2008-02-05 Adrian Bunkm68k: kill arch/m68k/hp300/ksyms.c
2008-02-05 Adrian Bunkm68k: kill arch/m68k/mac/mac_ksyms.c
2008-02-05 Adrian Bunknubus: kill drivers/nubus/nubus_syms.c
2008-02-05 Roel Kluinm68k: Balance ioremap and iounmap in m68k/atari/hades...
2008-02-05 Alejandro Martinez... dio: ARRAY_SIZE() cleanup
2008-02-05 Alejandro Martinez... m68k: ARRAY_SIZE() cleanup
2008-02-05 Geert Uytterhoevenm68k: Use cc-cross-prefix
2008-02-05 Rafael J. Wysockib43: avoid unregistering device objects during suspend
2008-02-05 Rafael J. Wysockileds: add possibility to remove leds classdevs during...
2008-02-05 Rafael J. WysockiHWRNG: add possibility to remove hwrng devices during...
2008-02-05 Rafael J. WysockiMisc: Add possibility to remove misc devices during...
2008-02-05 Mark Grosslatency.c: use QoS infrastructure
2008-02-05 Mark Grosspm qos infrastructure and interface
2008-02-05 Adrian Bunkmake kernel_shutdown_prepare() static
2008-02-05 Adrian Bunkkernel/power/disk.c: make code static
2008-02-05 Andrew Mortonalpha: fix warning by fixing flush_tlb_kernel_range()
2008-02-05 Nick Pigginagp: alpha nopage
2008-02-05 Samuel ThibaultAlpha doesn't use socketcall
2008-02-05 FUJITA Tomonorialpha: kill deprecated virt_to_bus
2008-02-05 Andrew Mortonalpha: atomic_add_return() should return int
2008-02-05 Lucas Woodsarch/alpha: remove duplicate includes
2008-02-05 Adrian Bunkm68knommu: remove duplicate exports
2008-02-05 Paul Mundtnommu: add new vmalloc_user() and remap_vmalloc_range...
2008-02-05 Jiri Olsam68knommu: removing config variable DUMPTOFLASH
2008-02-05 Jiri Olsam68knomu: remove dead config symbols from m68knomu...
2008-02-05 Greg Ungererm68knommu: use ARRAY_SIZE in ColdFire serial driver
2008-02-05 Pavel Emelyanovfrv: use find_task_by_vpid in cxn_pin_by_pid
2008-02-05 Jiri Olsafrv: remove dead config symbol from FRV code
2008-02-05 Robert P. J... FRV: move DMA macros to scatterlist.h for consistency.
2008-02-05 David HowellsFRV: permit the memory to be located elsewhere in NOMMU...
2008-02-05 Casey SchauflerSmack: Simplified Mandatory Access Control Kernel
2008-02-05 Paul MooreNetLabel: introduce a new kernel configuration API...
2008-02-05 Serge E. Hallynoom_kill: remove uid==0 checks
2008-02-05 Serge E. Hallyncapabilities: introduce per-process capability bounding set
2008-02-05 Andrew MorganRemove unnecessary include from include/linux/capability.h
2008-02-05 Andrew MorganAdd 64-bit capability support to the kernel
2008-02-05 Andrew Mortonrevert "capabilities: clean up file capability reading"
2008-02-05 David P. QuigleyVFS: Reorder vfs_getxattr to avoid unnecessary calls...
2008-02-05 David P. QuigleyVFS/Security: Rework inode_getsecurity and callers...
2008-02-05 Matt Mackallslob: correct Kconfig description
2008-02-05 Matt Mackallslob: reduce external fragmentation by using three...
2008-02-05 Matt Mackallslob: fix free block merging at head of subpage
2008-02-05 Fengguang Wuwriteback: speed up writeback of big dirty files
2008-02-05 Sam Ravnborgmm: fix section mismatch warning in sparse.c
2008-02-05 Nick Pigginmm: fix PageUptodate data race
2008-02-05 Shaohua Lipage migraton: handle orphaned pages
2008-02-05 Yasunori GotoDocument lowmem_reserve_ratio
2008-02-05 Masatake YAMATOcheck ADVICE of fadvise64_64 even if get_xip_page is...
2008-02-05 Larry WoodmanInclude count of pagecache pages in show_mem() output
2008-02-05 Bjorn SteinbrinkFix dirty page accounting leak with ext3 data=journal
2008-02-05 Qi Yongset_page_refcounted() VM_BUG_ON fix
2008-02-05 Harvey Harrisonmm: remove fastcall from mm/
2008-02-05 Andi Kleenpage allocator: remove unused arguments in zone_init_fr...
2008-02-05 Qi Yongskip writing data pages when inode is under I_SYNC
2008-02-05 Hugh Dickinsmm: don't waste swap on locked pages
2008-02-05 Christoph Lametervmstat: remove prefetch
2008-02-05 Andrea ArcangeliFix /proc dcache deadlock in do_exit
2008-02-05 Bron Gondwanamm/page-writeback: highmem_is_dirtyable option
2008-02-05 Christoph LameterPage allocator: get rid of the list of cold pages
2008-02-05 Robert Braggmm: don't allow ioremapping of ranges larger than vmall...
2008-02-05 Christoph Lametervmstat: small revisions to refresh_cpu_vm_stats()
2008-02-05 Martin Schwidefskyarch_rebalance_pgtables call
2008-02-05 Benjamin Herrenschmidtadd mm argument to pte/pmd/pud/pgd_free
2008-02-05 Christoph LameterPage allocator: clean up pcp draining functions
2008-02-05 Nick Pigginradix-tree: avoid atomic allocations for preloaded...
2008-02-05 Adrian Bunkmake __vmalloc_area_node() static
2008-02-05 Balbir SinghRemove unused code from mm/tiny-shmem.c
2008-02-05 Adrian Bunkmm/page-writeback.c: make a function static
2008-02-05 Matt Mackallmaps4: make page monitoring /proc file optional
2008-02-05 Matt Mackallmaps4: add /proc/kpageflags interface
2008-02-05 Matt Mackallmaps4: add /proc/kpagecount interface
2008-02-05 Matt Mackallmaps4: add /proc/pid/pagemap interface
2008-02-05 Matt Mackallmaps4: regroup task_mmu by interface
2008-02-05 Matt Mackallmaps4: move clear_refs code to task_mmu.c
2008-02-05 Matt Mackallmaps4: simplify interdependence of maps and smaps
2008-02-05 Matt Mackallmaps4: use pagewalker in clear_refs and smaps
2008-02-05 Matt Mackallmaps4: introduce a generic page walker
2008-02-05 Matt Mackallmaps4: move is_swap_pte
2008-02-05 Dave Hansenmaps4: rework TASK_SIZE macros
2008-02-05 Fengguang Wumaps4: add proportional set size accounting in smaps
2008-02-05 Christoph Hellwigclean up vmtruncate
2008-02-05 Hugh Dickinstmpfs: fix shmem_swaplist races
2008-02-05 Hugh Dickinstmpfs: radix_tree_preloading
2008-02-05 Hugh Dickinstmpfs: open a window in shmem_unuse_inode
2008-02-05 Hugh Dickinstmpfs: make shmem_unuse more preemptible
2008-02-05 Hugh Dickinstmpfs: allocate on read when stacked
2008-02-05 Hugh Dickinstmpfs: allow filepage alongside swappage
2008-02-05 Hugh Dickinstmpfs: move swap swizzling into shmem
2008-02-05 Hugh Dickinstmpfs: shuffle add_to_swap_caches
2008-02-05 Hugh Dickinstmpfs: move swap_state stats update
2008-02-05 Michael Marineautmpfs: fix mounts when size is less than the page size
2008-02-05 Pavel Emelyanovshmem: factor out sbi->free_inodes manipulations
2008-02-05 Hugh Dickinsswapoff: scan ptes preemptibly
2008-02-05 Hugh Dickinsswapin: fix valid_swaphandles defect
2008-02-05 Hugh Dickinsshmem_file_write is redundant
2008-02-05 Hugh Dickinsshmem_getpage return page locked
2008-02-05 Hugh Dickinsshmem: SGP_QUICK and SGP_FAULT redundant
2008-02-05 Hugh Dickinsswapin needs gfp_mask for loop on tmpfs
2008-02-05 Hugh Dickinsswapin_readahead: move and rearrange args
2008-02-05 Hugh Dickinsswapin_readahead: excise NUMA bogosity