2006-04-14 James BottomleyMerge ../scsi-rc-fixes-2.6
2006-04-14 James Bottomley[SCSI] scsi_transport_sas: don't scan a non-existent...
2006-04-14 Mike Christie[SCSI] iscsi: convert iscsi tcp to libiscsi
2006-04-14 Mike Christie[SCSI] iscsi: add libiscsi
2006-04-14 Mike Christie[SCSI] iscsi: fix up iscsi eh
2006-04-14 Mike Christie[SCSI] iscsi: add sysfs attrs for uspace sync up
2006-04-14 Mike Christie[SCSI] iscsi: rm kernel iscsi handles usage for session...
2006-04-14 Kurt Garloff[SCSI] BLIST_ATTACH_PQ3 flags
2006-04-14 Kurt Garloff[SCSI] Better log messages for PQ3 devs
2006-04-14 Kurt Garloff[SCSI] Try LUN 1 and use bflags
2006-04-14 Moore, Eric[SCSI] mptfusion - fix panic in mptsas_slave_configure
2006-04-13 adam radford[SCSI] 3ware 9000 disable local irqs during kmap_atomic
2006-04-13 Tejun Heo[SCSI] SCSI: fix scsi_kill_request() busy count handling
2006-04-13 James Smart[SCSI] FC transport: fixes for workq deadlocks
2006-04-13 Hannes Reinecke[SCSI] aic79xx: target hotplug fixes
2006-04-13 FUJITA Tomonori[SCSI] ibmvscsi: remove drivers/scsi/ibmvscsi/srp.h
2006-04-13 Hannes Reinecke[SCSI] aic79xx bus reset update
2006-04-13 James Bottomley[SCSI] add SCSI_UNKNOWN and LUN transfer limit restrictions
2006-04-13 Matthew Wilcox[SCSI] sym2: Fix build when spinlock debugging is enabled
2006-04-13 Brian King[SCSI] ipr: Bump version
2006-04-13 Brian King[SCSI] ipr: Reset device cleanup
2006-04-13 Brian King[SCSI] ipr: printk macro cleanup/removal
2006-04-13 Brian King[SCSI] ipr: Simplify status area dumping
2006-04-13 Brian King[SCSI] ipr: Fixup device type check
2006-04-13 Brian King[SCSI] ipr: Disk remove path cleanup
2006-04-13 Douglas Gilbert[SCSI] sg: fix leak when dio setup fails
2006-04-13 James Bottomley[SCSI] expose sas internal class for the domain transport
2006-04-13 KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki[SCSI] for_each_possible_cpu: scsi
2006-04-13 Matthew Wilcox[SCSI] Version 2.2.3
2006-04-13 Matthew Wilcox[SCSI] Enable clustering and large transfers
2006-04-13 Matthew Wilcox[SCSI] Simplify error handling
2006-04-13 Matthew Wilcox[SCSI] Allow nvram settings to determine bus mode
2006-04-13 Matthew Wilcox[SCSI] Use SPI messages where possible
2006-04-13 Matthew Wilcox[SCSI] Disable sym2 driver queueing
2006-04-13 Matthew Wilcox[SCSI] Mark div_10M array const
2006-04-13 Matthew Wilcox[SCSI] Simplify error handling a bit
2006-04-13 Matthew Wilcox[SCSI] Use pcibios_resource_to_bus()
2006-04-13 Matthew Wilcox[SCSI] Change Kconfig option from IOMAPPED to MMIO
2006-04-13 Mike Anderson[SCSI] sas transport: ref count update
2006-04-13 Mark Haverkamp[SCSI] aacraid: Driver version update
2006-04-13 Mark Haverkamp[SCSI] aacraid: Fix parenthesis placement error
2006-04-13 Mark Haverkamp[SCSI] aacraid: Show max channel and max id is sysfs
2006-04-13 Mark Haverkamp[SCSI] aacraid: Re-start helper thread if it dies
2006-04-13 Mark Haverkamp[SCSI] aacraid: General driver cleanup
2006-04-13 Mark Haverkamp[SCSI] aacraid: Fix extra unregister_chrdev
2006-04-13 Mark Haverkamp[SCSI] aacraid: Fix error in max_channel field
2006-04-13 Mark Haverkamp[SCSI] aacraid: Error path cleanup
2006-04-13 Mark Haverkamp[SCSI] aacraid: Add timeout for events
2006-04-13 Mark Haverkamp[SCSI] aacraid: Track command ownership in driver
2006-04-13 Mark Haverkamp[SCSI] aacraid: Use scmd_ functions
2006-04-13 FUJITA Tomonori[SCSI] ibmvscsi: convert the ibmvscsi driver to use...
2006-04-13 Dave C Boutcher[SCSI] ibmvscsi: prevent scsi commands being sent in...
2006-04-13 Mike Christie[SCSI] fix sg leak when scsi_execute_async fails
2006-04-13 Christoph Hellwig[SCSI] unify SCSI_IOCTL_SEND_COMMAND implementations
2006-04-13 James Bottomley[SCSI] remove qlogicfc
2006-04-12 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of /linux/kernel/git/roland...
2006-04-12 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'upstream-linus' of /linux/kernel/git...
2006-04-12 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'upstream-linus' of /linux/kernel/git...
2006-04-12 Andreas Schwab[PATCH] Use pci_set_consistent_dma_mask in ixgb driver
2006-04-12 Stephen Hemminger[PATCH] sky2: bad memory reference on dual port cards
2006-04-12 Dale Farnsworth[PATCH] mv643xx_eth: Fix tx_timeout to only conditional...
2006-04-12 Brent Cook[PATCH] mv643xx_eth: Always free completed tx descs...
2006-04-12 Randy Dunlap[PATCH] net drivers: fix section attributes for gcc
2006-04-12 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] remove drivers/net/hydra.h
2006-04-12 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] drivers/net/via-rhine.c: make a function static
2006-04-12 Dan Aloni[PATCH] sata_mv: properly print HC registers
2006-04-12 Jeff Garzik[netdrvr b44] trim trailing whitespace
2006-04-12 Gary Zambrano[PATCH] b44: increase version to 1.00
2006-04-12 Gary Zambrano[PATCH] b44: disable default tx pause
2006-04-12 Roger Luethi[PATCH] via-rhine: execute bounce buffers code on Rhine...
2006-04-12 Komuro[PATCH] network: axnet_cs.c: add missing 'PRIV' in...
2006-04-12 Stephen Hemminger[PATCH] dlink pci cards using wrong driver
2006-04-12 Jack MorgensteinIB/mthca: Fix max_srq_sge returned by ib_query_device...
2006-04-12 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2006-04-12 Rene Herman[ALSA] unregister platform device again if probe was...
2006-04-12 Rene Herman[ALSA] continue on IS_ERR from platform device registration
2006-04-12 Adrian Bunk[ALSA] sound/core/pcm.c: make snd_pcm_format_name(...
2006-04-12 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] ac97 - Add entry for VIA VT1618 codec
2006-04-12 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] hda-codec - Add support of ASUS U5A with AD1986A...
2006-04-12 Eric Sesterhenn[ALSA] Overrun in sound/pci/au88x0/au88x0_pcm.c
2006-04-12 Dale Sedivec[ALSA] au88x0 - clean up __devinit/__devexit
2006-04-12 Ashley Clark[ALSA] hda-codec - Adds HDA support for Intel D945Pvs...
2006-04-12 Coywolf Qi... [ALSA] hda-codec - support HP Compaq Presario B2800...
2006-04-12 James Courtier... [ALSA] emu10k1: Add some descriptive text.
2006-04-12 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] via82xx - Add a dxs entry for ECS K8T890-A
2006-04-12 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] hda-codec - Add another HP laptop with AD1981HD
2006-04-12 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Fix Oops of PCM OSS emulation
2006-04-12 OGAWA Hirofumi[ALSA] pcm_oss: fix snd_pcm_oss_release() oops
2006-04-12 Eric Sesterhenn[ISDN]: Static overruns in drivers/isdn/i4l/isdn_ppp.c
2006-04-12 Adrian Bunk[WAN]: Remove broken and unmaintained Sangoma drivers.
2006-04-12 Jayachandran C[BRIDGE] ebtables: fix allocation in net/bridge/netfilt...
2006-04-12 Eric Sesterhenn[DCCP]: Fix leak in net/dccp/ipv4.c
2006-04-12 Stephen Hemminger[BRIDGE]: receive link-local on disabled ports.
2006-04-12 Zach Brown[IPv6] reassembly: Always compute hash under the fragme...
2006-04-11 Oleg Nesterov[PATCH] __group_complete_signal: remove bogus BUG_ON
2006-04-11 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/sam/kbuild
2006-04-11 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'release' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2006-04-11 mao, bibo[PATCH] x86_64: inline function prefix with __always_in...
2006-04-11 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86_64: Fix embarassing typo in mmconfig bus...
2006-04-11 Andi Kleen[PATCH] i386/x86-64: Remove checks for value == NULL...