2007-07-16 Jeff Dikeuml: remove dead file
2007-07-16 Jeff Dikeuml: limit request size on COWed devices
2007-07-16 Jeff Dikeuml: export hostfs symbols
2007-07-16 Jeff Dikeuml: Eliminate kernel allocator wrappers
2007-07-16 Jeff Dikeuml: simplify helper stack handling
2007-07-16 Jeff Dikeuml: SIGIO support cleanup
2007-07-16 Jeff Dikeuml: handle errors on opening host side of consoles
2007-07-16 Jeff Dikeuml: pty channel tidying
2007-07-16 Jeff Dikeuml: xterm driver tidying
2007-07-16 Eduard-Gabriel... uml: DEBUG_SHIRQ fixes
2007-07-16 Jeff DikeAdd generic exit-time stack-depth checking to CONFIG_DE...
2007-07-16 Jeff Dikeuml: use get_free_pages to allocate kernel stacks
2007-07-16 Jeff Dikeuml: fix request->sector update
2007-07-16 Robert P. J... CRIS: replace old-style member inits with designated...
2007-07-16 Alan Coxetrax: enable arbitary speed setting on tty ports
2007-07-16 Hirokazu Takatam32r: A MAINTAINERS entry for the M32R architecture
2007-07-16 Alan Coxm32r: enable arbitary speed tty rate setting
2007-07-16 Mariusz Kozlowskiarm26: remove broken and unused macro
2007-07-16 Alan CoxARM26: enable arbitary speed tty ioctls and split input...
2007-07-16 Ivan Kokshayskyfix alpha ISA support
2007-07-16 Sam Ravnborgalpha: fix trivial section mismatch warnings
2007-07-16 Yoshinori Satoh8300 entry.S update
2007-07-16 Yoshinori Satoh8300: remove unused file
2007-07-16 Yoshinori Satoh8300 zImage support update
2007-07-16 Alan Coxh8300: enable arbitary speed tty port setup
2007-07-16 Greg Ungererm68knommu: remove old cache management cruft from mm...
2007-07-16 Greg Ungererm68knommu: remove cruft from setup code
2007-07-16 Greg Ungererm68knommu: use TRHEAD_SIZE instead of hard constant
2007-07-16 Greg Ungerernommu: stub expand_stack() for nommu case
2007-07-16 David HowellsFRV: Remove some dead code
2007-07-16 David HowellsFRV: Be (self-)consistent and use CONFIG_GDB_CONSOLE...
2007-07-16 David HowellsFRV: Connect up new syscalls
2007-07-16 Miklos Szeredisplit mmap
2007-07-16 akpm@linux... NeilBrown <>
2007-07-16 Herbert van... do not limit locked memory when RLIMIT_MEMLOCK is RLIM_...
2007-07-16 Paul Mundtslob: sparsemem support
2007-07-16 Hugh Dickinsmspec_mmap: don't set VM_LOCKED
2007-07-16 Dan Alonimm/page_alloc.c: lower printk severity
2007-07-16 Paul Mundtslob: initial NUMA support
2007-07-16 Jason Baronspeed up madvise_need_mmap_write() usage
2007-07-16 Adrian Bunkmm/slab.c: start_cpu_timer() should be __cpuinit
2007-07-16 Paul Mundtmm: more __meminit annotations
2007-07-16 Jan Beulichkill vmalloc_earlyreserve
2007-07-16 Jan Beulichpage table handling cleanup
2007-07-16 Jan Beulichmm: fix improper .init-type section references
2007-07-16 Paul Mundtnuma: mempolicy: trivial debug fixes.
2007-07-16 Ethan Solomitaoom: stop allocating user memory if TIF_MEMDIE is set
2007-07-16 Paul Mundtnuma: mempolicy: dynamic interleave map for system...
2007-07-16 Christoph LameterSLUB: support slub_debug on by default
2007-07-16 Andrew Mortoninvalidate_mapping_pages(): add cond_resched
2007-07-16 Nick Pigginmm: debug check for the fault vs invalidate race
2007-07-16 Joe Jinhugetlb: fix race in alloc_fresh_huge_page()
2007-07-16 Anderson Brigliavmscan: fix comments related to shrink_list()
2007-07-16 Nick Pigginslob: improved alignment handling
2007-07-16 Nick Pigginslob: remove bigblock tracking
2007-07-16 Nick Pigginslob: rework freelist handling
2007-07-16 Robert P. J... Remove the deprecated "kmem_cache_t" typedef from slab.h.
2007-07-16 Eric DumazetMM: alloc_large_system_hash() can free some memory...
2007-07-16 Pavel EmelianovMake /proc/slabinfo use seq_list_xxx helpers
2007-07-16 Rolf Eike BeerMM: use DIV_ROUND_UP() in mm/memory.c
2007-07-16 Nishanth Aravamudanhugetlb: remove unnecessary nid initialization
2007-07-16 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukichange zonelist order: zonelist order selection logic
2007-07-16 Yinghai Luserial: convert early_uart to earlycon for 8250
2007-07-16 Eric W. Bidermanx86: initial fixmap support
2007-07-16 Yinghai Luconsole: console handover to preferred console
2007-07-16 Yinghai Luconsole: more buf for index parsing
2007-07-16 Yinghai Luserial: assert DTR for serial console devices
2007-07-16 Kristian Hoegsberglib: add idr_remove_all
2007-07-16 Kristian Hoegsberglib: add idr_for_each()
2007-07-16 Andy Whitcroftupdate to version 0.07
2007-07-16 Nitin GuptaLZO1X: fix lzo1x_worst_compress
2007-07-16 Nelson, ShannonAdd entries to MAINTAINERS for I/OAT and DMAENGINE
2007-07-16 Jan Karajbd2 commit: fix transaction dropping
2007-07-16 Jan Karajbd commit: fix transaction dropping
2007-07-16 Andrew Mortonauthgss build fix
2007-07-15 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://
2007-07-15 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jejb/scsi-misc-2.6
2007-07-15 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2007-07-15 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2007-07-15 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://
2007-07-15 Al Viromake i2c-acorn tristate
2007-07-15 Al Viroicside: devm_iounmap() needs linux/io.h
2007-07-15 Al Viromissing argument in bin_attribute ->read()/->write()
2007-07-15 Al Virofallout from constified seq_operations
2007-07-15 Al Virofallout from Auke's pci ->revision patch
2007-07-15 Al Viroax88796: dev_dbg() wants device, not platform device
2007-07-15 Al Viropass -msize-long to sparse on s390
2007-07-15 Al Virofrv: missing __clear_user()
2007-07-15 Al Virozd1211rw: too early inclusion of asm/unaligned.h
2007-07-15 Al Virofix return type of skb_checksum_complete()
2007-07-15 Al ViroPDA_POWER depends on having request_irq()
2007-07-15 Al Viroieee1394: forgotten dereference...
2007-07-15 Al Virothe wrong variable checked after request_irq()
2007-07-15 Al Virowrong order of arguments of ->readdir()
2007-07-15 Al Virominimal fixes for drivers/usb/gadget/m66592-udc.c
2007-07-15 Andrew Mortongit-battery vs git-acpi
2007-07-15 Anton VorontsovPower supply class and drivers: remove non obligatory...
2007-07-15 Jeff Garzikpda_power: clean up irq, timer
2007-07-15 Anton VorontsovMAINTAINERS: Add maintainers for power supply subsystem...
2007-07-15 FUJITA Tomonori[SCSI] ibmvscsi: convert to use the data buffer accessors