]> nv-tegra.nvidia Code Review - linux-2.6.git/shortlog
2010-01-19 Matthew Slatterysfc: QT202x: Remove unreliable MMD check at initialisation
2010-01-19 Jiajun Wuucc_geth: Fix full TX queue processing
2010-01-19 Anton Vorontsovphylib: Move workqueue initialization to a proper place
2010-01-19 Neil Hormandccp: fix dccp rmmod when kernel configured to use...
2010-01-18 Alexey Dobriyanipv4: don't remove /proc/net/rt_acct
2010-01-16 Jarek Poplawskiax25: netrom: rose: Fix timer oopses
2010-01-15 Roel Kluinappletalk:: da.s_net not copied but assigned to itself...
2010-01-15 Dan WilliamsMAINTAINERS: transfer maintainership of I/OAT
2010-01-15 Neil Hormandccp_probe: Fix module load dependencies between dccp...
2010-01-14 Octavian Purdilanet: fix build erros with CONFIG_BUG=n, CONFIG_GENERIC_...
2010-01-14 David S. Milleripv6: skb_dst() can be NULL in ipv6_hop_jumbo().
2010-01-14 Matt Carlsontg3: Update copyright and driver version
2010-01-14 Matt Carlsontg3: Disable 5717 serdes and B0 support
2010-01-14 Matt Carlsontg3: Add reliable serdes detection for 5717 A0
2010-01-14 Matt Carlsontg3: Fix std rx prod ring handling
2010-01-14 Matt Carlsontg3: Fix std prod ring nicaddr for 5787 and 57765
2010-01-14 Ben Hutchingssfc: Fix conditions for MDIO self-test
2010-01-14 Ben Hutchingssfc: Fix polling for slow MCDI operations
2010-01-14 Bruce Allane1000e: workaround link issues on busy hub in half...
2010-01-14 Bruce Allane1000e: MDIO slow mode should always be done for 82577
2010-01-14 Shannon Nelsonixgbe: update copyright dates
2010-01-14 Alexander Duyckixgbe: Do not attempt to perform interrupts in netpoll...
2010-01-13 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm...
2010-01-12 Jarek Poplawskisky2: Fix oops in sky2_xmit_frame() after TX timeout
2010-01-12 Johannes Bergcfg80211: fix refcount imbalance when wext is disabled
2010-01-12 Felix Fietkaumac80211: fix queue selection for data frames on monito...
2010-01-11 Ben HutchingsDocumentation/3c509: document ethtool support
2010-01-11 Jarek Poplawskiaf_packet: Don't use skb after dev_queue_xmit()
2010-01-11 Dan Carpenteriwlwifi: silence buffer overflow warning
2010-01-10 Denis Kirjanovvxge: use pci_dma_mapping_error to test return value
2010-01-08 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm...
2010-01-08 Abhijeet Kolekariwlwifi: disable tx on beacon update notification
2010-01-08 Zhu Yiiwlwifi: fix iwl_queue_used bug when read_ptr == write_ptr
2010-01-08 Johannes Bergmac80211: fix endian error
2010-01-08 Felix Fietkaumac80211: add missing sanity checks for action frames
2010-01-08 Lennert Buytenhekmac80211: fix queue selection for packets injected...
2010-01-08 Florian Westphalnetfilter: ebtables: enforce CAP_NET_ADMIN
2010-01-08 Bruce Allane1000e: fix and commonize code for setting the receive...
2010-01-08 Bruce Allane1000e: e1000e_enable_tx_pkt_filtering() returns wrong...
2010-01-08 Bruce Allane1000e: perform 10/100 adaptive IFS only on parts that...
2010-01-08 Bruce Allane1000e: don't accumulate PHY statistics on PHY read...
2010-01-08 Bruce Allane1000e: call pci_save_state() after pci_restore_state()
2010-01-08 Amit Kumar... netxen: update version to 4.0.72
2010-01-08 Amit Kumar... netxen: fix set mac addr
2010-01-08 Amit Kumar... netxen: fix smatch warning
2010-01-08 Amit Kumar... netxen: fix tx ring memory leak
2010-01-08 Octavian Purdilatcp: update the netstamp_needed counter when cloning...
2010-01-08 SriramTI DaVinci EMAC: Handle emac module clock correctly.
2010-01-08 Ben Hutchingsdmfe/tulip: Let dmfe handle DM910x except for SPARC...
2010-01-08 PJ Waskiewiczixgbe: Fix compiler warning about variable being used...
2010-01-07 Patrick McHardynetfilter: nf_ct_ftp: fix out of bounds read in update_...
2010-01-07 Saeed Bisharamv643xx_eth: don't include cache padding in rx desc...
2010-01-07 Jiri SlabyNET: atlx, fix memory leak
2010-01-07 Alexander Beregalovpcmcia: ncmlan_cs: remove odd bracket
2010-01-07 Mark Browncs89x0: Always report failure to request interrupt
2010-01-07 Jan Dumonhso: fixed missing newlines
2010-01-07 Jan Dumonhso: Fix for 5 sec timeouts with v2.x firmware
2010-01-07 Jan Dumonhso: Attempt to recover from usb bus errors
2010-01-07 Jan Dumonhso: don't change the state of a closed port
2010-01-07 Jan Dumonhso: Fix for endian issues on big endian machines
2010-01-07 Jan Dumonhso: Add Vendor/Product ID's for new devices
2010-01-07 Ursula Braunclaw: use "claw" as root device name
2010-01-07 Ken Kawasakipcnet_cs: add cis of KTI PE520 pcmcia network card
2010-01-07 Octavian Purdilaip: fix mc_loop checks for tunnels with multicast outer...
2010-01-07 Dave Liuucc_geth: Fix the wrong the Rx/Tx FIFO size
2010-01-06 John W. LinvilleRevert "mac80211: replace netif_tx_{start,stop,wake...
2010-01-06 John W. Linvillemac80211: fix-up build breakage in 2.6.33
2010-01-05 Gertjan van... rt2x00: Properly request tx headroom for alignment...
2010-01-05 Johannes Bergmac80211: fix skb buffering issue
2010-01-05 Gertjan van... rt2x00: Fix LED configuration setting for rt2800.
2010-01-05 Pavel Roskinrt2x00: use correct headroom for transmission
2010-01-04 David S. Millercxgb3i: Fix flags test.
2010-01-04 Luis R. Rodriguezcfg80211: fix syntax error on user regulatory hints
2010-01-04 Luis R. Rodriguezath5k: Fix eeprom checksum check for custom sized eeproms
2010-01-04 Benoit Papillaultzd1211rw: Fix multicast filtering.
2010-01-04 Dan Carpenteriwl: off by one bug
2010-01-04 Lennert Buytenhekmwl8k: fix configure_filter() memory leak on error
2010-01-04 Ming Leiath9k: fix ito64
2010-01-04 Dominik Geyerath9k: Fix Kconfig depends for ATH9K_DEBUGFS
2010-01-04 Arjan van de Venipvs: Add boundary check on ioctl arguments
2010-01-04 Sucheta Chakrabortynetxen: fix ethtool link test
2010-01-04 Sucheta Chakrabortynetxen: fix ethtool register dump
2010-01-04 Dan Carpenterrrunner: fix buffer overflow
2010-01-04 roel kluinbroadcom: Fix &&/|| confusion in bcm54xx_adjust_rxrefclk()
2010-01-04 roel kluinnet: Test off by one in sh_eth_reset()
2010-01-04 roel kluinniu: timeout ignored in tcam_wait_bit()
2010-01-04 roel kluinatarilance: timeout ignored in lance_open()
2010-01-04 Julia Lawalldrivers/net : Correct the size argument to kzalloc
2010-01-04 Rakesh Ranjancxgb3i: Fix a login over vlan issue
2010-01-04 Dan Carpenterhamradio: avoid null deref v3
2010-01-04 roel kluinusbnet: test off by one
2010-01-04 Julia Lawalldrivers/net/can: Correct NULL test
2010-01-04 Julia Lawalldrivers/isdn: eliminate duplicated test
2010-01-04 Andrew Mortonnet/sctp/socket.c: squish warning
2010-01-04 Bernard Pidoux... rose_loopback_timer sets VC number <= ROSE_DEFAULT_MAXVC
2010-01-04 Ben Hutchingsvia-velocity: Give RX descriptors to the NIC later...
2009-12-31 Anton Vorontsovfsl_pq_mdio: Fix iomem unmapping for non-eTSEC2.0 contr...
2009-12-31 Anton Vorontsovucc_geth: Fix netdev watchdog triggering on suspend
2009-12-31 Anton Vorontsovphylib: Properly reinitialize PHYs after hibernation
2009-12-31 Anton Vorontsovphylib: Fix deadlock on resume