eeprom write/read
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburge1000: updated whitespace and comments
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburge1000: drop redunant line of code, cleanup
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburge1000: remove races when changing mtu
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburge1000: two workarounds were incomplete, fix them
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburge1000: fix tx waking queue after queue stopped during...
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburge1000: test link state conclusively
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburge1000: stop timers at appropriate times
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburge1000: use netif_tx_disable
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburge1000: remove unused functions
2009-09-27 Jesse Brandeburge1000: drop dead pcie code from e1000
2009-09-25 David S. Millerat91_can: Forgotten git 'add' of at91_can.c
2009-09-25 SriramTI Davinci EMAC: Fix in vector definition for EMAC_VERS...
2009-09-25 Jarek Poplawskiax25: Fix ax25_cb refcounting in ax25_ctl_ioctl
2009-09-25 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://master.kernel.org/pub...
2009-09-24 Johannes Berggenetlink: fix netns vs. netlink table locking (2)
2009-09-24 Anton Vorontsov3c59x: Get rid of "Trying to free already-free IRQ"
2009-09-24 Eric Dumazettunnel: eliminate recursion field
2009-09-24 Sebastian Haasems_pci: fix size of CAN controllers BAR mapping for...
2009-09-24 Jaswinder Singh... net: fix htmldocs sunrpc, clnt.c
2009-09-24 Rémi Denis... Phonet: error on broadcast sending (unimplemented)
2009-09-24 Rémi Denis... Phonet: fix race for port number in concurrent bind()
2009-09-24 Stephen Hemmingerpktgen: better scheduler friendliness
2009-09-24 Stephen Hemmingerpktgen: T_TERMINATE flag is unused
2009-09-24 Shan Weiipv4: check optlen for IP_MULTICAST_IF option
2009-09-24 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of /home/davem/src/GIT/linux...
2009-09-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'drm-intel-next' of git://git.kernel.org...
2009-09-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'linux-next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub...
2009-09-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'cputime' of git://git390.marist.edu/pub...
2009-09-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.monstr.eu/linux...
2009-09-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git...
2009-09-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub...
2009-09-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub...
2009-09-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git...
2009-09-24 Rusty Russellmodule: don't call percpu_modfree on NULL pointer.
2009-09-24 Rusty Russellmodule: fix memory leak when load fails after srcversio...