2010-02-04 Pavel Cheblakovcan: add support for CAN interface cards based on the...
2010-02-04 Divy Le Raycxgb3: add memory barriers
2010-02-04 Andreas MohrMCS7830 USB-Ether: resume _with_ working link, via...
2010-02-04 Andreas MohrMCS7830 USB-Ether: change register define
2010-02-04 Andreas MohrMCS7830 USB-Ether: Spelling corrections
2010-02-04 Andreas MohrMCS7830 USB-Ether: add Rx error support
2010-02-02 Amit Kumar... qlcnic: add loopback diagnostic test
2010-02-02 Amit Kumar... qlcnic: add interrupt diagnostic test
2010-02-02 Sucheta Chakrabortyqlcnic: support LED blink for device identification
2010-02-02 Amit Kumar... qlcnic: protect resoruce cleanup by rtnl lock
2010-02-02 Amit Kumar... qlcnic: clear device reset state after fw recovery
2010-02-02 Amit Kumar... qlcnic: add ethernet identifier in board info
2010-02-02 Amit Kumar... qlcnic: use DEFINE_PCI_DEVICE_TABLE
2010-02-02 Jarek Poplawskisky2: Fix TX_MAP_PAGE misspelling
2010-02-02 Shirley Mavirtio_net: Defer skb allocation in receive path Date...
2010-02-02 Shirley Mavirtio: Add ability to detach unused buffers from vrings
2010-02-02 Eric Dumazetxfrm: avoid spinlock in get_acqseq()
2010-02-02 Patrick McHardyipv4: ip_fragment: fix unbalanced rcu_read_unlock()
2010-02-02 Kuninori Morimotonet/irda: sh_sir: Add SuperH IrDA driver
2010-02-02 Flavio Leitnerigmp: fix ip_mc_sf_allow race [v5]
2010-02-02 Oliver Hartkoppcan: deny filterlist access on non-CAN interfaces
2010-02-01 Joe Perchestulip/xircom_cb.c: Use dev_<level> and pr_<level>
2010-02-01 Joe Perchestulip/winbond-840.c: Use dev_<level> and pr_<level>
2010-02-01 Joe Perchestulip/uli526x.c: Use dev_<level> and pr_<level>
2010-02-01 Joe Perchestulip/timer.c: Use dev_<level> and pr_<level>
2010-02-01 Joe Perchestulip/pnic2.c: Use dev_<level> and pr_<level>
2010-02-01 Joe Perchestulip/pnic.c: Use dev_<level> and pr_<level>
2010-02-01 Joe Perchestulip/media.c: Use dev_<level> and pr_<level>
2010-02-01 Joe Perchestulip/interrupt.c: Use dev_<level> and pr_<level>
2010-02-01 Joe Perchestulip/eeprom.c: Use dev_<level> and pr_<level>
2010-02-01 Joe Perchestulip/dmfe.c: Use dev_<level> and pr_<level>
2010-02-01 Joe Perchestulip/de2104x.c: Use dev_<level> and pr_<level>
2010-02-01 Joe Perchestulip/21142.c: Use dev_<level> and pr_<level>
2010-02-01 Joe Perchestulip_core: Use dev_<level> and pr_<level>
2010-01-29 Hagen Paul... sched: add head drop fifo queue
2010-01-28 Alexey Dobriyannetns xfrm: ipcomp6 support
2010-01-28 Alexey Dobriyannetns xfrm: ipcomp support
2010-01-28 Alexey Dobriyannetns xfrm: xfrm6_tunnel in netns
2010-01-28 Alexey Dobriyannetns xfrm: fixup xfrm6_tunnel error propagation
2010-01-28 Stephen Rothwellnet: merge fixup for qlge_main
2010-01-28 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2010-01-28 Alexey Dobriyannetdev: remove HAVE_ leftovers
2010-01-28 stephen hemmingerbonding: bond_open error return value
2010-01-28 John Fastabendixgbe: if ixgbe_copy_dcb_cfg is going to fail learn...
2010-01-28 John Fastabendixgbe: set the correct DCB bit for pg tx settings
2010-01-28 Alexander Duyckigbvf: fix issue w/ mapped_as_page being left set after...
2010-01-28 Choi, Daviddrivers/net: ks8851_mll ethernet network driver
2010-01-28 Ajit Khapardebe2net: Bug fix to support newer generation of BE ASIC
2010-01-28 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm: Cleanup dprint/ddprintk #defines and uses
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm/lec.c: Add __lec_arp_check_expire and other...
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm/svc.c: checkpatch cleanups
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm/signaling.c: checkpatch cleanups
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm/resources.c: checkpatch cleanups
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm/raw.c: checkpatch cleanups
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm/pvc.c: checkpatch cleanups
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm/proc.c: checkpatch cleanups
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm/pppoatm.c: checkpatch cleanups
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm/mpoa_proc.c: checkpatch cleanups
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm/mpoa_caches.c: checkpatch cleanups
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm/mpc.c: checkpatch cleanups
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm/lec.c: checkpatch cleanups
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm/ioctl.c: checkpatch cleanups
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm/common.c: checkpatch cleanups
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm/clip.c: checkpatch cleanups
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm/br2684.c: checkpatch cleanups
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm/atm_sysfs.c: checkpatch cleanups
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm/atm_misc.c: checkpatch cleanups
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm/addr.c: Convert include <asm to include <linux
2010-01-27 Joe Perchesnet/atm: Convert printk to pr_<level>
2010-01-27 Ben Hutchingsstarfire: clean up properly if firmware loading fails
2010-01-26 Zhu Yimac80211: fix NULL pointer dereference when ftrace...
2010-01-26 David S. Millerariadne: Fix build.
2010-01-26 Shan Weiipv6: conntrack: Add member of user to nf_ct_frag6_queu...
2010-01-25 Herbert Xuvirtio_net: Make delayed refill more reliable
2010-01-25 Ben Hutchingssfc: Use fixed-size buffers for MCDI NVRAM requests
2010-01-25 Guido Barzinisfc: Add workspace for GMAC bug workaround to MCDI...
2010-01-25 Stephen Hemmingertcp_probe: avoid modulus operation and wrap fix
2010-01-25 Breno Leitaoqlge: Only free resources if they were allocated
2010-01-25 Jiri Pirkonet: use helpers to access uc list V2
2010-01-25 Felix Fietkauath9k: fix eeprom INI values override for 2GHz-only...
2010-01-25 Johannes Bergiwlwifi: fix pointer signedness warning
2010-01-25 Alexey Dobriyannetns xfrm: deal with dst entries in netns
2010-01-25 stephen hemmingersky2: revert config space change
2010-01-25 Eric Dumazetvlan: fix vlan_skb_recv()
2010-01-24 Alexey Dobriyannetns xfrm: fix "ip xfrm state|policy count" misreport
2010-01-23 Mike McCormacksky2: Enable/disable WOL per hardware device
2010-01-23 Jeff Kirsherixgbevf: Fix IPv6 GSO type checks
2010-01-23 Sridhar Samudralanet: Fix IPv6 GSO type checks in Intel ethernet drivers
2010-01-23 Shan WeiIP: Send an ICMP "Fragment Reassembly Timeout" message...
2010-01-23 Alexander Duyckigb/igbvf: cleanup exception handling in tx_map_adv
2010-01-23 Alexey Dobriyanicmp: move icmp_err_convert[] to .rodata
2010-01-23 Alexey Dobriyannet: constify MIB name tables
2010-01-23 Alexey Dobriyanneigh: simplify seq_file code
2010-01-23 Alexey Dobriyannetdev: remove certain HAVE_ macros
2010-01-23 Jeff KirsherMAINTAINERS: Add Intel igbvf maintainer
2010-01-23 Greg Roseixgbevf: Tell network stack to stop tx when the VF...
2010-01-23 Greg Roseixgbevf: Fix panics in the VF driver
2010-01-23 Greg Roseixgbevf: Take action when the PF notifies the VF it...
2010-01-23 Greg Roseixgbe: Improve reset coordination between the PF and...