]> nv-tegra.nvidia Code Review - linux-2.6.git/shortlog
2005-07-27 Mikael Starvik[PATCH] CRIS update: I/O and DMA allocator
2005-07-27 Mikael Starvik[PATCH] CRIS update: drivers
2005-07-27 Mikael Starvik[PATCH] CRIS update: debug
2005-07-27 Mikael Starvik[PATCH] CRIS update: console
2005-07-27 Mikael Starvik[PATCH] CRIS update: configuration and build
2005-07-27 Mikael Starvik[PATCH] CRIS update: arch split
2005-07-27 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] m32r: add missing Kconfig help text
2005-07-27 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] i386: add missing Kconfig help text
2005-07-27 Yoichi Yuasa[PATCH] mips: remove obsolete GIU driver for vr41xx
2005-07-27 David Gibson[PATCH] ppc64: remove another fixed address constraint
2005-07-27 David Gibson[PATCH] ppc64: dynamically allocate segment tables
2005-07-27 Olaf Hering[PATCH] make a few functions static in pmac_setup.c
2005-07-27 Andrew Morton[PATCH] ppc64: genrtc build fix
2005-07-27 Olaf Hering[PATCH] ppc64: hide CONFIG_ADB
2005-07-27 Olaf Hering[PATCH] ppc64: update defconfigs
2005-07-27 Kumar Gala[PATCH] ppc32: Fix building of TQM8260 board
2005-07-27 Eugene Surovegin[PATCH] ppc32: fix 440SP MAL channels count
2005-07-27 Matt Porter[PATCH] ppc32: fix dma_map_page() to use page_to_bus()
2005-07-27 Kumar Gala[PATCH] ppc32: Fix building of radstone_ppc7d
2005-07-27 Kumar Gala[PATCH] ppc32: Fix building of prpmc750
2005-07-27 Kumar Gala[PATCH] ppc32: Fix typo in setup of 2nd PCI bus on...
2005-07-27 Downing, Thomas[PATCH] ppc32: fix compilation error with CONFIG_PQ2FADS
2005-07-27 Marcelo Tosatti[PATCH] ppc32: 8xx: update DataTLBMiss exception comment
2005-07-27 Kumar Gala[PATCH] ppc32: Make the UARTs on MPC824x individual...
2005-07-27 Kumar Gala[PATCH] ppc32: Add proper prototype for cpm2_reset()
2005-07-27 Olaf Hering[PATCH] ppc32: update defconfigs
2005-07-27 Olaf Hering[PATCH] ppc/ppc64: use Kconfig.hz
2005-07-27 Andy Whitcroft[PATCH] Remove bogus warning in page_alloc.c
2005-07-27 suzuki[PATCH] madvise() does not always return -EBADF on...
2005-07-27 Andrey Panin[PATCH] consolidate CONFIG_WATCHDOG_NOWAYOUT handling
2005-07-27 Brian Gerst[PATCH] Fix warning in powernow-k8.c
2005-07-27 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] drm: via: fix sparse warnings
2005-07-27 David Ranson[PATCH] serial: MRi MRI-PCIDS1 dual port serial card
2005-07-27 Andrew Morton[PATCH] statically link halfmd4
2005-07-27 Andrew Morton[PATCH] check_user_page_readable() deadlock fix
2005-07-27 Carsten Otte[PATCH] fix xip sparse file handling in ext2
2005-07-27 Pete Zaitcev[PATCH] ub: fix for blank CDs
2005-07-27 Andi Kleen[PATCH] Undo mempolicy shared policy rbtree microoptimi...
2005-07-27 V. ANANDA KRISHNAN[PATCH] jsm: warning fixes
2005-07-27 V. ANANDA KRISHNAN[PATCH] jsm: use dynamic major number allocation
2005-07-27 Olivier Blin[PATCH] i4l: add Olitec ISDN PCI card in hisax gazel...
2005-07-27 Alan Stern[PATCH] scsi_scan: check return code from scsi_sysfs_ad...
2005-07-27 Ian Kent[PATCH] autofs4: fix infamous "Busy inodes after umount...
2005-07-27 Dominik Brodowski[PATCH] Add pcibios_bus_to_resource for parisc
2005-07-27 George Anzinger[PATCH] itimer fixes
2005-07-27 Rolf Eike Beer[PATCH] watchdog: add missing 0x in alim1535_wdt.c
2005-07-27 Nigel Cunningham[PATCH] Address BUG: using smp_processor_id() in preemp...
2005-07-27 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] drivers/pnp/pnpbios/rsparser.c: fix compile...
2005-07-27 Jan Kara[PATCH] ext3: drop quota references before releasing...
2005-07-27 Jan Kara[PATCH] ext2: drop quota reference before releasing...
2005-07-27 Jeff Mahoney[PATCH] reiserfs: fix deadlock in inode creation failur...
2005-07-27 Jens Axboe[PATCH] as-iosched tunable encoding fix
2005-07-27 Nigel Cunningham[PATCH] Fix missing refrigerator invocation in jffs2
2005-07-27 Nigel Cunningham[PATCH] Add missing tvaudio try_to_freeze()
2005-07-27 Nigel Cunningham[PATCH] try_to_freeze() call fixes
2005-07-27 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86_64: fix SMP boot lockup on some machines
2005-07-27 Jeff Dike[PATCH] uml: fix misdeclared function
2005-07-27 Dominik Hackl[PATCH] uml: update module interface
2005-07-27 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: add skas0 command-line option
2005-07-27 Olaf Hering[PATCH] uml: add dependency to arch/um/Makefile for...
2005-07-27 Olaf Hering[PATCH] uml: readd missing define to arch/um/Makefile...
2005-07-27 NeilBrown[PATCH] md: when resizing an array, we need to update...
2005-07-27 Yoichi Yuasa[PATCH] mips: fbdev Kcofnig fix
2005-07-27 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] Really __nocast-annotate kmalloc_node()
2005-07-27 Kumar Gala[PATCH] I2C-MPC: Restore code removed
2005-07-27 Andrew Morton[PATCH] user_mode_vm() build fix
2005-07-27 Andrew Morton[PATCH] x86_64 fsnotify build fix
2005-07-27 Andrew Morton[PATCH] softdog build fix
2005-07-27 Andrew Morton[PATCH] eurotechwdt build fix
2005-07-27 Chuck Ebbert[PATCH] i386: clean up user_mode macros
2005-07-26 Linus TorvaldsMerge master.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem...
2005-07-26 Tom Rini[PATCH] Change PowerPC MPC8xx maintainer
2005-07-26 Herbert Xu[XFRM]: Fix possible overflow of sock->sk_policy
2005-07-26 Steven Rostedt[PATCH] fix MAX_USER_RT_PRIO and MAX_RT_PRIO
2005-07-26 Adrian Bunk[NETFILTER]: Fix ip_conntrack_put() prototype.
2005-07-26 Andreas Steinmetz[PATCH] Fix RLIMIT_RTPRIO breakage
2005-07-26 Linus TorvaldsMerge master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2005-07-26 Linus TorvaldsMerge master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm-smp
2005-07-26 Linus TorvaldsFix compiler warning in qla_iocb.c
2005-07-26 Ben Dooks[PATCH] ARM: 2831/1: S3C2440 - split s3c2440 clocks...
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] acpi: Don't call acpi_sleep_prepare from acpi_p...
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] acpi_power_off: Don't switch to the boot cpu
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] x86_64 sync machine_power_off with i386
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] APM: Remove redundant call to set_cpus_allowed
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] i386 machine_power_off cleanup
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] machine_shutdown: Typo fix to actually allow...
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] pcwd.c: Call kernel_power_off not machine_power_off
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] swpsuspend: Have suspend to disk use factors...
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] 68328serial: sysrq should use emergency_reboot
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] In hangcheck-timer.c call emergency_restart()
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] Fix watchdog drivers to call emergency_reboot()
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] Update sysrq-B to use emergency_restart()
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] Call emergency_reboot from panic
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] Use kernel_power_off in sysrq-o
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] x86_64: Implemenent machine_emergency_restart
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] x86_64: Fix reboot_force
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] i386: Implement machine_emergency_reboot
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] Don't export machine_restart, machine_halt...
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] Fix the arguments to machine_restart on cris
2005-07-26 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] Add emergency_restart()