2010-09-09 Andy GroverRDS: inc_purge() transport function unused - remove it
2010-09-09 Andy GroverRDS: Whitespace
2010-09-09 Andy GroverRDS: Do not mask address when pinning pages
2010-09-09 Andy GroverRDS: Base init_depth and responder_resources on hw...
2010-09-09 Andy GroverRDS: Implement atomic operations
2010-09-09 Andy GroverRDS: Clear up some confusing code in send_remove_from_sock
2010-09-09 Andy GroverRDS: make sure all sgs alloced are initialized
2010-09-09 Andy GroverRDS: make m_rdma_op a member of rds_message
2010-09-09 Andy GroverRDS: fold rdma.h into rds.h
2010-09-09 Andy GroverRDS: Explicitly allocate rm in sendmsg()
2010-09-09 Andy GroverRDS: cleanup/fix rds_rdma_unuse
2010-09-09 Andy GroverRDS: break out rdma and data ops into nested structs...
2010-09-09 Andy GroverRDS: cleanup: remove "== NULL"s and "!= NULL"s in ptr...
2010-09-09 Andy GroverRDS: move rds_shutdown_worker impl. to rds_conn_shutdown
2010-09-09 Andy GroverRDS: Fix locking in send on m_rs_lock
2010-09-09 Andy GroverRDS: Rewrite rds_send_drop_to() for clarity
2010-09-09 Tina YangRDS: Fix corrupted rds_mrs
2010-09-09 Andy GroverRDS: Fix BUG_ONs to not fire when in a tasklet
2010-09-07 Eric Dumazetnet: poll() optimizations
2010-09-07 Yevgeny Petrilinmlx4_en: Fixed Ethtool statistics report
2010-09-07 Yevgeny Petrilinmlx4_en: Consider napi_get_frags() failure.
2010-09-07 Joe Perchesnet/caifcaif_dev.c: Use netdev_<level>
2010-09-07 Joe Perchesnet/caif: Use pr_fmt
2010-09-07 Julia Lawalldrivers/atm/firestream.c: Fix unsigned return type
2010-09-07 Julia Lawallnet/9p/trans_fd.c: Fix unsigned return type
2010-09-07 Christian Dietrichdrivers/net: Removing undead ifdef CHELSIO_T1_1G
2010-09-07 Joe Perchesdrivers/net/jme: Use pr_<level>
2010-09-07 Dan Carpenterisdn: cleanup: make buffer smaller
2010-09-07 Dan Carpenterisdn: potential buffer overflows
2010-09-07 Jiri SlabyNET: bna, fix lock imbalance
2010-09-07 Julia Lawalldrivers/net/fs_enet/fs_enet-main.c: Add of_node_put...
2010-09-07 Eric Dumazetnet: pskb_expand_head() optimization
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: Update module information and version
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: Remove some unnecessary include files
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: Convert driver specific assert to BUG_ON
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: Return -EINVAL on all ->probe errors
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: Coding style fixes
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: Some formatting fixes
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: Convert driver specific error functions to...
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: Convert driver specific debug to netdev_dbg
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: Remove redundant function prototypes
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: Convert to netdev_alloc_skb
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: remove procfs code
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: Enable IPv6 checksum offload
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: Remove duplicate checksum offload setup code
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: Add optional flush of rx buffer
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: Add scatter-gather support
2010-09-07 Anton Blanchardibmveth: Use lighter weight read memory barrier in...
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: Add rx_copybreak
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: Add tx_copybreak
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: Remove LLTX
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: batch rx buffer replacement
2010-09-07 Santiago Leonibmveth: Remove integer divide caused by modulus
2010-09-07 Denis Kirjanovns83820: Use predefined autoneg constants
2010-09-07 Denis Kirjanovns83820: Add copper device settings
2010-09-07 Denis Kirjanovns83820: Remove unused have_optical variable.
2010-09-07 Allan Stephenstipc: Fix misleading error code when enabling Ethernet...
2010-09-07 Allan Stephenstipc: Ensure outgoing messages on Ethernet have suffici...
2010-09-07 Allan Stephenstipc: Minor optimizations to name table translation...
2010-09-06 stephen hemmingerwan: make read-only data const
2010-09-06 Eric Dumazetr8169: fix rx checksum offload
2010-09-03 Casey Leedomcxgb3: Avoid flush_workqueue() deadlock.
2010-09-03 Casey Leedomcxgb3: Leave interrupts for fatal errors asserted in...
2010-09-03 Casey Leedomcxgb3: Set FATALPERREN.
2010-09-03 Casey Leedomcxgb3: Add register bit definition for Fatal Parity...
2010-09-03 Eric Dumazetnet: remove two kmemcheck annotations
2010-09-03 Eric Dumazettulip: use integrated netdev stats
2010-09-03 Thomas Grafipv6: Update ip-sysctl.txt documentation for recent...
2010-09-03 Thomas Grafipv6: add special mode forwarding=2 to send RS while...
2010-09-03 Thomas Grafipv6: add special mode accept_ra=2 to accept RA while...
2010-09-03 Eric Dumazetdrivers/net: avoid some skb->ip_summed initializations
2010-09-02 David S. MillerMerge branch 'for-davem' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2010-09-02 Eric Dumazetbna: fix stats handling
2010-09-02 John W. LinvilleMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-09-02 Changli Gaonet: arp: code cleanup
2010-09-02 Eric Dumazetnet: dev_add_pack() & __dev_remove_pack() changes
2010-09-02 Peter Meerwaldnet: Improve comments in include/linux/phy.h
2010-09-02 Julian Anastasovipvs: use pkts for SCTP too
2010-09-02 Eric Dumazetnet: another last_rx round
2010-09-02 David S. Millerstarfire: Temporary kludge to fix powerpc build.
2010-09-02 Gerrit Renkertcp: update also tcp_output with regard to RFC 5681
2010-09-02 stephen hemmingernet: make rx_queue sysfs_ops const
2010-09-01 Huang Weiyipxa168_eth: remove duplicated #include
2010-09-01 John W. Linvillemac80211: only cancel software-based scans on suspend
2010-09-01 Eric Dumazetnet: skbuff.c cleanup
2010-09-01 Eric Dumazetskge: add GRO support
2010-09-01 Julia Lawalldrivers/net/can/mscan/mpc5xxx_can.c: Add of_node_put...
2010-09-01 Denis Kirjanovns83820: Use helper to disable chip interrupts
2010-09-01 Eric Dumazetnet: tunnels should use rcu_dereference
2010-09-01 Yaniv Rosnerbnx2x: Update version to 1.52.53-5
2010-09-01 Yaniv Rosnerbnx2x: Add BCM84823 to the supported PHYs
2010-09-01 Yaniv Rosnerbnx2x: Change BCM848xx LED configuration
2010-09-01 Yaniv Rosnerbnx2x: Remove unneeded setting of XAUI low power to...
2010-09-01 Yaniv Rosnerbnx2x: Change BCM848xx configuration according to IEEE
2010-09-01 Yaniv Rosnerbnx2x: Reset link before any new link settings
2010-09-01 Yaniv Rosnerbnx2x: Fix potential link issue In BCM8727 based boards
2010-09-01 Yaniv Rosnerbnx2x: Fix potential link issue of BCM8073/BCM8727
2010-09-01 Amit Kumar... qlcnic: add cksum flag
2010-09-01 Amit Kumar... qlcnic: mac vlan learning support
2010-09-01 Amit Kumar... qlcnic: support mac learning