2008-04-28 Johannes Weinercris: remove redundant display of free swap space in...
2008-04-28 Alan Coxcrisv10: prepare for BKL push down
2008-04-28 Harvey Harrisonm68k: replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrences
2008-04-28 Johannes Weinerm68k: remove redundant display of free swap space in...
2008-04-28 Andrew Mortonalpha: teach the compiler that BUG doesn't return
2008-04-28 S.Caglar Onurarch/alpha/kernel/traps.c: use time_* macros
2008-04-28 Harvey Harrisonalpha: replace __inline with inline
2008-04-28 Harvey Harrisonalpha: remove remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrences
2008-04-28 Jim Meyeringalpha: handle kcalloc failure
2008-04-28 Serge E. Hallynsmack: use cap_task_prctl
2008-04-28 Casey Schauflersmack: make smk_cipso_doi() and smk_unlbl_ambient()
2008-04-28 Serge E. Hallynroot_plug: use cap_task_prctl
2008-04-28 Harvey Harrisonsmack: fix integer as NULL pointer warning in smack_lsm.c
2008-04-28 Andrew G. Morgancapabilities: implement per-process securebits
2008-04-28 Michael Hennerichmm/nommu.c: return 0 from kobjsize with invalid objects
2008-04-28 Dimitri Sivanichvmstats: add cond_resched() to refresh_cpu_vm_stats()
2008-04-28 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimm: fix broken gfp_zone with __GFP_THISNODE
2008-04-28 Pavel Machekmm/page_alloc.c: remove hand-coded get_order()
2008-04-28 Li Zefanoom_kill: remove unused parameter in badness()
2008-04-28 Yasunori Gotomemory hotplug: free memmaps allocated by bootmem
2008-04-28 Yasunori Gotomemory hotplug: allocate usemap on the section with...
2008-04-28 Yasunori Gotomemory hotplug: make alloc_bootmem_section()
2008-04-28 Yasunori Gotomemory hotplug: align memmap to page size
2008-04-28 Yasunori Gotomemory hotplug: register section/node id to free
2008-04-28 Gerald Schaeferhugetlbfs: common code update for s390
2008-04-28 Gerald Schaeferhugetlbfs: add missing TLB flush to hugetlb_cow()
2008-04-28 Gerald Schaeferhugetlbfs: architecture header cleanup
2008-04-28 Lee Schermerhornmempolicy: use struct mempolicy pointer in shmem_sb_info
2008-04-28 Lee Schermerhornmempolicy: support mpol=local tmpfs mount option
2008-04-28 Lee Schermerhornmempolicy: rework shmem mpol parsing and display
2008-04-28 Lee Schermerhornmempolicy: clean-up mpol-to-str() mempolicy formatting
2008-04-28 Lee Schermerhornmempolicy: use MPOL_F_LOCAL to Indicate Preferred Local...
2008-04-28 Lee Schermerhornmempolicy: mPOL_PREFERRED cleanups for "local allocation"
2008-04-28 Lee Schermerhornmempolicy: use MPOL_PREFERRED for system-wide default...
2008-04-28 Lee Schermerhornmempolicy: rework mempolicy Reference Counting [yet...
2008-04-28 Lee Schermerhornmempolicy: document {set|get}_policy() vm_ops APIs
2008-04-28 Lee Schermerhornmempolicy: mark shared policies for unref
2008-04-28 Lee Schermerhornmempolicy: rename struct mempolicy 'policy' member...
2008-04-28 Lee Schermerhornmempolicy: fixup Fallback for Default Shmem Policy
2008-04-28 Lee Schermerhornmempolicy: write lock mmap_sem while changing task...
2008-04-28 Lee Schermerhornmempolicy: rename mpol_copy to mpol_dup
2008-04-28 Lee Schermerhornmempolicy: rename mpol_free to mpol_put
2008-04-28 Adam LitkeSubject: [PATCH] hugetlb: vmstat events for huge page...
2008-04-28 Ken'ichi Ohmichivmcoreinfo: add page flags values
2008-04-28 Nick Piggins390: implement pte special bit
2008-04-28 Nick Pigginxip: support non-struct page backed memory
2008-04-28 Jared Hulbertreturn pfn from direct_access, for XIP
2008-04-28 Nick Pigginmm: add vm_insert_mixed
2008-04-28 Nick Pigginmm: introduce pte_special pte bit
2008-04-28 Jared Hulbertmm: introduce VM_MIXEDMAP
2008-04-28 Peter Zijlstrasmaps: account swap entries
2008-04-28 Christoph LameterPAGEFLAGS_EXTENDED and separate page flags for Head...
2008-04-28 Christoph Lametermm: Get rid of __ZONE_COUNT
2008-04-28 Christoph Lameterpage flags: add PAGEFLAGS_FALSE for flags that are...
2008-04-28 Christoph Lameterpage flags: handle PG_uncached like all other flags
2008-04-28 Christoph Lameterpageflags: eliminate PG_xxx aliases
2008-04-28 Christoph Lameterpageflags: use proper page flag functions in Xen
2008-04-28 Christoph Lameterpageflags: convert to the use of new macros
2008-04-28 Christoph Lameterpageflags: introduce macros to generate page flag functions
2008-04-28 Christoph Lameterpageflags: get rid of FLAGS_RESERVED
2008-04-28 Christoph Lameterpageflags: use an enum for the flags
2008-04-28 Christoph Lameterpageflags: standardize comment inclusion in asm-offsets...
2008-04-28 Andrew Mortonpage_mapping(): add ifdef around reference to swapper_space
2008-04-28 Christoph Lameterkbuild: create a way to create preprocessor constants...
2008-04-28 Christoph Lametersparsemem: vmemmap does not need section bits
2008-04-28 Christoph Lametervmallocinfo: add caller information
2008-04-28 Christoph Lametervmalloc: show vmalloced areas via /proc/vmallocinfo
2008-04-28 Andrew Mortonmm: make early_pfn_to_nid() a C function
2008-04-28 Miklos Szeredimm: rotate_reclaimable_page() cleanup
2008-04-28 S.Caglar Onurmm/page_alloc.c: fix indentation
2008-04-28 Andi Kleenmm: save some bytes in mm_struct by filling holes on...
2008-04-28 Andi Kleendmapool: enable debugging for CONFIG_SLUB_DEBUG_ON too
2008-04-28 Lee Schermerhornmempolicy: fix parsing of tmpfs mpol mount option
2008-04-28 David Rientjesmempolicy: disallow static or relative flags for local...
2008-04-28 David Rientjesmempolicy: small header file cleanup
2008-04-28 David Rientjesmempolicy: create mempolicy_operations structure
2008-04-28 David Rientjesmempolicy: move rebind functions
2008-04-28 David Rientjesmempolicy: update NUMA memory policy documentation
2008-04-28 David Rientjesmempolicy: add MPOL_F_RELATIVE_NODES flag
2008-04-28 Paul Jacksonmempolicy: add bitmap_onto() and bitmap_fold() operations
2008-04-28 David Rientjesmempolicy: add MPOL_F_STATIC_NODES flag
2008-04-28 David Rientjesmempolicy: support optional mode flags
2008-04-28 David Rientjesmempolicy: convert MPOL constants to enum
2008-04-28 Pekka Enbergmm: move cache_line_size() to <linux/cache.h>
2008-04-28 Adam Litkehugetlb: decrease hugetlb_lock cycling in gather_surplu...
2008-04-28 Chris Dearmanmm: try both endianess when checking for endianess
2008-04-28 Mel Gormanmm: filter based on a nodemask as well as a gfp_mask
2008-04-28 Mel Gormanmm: have zonelist contains structs with both a zone...
2008-04-28 Mel Gormanmm: use two zonelist that are filtered by GFP mask
2008-04-28 Mel Gormanmm: remember what the preferred zone is for zone_statistics
2008-04-28 Mel Gormanmm: introduce node_zonelist() for accessing the zonelis...
2008-04-28 Mel Gormanmm: use zonelists instead of zones when direct reclaimi...
2008-04-28 Adrian Bunkmake swap_pte_to_pagemap_entry() static
2008-04-28 Nick Pigginmm: remove nopage
2008-04-28 Oleg Nesterovmmap_region: cleanup the final vma_merge() related...
2008-04-28 Hisashi Hifumifix invalidate_inode_pages2_range() to not clear ret
2008-04-28 Harvey Harrisonremove sparse warning for mmzone.h
2008-04-28 Christoph LameterRemove set_migrateflags()
2008-04-28 Jeff Moyeraio: io_getevents() should return if io_destroy() is...
2008-04-28 Jeremy Fitzhardingehotplug-memory: make online_page() common