2006-02-02 Robin Holt[IA64-SGI] Fix XPC code which sleeps with spin_lock_irq...
2006-02-02 Jes Sorensen[IA64-SGI] include/asm-ia64/sn/intr.h more sn2 housekeeping
2006-02-02 Jes Sorensen[IA64-SGI] sn2 housekeeping
2006-02-02 Tony LuckPull sgi-drivers-makefile-cleanup into release branch
2006-02-02 Bjorn Helgaas[IA64] avoid broken SAL_CACHE_FLUSH implementations
2006-02-02 Kyle McMartin[IA64] Remove stale comment from ia64/Kconfig
2006-02-02 Mark Maule[IA64-SGI] disable msi for all altix pci devices
2006-02-02 Mark Maule[IA64-SGI] fix smp_affinity redirection when using...
2006-02-02 Chen, Kenneth W[IA64] remove staled comments in asm/system.h
2006-02-02 Tony LuckPull update-tlbflush-sn into release branch
2006-02-02 Jeremy Higdon[PATCH] Fix sgiioc4 DMA timeout problem with 64KiB...
2006-02-02 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/perex/alsa
2006-02-02 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'release' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2006-02-02 Stephen Rothwell[PATCH] compat: fix compat_sys_openat and friends
2006-02-02 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/sfrench/cifs-2.6
2006-02-02 Linas Vepstas[PATCH] PowerPC/PCI Hotplug build break
2006-02-02 Linas Vepstas[PATCH] PowerPC/PCI Hotplug build break
2006-02-01 Steve FrenchMerge ... /linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git
2006-02-01 Randy Dunlap[PATCH] kernel-doc: clean up the script (whitespace)
2006-02-01 Randy Dunlap[PATCH] Doc/kernel-doc: add more usage info
2006-02-01 Martin Waitz[PATCH] DocBook: fix some kernel-doc comments in fs...
2006-02-01 Martin Waitz[PATCH] DocBook: fix some kernel-doc comments in net...
2006-02-01 Martin Waitz[PATCH] DocBook: allow even longer return types
2006-02-01 Manuel Lauss[PATCH] i810fb: Do not probe the third i2c bus by default
2006-02-01 Andriy Skulysh[PATCH] video: hp680 backlight driver
2006-02-01 Antonino A... [PATCH] fbcon: Fix screen artifacts when moving cursor
2006-02-01 Jeff Mahoney[PATCH] reiserfs: reiserfs: check for files > 2GB on...
2006-02-01 Chris Mason[PATCH] reiserfs: reiserfs fix journal accounting in...
2006-02-01 Chris Mason[PATCH] reiserfs: reiserfs write_ordered_buffers should...
2006-02-01 Chris Mason[PATCH] reiserfs: reiserfs hang and performance fix...
2006-02-01 Chris Mason[PATCH] reiserfs: zero b_private when allocating buffer...
2006-02-01 Chris Mason[PATCH] resierfs: fix reiserfs_invalidatepage race...
2006-02-01 Christoph Hellwig[PATCH] reiserfs: use generic_permission
2006-02-01 Christoph Hellwig[PATCH] reiserfs: remove reiserfs_permission_locked
2006-02-01 Diego Calleja[PATCH] reiserfs: missing kmalloc failure check
2006-02-01 Pekka Enberg[PATCH] reiserfs: use __GFP_NOFAIL instead of yield...
2006-02-01 Pekka Enberg[PATCH] reiserfs: remove kmalloc wrapper
2006-02-01 Paul E. McKenney[PATCH] RCU documentation fixes (January 2006 update)
2006-02-01 Pat Gefre[PATCH] Altix ioc3: correct export call
2006-02-01 Davi Arnaut[PATCH] ebcdic do_kdsk_ioctl off-by-one
2006-02-01 Peter Oberparleiter[PATCH] s390: Add missing memory constraint to stcrw()
2006-02-01 Cornelia Huck[PATCH] s390: Fix modalias for ccw devices
2006-02-01 Heiko Carstens[PATCH] s390: Add support for new syscalls/TIF_RESTORE_...
2006-02-01 Heiko Carstens[PATCH] s390: New default configuration
2006-02-01 Horst Hummel[PATCH] s390: dasd wait for clear i/o interrupt
2006-02-01 Horst Hummel[PATCH] s390: dasd open counter
2006-02-01 Peter Oberparleiter[PATCH] s390: ccw_device_probe_console return value
2006-02-01 Jan Glauber[PATCH] s390: hangcheck timer support
2006-02-01 Jan Glauber[PATCH] s390: monotonic_clock interface
2006-02-01 Jan Glauber[PATCH] s390: overflow in sched_clock
2006-02-01 Heiko Carstens[PATCH] s390: Remove CVS generated information
2006-02-01 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] xtensa: add asm/futex.h
2006-02-01 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: avoid "CONFIG_NR_CPUS undeclared" bogus...
2006-02-01 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: some harmless sparse warning fixes
2006-02-01 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: skas0-hold-own-ldt fixups for x86-64
2006-02-01 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: TT - SYSCALL_DEBUG - fix buglet introduced...
2006-02-01 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: fix "apples/bananas" typo
2006-02-01 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: fix hugest stack users
2006-02-01 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: comments about libc-conflict guards
2006-02-01 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: typo fixup
2006-02-01 Jeff Dike[PATCH] uml: fix some typos
2006-02-01 Jeff Dike[PATCH] uml: add a build dependency
2006-02-01 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] arm26: select BLK_DEV_FD only on A5K
2006-02-01 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] arm26: add __kernel_old_dev_t for nfsd
2006-02-01 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] arm26: drop first arg of prepare_arch_switch...
2006-02-01 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] arm26: drop local task_running copy
2006-02-01 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] arm26: fixup asm statement in kernel/fiq.c
2006-02-01 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] arm26: fixup get_signal_to_deliver call
2006-02-01 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] arm26: select system type via "choice"
2006-02-01 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] arm26: remove irq_exit() from hardirq.h
2006-02-01 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] arm26: fix warnings about NR_IRQS being not...
2006-02-01 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] arm26: fix find_first_zero_bit related warnings
2006-02-01 Eric Sesterhenn[PATCH] alpha show_interrups() trashes argument
2006-02-01 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] alpha: Fix getxpid on alpha so it works for...
2006-02-01 Mark Lord[PATCH] VMSPLIT config options
2006-02-01 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] arch/sh64/kernel/time.c: add module.h
2006-02-01 Paul Mundt[PATCH] sh/sh64: Fix bogus TIOCGICOUNT definitions
2006-02-01 Paul Mundt[PATCH] sh: machine_halt()/machine_power_off() cleanups
2006-02-01 Paul Mundt[PATCH] sh: Add missing timers directory rule to build
2006-02-01 Paul Mundt[PATCH] sh: sh-sci clock framework updates
2006-02-01 Paul Mundt[PATCH] sh: convert voyagergx to platform device, drop...
2006-02-01 Paul Mundt[PATCH] sh: drop maskpos from make_ipr_irq(), remove...
2006-02-01 Paul Mundt[PATCH] sh: unknown mach-type updates
2006-02-01 Paul Mundt[PATCH] sh: Cleanup struct sh_cpuinfo for clock framewo...
2006-02-01 Paul Mundt[PATCH] sh: Move TRA/EXPEVT/INTEVT definitions for...
2006-02-01 Paul Mundt[PATCH] sh: Make peripheral clock frequency setting...
2006-02-01 Paul Mundt[PATCH] sh: SH4-202 microdev updates
2006-02-01 Heiko Carstens[PATCH] powerpc: Fix sigmask handling in sys_sigsuspend.
2006-02-01 Olaf Hering[PATCH] MODALIAS= for macio
2006-02-01 Albert Herranz[PATCH] powerpc: fix for kexec ppc32
2006-02-01 Stephen Smalley[PATCH] selinux: remove security struct magic number...
2006-02-01 Stephen Smalley[PATCH] selinux: change file_alloc_security to use...
2006-02-01 Stephen Smalley[PATCH] selinux: fix and cleanup mprotect checks
2006-02-01 Randy Dunlap[PATCH] slab: fix sparse warning
2006-02-01 Randy.Dunlap[PATCH] mm/slab: add kernel-doc for one function
2006-02-01 Pekka Enberg[PATCH] slab: fix kzalloc and kstrdup caller report...
2006-02-01 Andrew Morton[PATCH] dump_stack() in oom handler
2006-02-01 Pekka Enberg[PATCH] slab: replace kmem_cache_t with struct kmem_cache
2006-02-01 Pekka Enberg[PATCH] slab: rename ac_data to cpu_cache_get
2006-02-01 Pekka Enberg[PATCH] slab: extract virt_to_{cache|slab}