2007-04-28 Jeff Garziklibata/IDE: remove combined mode quirk
2007-04-28 Jeff Garzik[libata] turn on !IORDY filter
2007-04-28 Jeff Garzik[libata] sata_mv: support ->cable_detect
2007-04-28 Alan Coxlibata: Change prototype of mode_filter to remove ata_port*
2007-04-28 Alan Coxsata_sil: First step to removing ->post_set_mode
2007-04-28 Alan Coxlibata-core: Fix the iordy methods
2007-04-28 Alanpata: expose set_mode method so it can be wrapped
2007-04-28 Alan Coxpata_hpt37x: Updates from drivers/ide work
2007-04-28 Tejun Heoiomap: implement pcim_iounmap_regions()
2007-04-28 Jeff Garzik[libata] More PATA driver ->cable_detect support
2007-04-28 Alan Coxpata_hpt366: support ->cable_detect
2007-04-28 Alan Coxpata_efar: support ->cable_detect
2007-04-28 Alan Coxpata_atiixp: support ->cable_detect
2007-04-28 Alan Coxpata_radisys: support cable_detect
2007-04-28 Alan Coxpata_sc1200: restore cable type
2007-04-28 Alan Coxpata_rz1000: support cable_detect
2007-04-28 Alan Coxpata_platform: Add cable_detect method
2007-04-28 Alan Coxsata_promise: Switch to cable method, clean up some...
2007-04-28 Alan Coxlibata-core: fix comments on cable type
2007-04-28 Alan Coxlibata: Restore Kconfig updated experimental levels...
2007-04-28 Alan Coxpata_cmd640: Multiple updates
2007-04-28 Alan Coxpata_via: Use cable_detect method
2007-04-28 Alan Coxpata_sis: Clean up using cable_detect methods
2007-04-28 Alan Coxpata_marvell: Cable and reset fixes
2007-04-28 Alan Coxpata_it8213: Cable detect
2007-04-28 Jeff Garzik[libata] Update several PATA drivers for new ->cable_de...
2007-04-28 Morrison, TomSupport for Marvell 7042 Chip
2007-04-28 Alan Coxpata_cmd640: CMD640 PCI support
2007-04-28 Alan Coxlibata: cable detection fixes
2007-04-28 Dmitriy Monakhovlibata: handle ata_pci_device_do_resume() failure while...
2007-04-28 Robert Hancocklibata: warn if speed limited due to 40-wire cable
2007-04-28 Mark LordRESEND: libata: check cdb len per dev instead of per...
2007-04-28 Alanlibata: dev_config does not need ap and adev passing
2007-04-28 Jeff Garzik[libata] sata_mv: clean up DMA boundary issues, turn...
2007-04-28 Jeff Garzik[libata] export sata_print_link_status()
2007-04-28 Jeff Garzik[libata] sata_mv: remove extra braces
2007-04-28 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'upstream-linus' of /linux/kernel/git...
2007-04-28 Neil Hormansis900: Allocate rx replacement buffer before rx operation
2007-04-28 Dan Williamsusb-net/pegasus: simplify carrier detection
2007-04-27 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2007-04-27 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2007-04-27 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://
2007-04-27 Adrian Bunk[MTD] [MAPS] drivers/mtd/maps/ck804xrom.c: convert...
2007-04-27 David Howells[NET]: Fix networking compilation errors
2007-04-27 David Howells[AF_RXRPC/AFS]: Arch-specific fixes.
2007-04-27 David Howells[AFS]: Fix VLocation record update wakeup
2007-04-27 David S. Miller[NET]: Revert sk_buff walker cleanups.
2007-04-27 Alexey Dobriyan[SCSI] esp_scsi.c: Fix compilation.
2007-04-27 Mike Rapoport[MTD] [NAND] CM-x270 MTD driver
2007-04-27 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/usb-2.6
2007-04-27 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'master' of ssh:///linux/kernel/git/mcheha...
2007-04-27 Li YangUSB: update MAINAINERS and CREDITS for Freescale USB...
2007-04-27 Li YangUSB: update gadget files for fsl_usb2_udc driver
2007-04-27 Li YangUSB: add Freescale high-speed USB SOC device controller...
2007-04-27 Raphael AssenatUSB: quirk for broken suspend of IT8152F/G
2007-04-27 Eberhard FahleUSB: iowarrior.c: timeouts too small in usb_control_msg...
2007-04-27 Hans EngelenUSB: dell device id for option.c
2007-04-27 Phil DibowitzUSB: Remove Huawei unusual_devs entry
2007-04-27 Craig ShelleyUSB: CP2101 New Device IDs
2007-04-27 Joey GoncalvesUSB: add picdem device to ldusb
2007-04-27 Oliver Neukumusbfs micro optimitation
2007-04-27 David BrownellUSB: remove ancient/broken CRIS hcd
2007-04-27 Erik Hovlandusb ethernet gadget, workaround network stack API glitch
2007-04-27 Alan SternUSB: add "busnum" attribute for USB devices
2007-04-27 Simon ArlottUSB: cxacru: ADSL state management
2007-04-27 Simon Arlottusbatm: Detect usb device shutdown and ignore failed...
2007-04-27 S.Caglar OnurUSB: Remove duplicate define of OHCI_QUIRK_ZFMICRO
2007-04-27 Leon LeongUSB: BandRich BandLuxe HSDPA Data Card Driver
2007-04-27 Wu, BryanUSB gadget rndis: fix struct rndis_packet_msg_type...
2007-04-27 Cyrill GorcunovUSB Elan FTDI: check for driver registration status
2007-04-27 Greg Kroah... USB: sierra: add more checks on shutdown
2007-04-27 David BrownellUSB: add an ohci board-specific quirk
2007-04-27 David BrownellUSB: usbnet reports minidriver name through ethtool
2007-04-27 David BrownellUSB: rndis_host, various cleanups
2007-04-27 David BrownellUSB: <linux/usb/ch9.h> minor doc update
2007-04-27 Alan SternUSB: fix signed jiffies issue in autosuspend logic
2007-04-27 Pete Zaitcevusbmon: bus zero
2007-04-27 Tony LindgrenUSB: Allow transfer_buffer with transfer_dma
2007-04-27 Oliver NeukumUSB: cleanup ofd adutux
2007-04-27 Alan SternUSB: add "last_busy" field for use in autosuspend
2007-04-27 Richard KnutssonUSB: whiteheat: Convert to generic boolean
2007-04-27 Oliver NeukumUSB: fix omninet write vs. close race
2007-04-27 Oliver NeukumUSB: fix error handling for mct_u232
2007-04-27 Oliver NeukumUSB: fix error handling in kl5kusb
2007-04-27 Oliver NeukumUSB: fix catc error handling
2007-04-27 Oliver NeukumUSB: cypress_cy7c63: race disconnect/sysfs read-write...
2007-04-27 Oliver NeukumUSB: fix ark3116 memory leak
2007-04-27 Jelle FoksUSB: ftdi_sio: Add USB ID of ADSTech USBX-707
2007-04-27 Oliver NeukumUSB: fix race in ftdio_write
2007-04-27 Oliver NeukumUSB: fix race in visor_write
2007-04-27 Oliver NeukumUSB: aircable cleanup
2007-04-27 Kay SieversUSB: make usbdevices export their device nodes instead...
2007-04-27 Randy DunlapUSB: gadget-storage needs BLOCK
2007-04-27 Alan SternUSB: add power/level sysfs attribute
2007-04-27 Peter StokesUSB: ati_remote2: Add channel support
2007-04-27 Oliver NeukumUSB: sierra close race
2007-04-27 Oliver NeukumUSB: option close race
2007-04-27 Oliver NeukumUSB: omninet memory leak in error case
2007-04-27 Alan SternUHCI: Add some WARN_ON()s
2007-04-27 Oliver NeukumUSB: fix endianness in mos7720