2009-09-23 NeilBrownMerge branch 'next' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2009-09-23 Dmitry Monakhovmd: raid-1/10: fix RW bits manipulation
2009-09-23 NeilBrownmd: remove unnecessary memset from multipath.
2009-09-23 NeilBrownmd: report device as congested when suspended
2009-09-23 NeilBrownmd: Improve name of threads created by md_register_thread
2009-09-23 NeilBrownmd: remove sparse warnings about lock context.
2009-09-23 NeilBrownmd: remove sparse waring "symbol xxx shadows an earlier...
2009-09-22 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'perf-fixes-for-linus' of git://git./linux...
2009-09-22 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-09-22 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-2.6.32' of git://
2009-09-22 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-09-22 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-09-22 David Härdemaninput: add a driver for the Winbond WPCD376I Consumer...
2009-09-22 David Härdemanpnp: add a shutdown method to pnp drivers
2009-09-22 Henrik Rydberghwmon: applesmc: restore accelerometer and keyboard...
2009-09-22 Roel Kluinhwmon: fix freeing of gpio_data and irq
2009-09-22 Michael Abbottdrivers/hwmon/adm1021.c: add low_power support for...
2009-09-22 Michael Abbottdrivers/hwmon/adm1021.c: support high precision ADM1023...
2009-09-22 Daniel Macklis3_spi: code cleanups
2009-09-22 Daniel Macklis3: add power management functions
2009-09-22 Daniel Macklis3: add free-fall/wakeup function via platform_data
2009-09-22 Daniel Macklis3: fix typo
2009-09-22 Michael Riepedrivers/hwmon/coretemp.c: enable the Intel Atom
2009-09-22 Mike Frysingercheckpatch: add some common Blackfin checks
2009-09-22 Andy Whitcroftcheckpatch: version 0.29
2009-09-22 Andy Whitcroftcheckpatch: limit sN/uN matches to actual bit sizes
2009-09-22 Andy Whitcroftcheckpatch: format strings should not have brackets...
2009-09-22 Hannes Edercheckpatch: make -f alias --file, add --help, more...
2009-09-22 Andy Whitcroftcheckpatch: indent checks -- stop when we run out of...
2009-09-22 Daniel Walkercheckpatch: handle C99 comments correctly (performance...
2009-09-22 Andy Whitcroftcheckpatch: possible types -- else cannot start a type
2009-09-22 David Rientjesflex_array: add missing kerneldoc annotations
2009-09-22 David Rientjesflex_array: introduce DEFINE_FLEX_ARRAY
2009-09-22 David Rientjesflex_array: add flex_array_shrink function
2009-09-22 David Rientjesflex_array: poison free elements
2009-09-22 David Rientjesflex_array: add flex_array_clear function
2009-09-22 Marcin Slusarzvsprintf: use WARN_ON_ONCE
2009-09-22 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: move ARM lists to infradead
2009-09-22 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: integrate P:/M: lines
2009-09-22 Felipe ContrerasMAINTAINERS: omap: fix regex
2009-09-22 Felipe ContrerasMAINTAINERS: acpi: add 'include/acpi'
2009-09-22 Joe Perchesscripts/ add maintainers in order...
2009-09-22 Joe Perchesscripts/ add --remove-duplicates
2009-09-22 Joe Perchesscripts/ using --separator implies...
2009-09-22 Joe Perchesscripts/ add .mailmap use, shell...
2009-09-22 Joe Perchesscripts/ better email routines, use...
2009-09-22 Joe Perchesscripts/ add --pattern-depth
2009-09-22 Joe Perchesscripts/ add sections in pattern...
2009-09-22 Joe Perchesscripts/ add --git-blame
2009-09-22 Hannes EderMAINTAINERS: add IPVS include files
2009-09-22 Roel Kluinuml: fix order of pud and pmd_free()
2009-09-22 Christoph Hellwigum: convert to asm-generic/hardirq.h
2009-09-22 Corrado Zoccolocpuidle: menu governor: reduce latency on exit
2009-09-22 Arjan van de Vencpuidle: fix the menu governor to boost IO performance
2009-09-22 Christoph Hellwigm68k: convert to asm-generic/hardirq.h
2009-09-22 john stultzm68k: convert to use arch_gettimeoffset()
2009-09-22 Christoph Hellwigm32r: convert to asm-generic/hardirq.h
2009-09-22 john stultzm32r: convert to use arch_gettimeoffset()
2009-09-22 Roel Kluinm32r: remove redundant tests on unsigned
2009-09-22 Christoph Hellwigalpha: convert to asm-generic/hardirq.h
2009-09-22 Marcin Slusarzalpha: use printk_once
2009-09-22 Roel Kluinarch/alpha/boot/tools/objstrip.c: wrong variable tested...
2009-09-22 john stultzalpha: convert to use arch_gettimeoffset()
2009-09-22 Christoph Hellwigh8300: convert to asm-generic/hardirq.h
2009-09-22 Bernd Schmidtnommu: add support for Memory Protection Units (MPU)
2009-09-22 Kristoffer... pcmcia: cleanup/fixup patch for sa1100_jornada_pcmcia...
2009-09-22 Alexey Dobriyanpcmcia: switch /proc/bus/pccard/drivers to seq_file
2009-09-22 Roel Kluinpcmcia: fix read buffer overflow
2009-09-22 Mike Frysingerpcmcia: yenta: add missing __devexit marking
2009-09-22 Michael S.... mm: reduce atomic use on use_mm fast path
2009-09-22 Michael S.... mm: move use_mm/unuse_mm from aio.c to mm/
2009-09-22 Pekka Enbergshmem: initialize struct shmem_sb_info to zero
2009-09-22 Arnd Bergmannmm: remove duplicate asm/mman.h files
2009-09-22 Eric B Munsonhugetlb: add MAP_HUGETLB example
2009-09-22 Eric B Munsonhugetlb: add MAP_HUGETLB for mmaping pseudo-anonymous...
2009-09-22 Arnd Bergmannmm: add MAP_HUGETLB for mmaping pseudo-anonymous huge...
2009-09-22 Eric B Munsonhugetlbfs: allow the creation of files suitable for...
2009-09-22 Huang Shijiemmap: save some cycles for the shared anonymous mapping
2009-09-22 Lee Schermerhornmmap: avoid unnecessary anon_vma lock acquisition in...
2009-09-22 Hugh Dickinstmpfs: depend on shmem
2009-09-22 Huang Shijiemmap: remove unnecessary code
2009-09-22 Hugh Dickinsmm: move highest_memmap_pfn
2009-09-22 Hugh Dickinsmm: ZERO_PAGE without PTE_SPECIAL
2009-09-22 Hugh Dickinsmm: hugetlbfs_pagecache_present
2009-09-22 Hugh Dickinsmm: m(un)lock avoid ZERO_PAGE
2009-09-22 Hugh Dickinsmm: FOLL flags for GUP flags
2009-09-22 Hugh Dickinsmm: reinstate ZERO_PAGE
2009-09-22 Hugh Dickinsmm: fix anonymous dirtying
2009-09-22 Hugh Dickinsmm: follow_hugetlb_page flags
2009-09-22 Hugh Dickinsmm: FOLL_DUMP replace FOLL_ANON
2009-09-22 Hugh Dickinsmm: add get_dump_page
2009-09-22 Hugh Dickinsmm: remove unused GUP flags
2009-09-22 Hugh Dickinsmm: munlock use follow_page
2009-09-22 Minchan Kimmm: fix NUMA accounting in numastat.txt
2009-09-22 Mel Gormanpage-allocator: maintain rolling count of pages to...
2009-09-22 Mel Gormanpage-allocator: split per-cpu list into one-list-per...
2009-09-22 KOSAKI Motohirooom: fix oom_adjust_write() input sanity check
2009-09-22 KOSAKI Motohirooom: oom_kill doesn't kill vfork parent (or child)
2009-09-22 KOSAKI Motohirooom: make oom_score to per-process value
2009-09-22 KOSAKI Motohirooom: move oom_adj value from task_struct to signal_struct