2010-05-20 David BrownellUSB: testusb: an USB testing application
2010-05-20 Michal NazarewiczUSB: ffs-test: FunctionFS testing program
2010-05-20 Michal NazarewiczUSB: g_ffs: the FunctionFS gadget driver
2010-05-20 Michal NazarewiczUSB: f_fs: the FunctionFS driver
2010-05-20 Michal NazarewiczUSB: gadget: __init and __exit tags removed
2010-05-20 Michal Nazarewiczfs/timerfd.c: make use of wait_event_interruptible_lock...
2010-05-20 Michal Nazarewiczwait_event_interruptible_locked() interface
2010-05-20 Randy DunlapUSB: gadget webcam: depends on VIDEO_DEV
2010-05-20 Johan HovoldUSB: serial: remove multi-urb write from generic driver
2010-05-20 Johan HovoldUSB: serial: reimplement generic fifo-based writes
2010-05-20 Johan HovoldUSB: aircable: rewrite using generic read and write...
2010-05-20 Johan HovoldUSB: ftdi_sio: clean up SIO write support
2010-05-20 Johan HovoldUSB: ftdi_sio: switch to generic write implementation
2010-05-20 Tobias KlauserUSB: isp1760: Use resource_size
2010-05-20 Alan SternUSB: simplify usb_sg_init()
2010-05-20 Laurent PinchartUSB gadget: Webcam device
2010-05-20 Laurent PinchartUSB gadget: video class function driver
2010-05-20 Matthew WilcoxUSB: Change the scatterlist type in struct urb
2010-05-20 Matthew WilcoxUSB: Turn interface_to_usbdev into an inline function
2010-05-20 Matthew WilcoxUSB: Add a usb_pipe_endpoint() convenience function
2010-05-20 Matthew WilcoxUSB: Add definition for the Pipe Usage descriptor
2010-05-20 Bill Pembertonusb: u132-hcd.c: fix shadows sparse warning
2010-05-20 Bill Pembertonusb: sisusb_con.c: fix shadows sparse warning
2010-05-20 Bill PembertonUSB: oti6858: declare send_data() as static
2010-05-20 Bill PembertonUSB: whci: declare functions as static
2010-05-20 Hans de GoedeUSB: unusual-dev: Add bad sense flag for Appotech ax203...
2010-05-20 Dinh NguyenUSB: mxc: gadget: Fix bitfield for calculating maximum...
2010-05-20 Ajay Kumar... USB: ehci-omap: fix Si version related programming
2010-05-20 Ajay Kumar... usb: ehci-omap: fix compilation warning
2010-05-20 Dan WilliamsUSB: qcaux: add Samsung U520 device ID
2010-05-20 zhao1980mingUSB: option: add PID for ZTE product
2010-05-20 Sarah SharpUSB: xhci: Avoid double free after streams are disabled.
2010-05-20 Alan SternUSB: remove URB_NO_SETUP_DMA_MAP
2010-05-20 Alan SternUSB: remove the usb_host_ss_ep_comp structure
2010-05-20 Alan SternUSB: export the new ch11.h file to userspce
2010-05-20 Alan SternUSB: remove leftover references to udev->autosuspend_di...
2010-05-20 Peter KorsgaardUSB: g_hid: unregister platform driver on probe/usb_com...
2010-05-20 Alessio Igor... USB: mos7840: Cleanup useless header
2010-05-20 Alessio Igor... USB: sisusbvga: Remove the BKL from open
2010-05-20 Fabien ChouteauUSB: Mass storage gadget: Handle eject request
2010-05-20 Fabien ChouteauUSB: Composite framework: Add suspended sysfs entry
2010-05-20 Randy DunlapUSB: clean up some host controller sparse warnings
2010-05-20 Michal NazarewiczUSB: core: config.c: usb_get_configuration() simplified
2010-05-20 Yauheni KaliutaUSB: ncm: added ncm.h with auxiliary definitions
2010-05-20 Yauheni Kaliutausb: cdc: ncm constants and structures added
2010-05-20 Randy DunlapUSB: usbserial: fix mos7720 dependencies
2010-05-20 Mike DunnUSB: usbserial: mos7720: cleanup, consolidation, replac...
2010-05-20 Mike DunnUSB: usbserial: mos7720: add support for parallel port...
2010-05-20 Greg Kroah... USB: staging: fix up usb_buffer_alloc calls in the...
2010-05-20 Daniel MackUSB: rename usb_buffer_alloc() and usb_buffer_free...
2010-05-20 Eric RaymondUSB: Short new 'graph for usb-serial.txt
2010-05-20 Carlos Sánchez... USB: devices: fix Coding Styles
2010-05-20 Javier Blanco... USB: ueagle: fix Coding Styles
2010-05-20 Viral MehtaUSB: omap: switch to subsys_initcall for isp1301 transc...
2010-05-20 David MillerUSB: ehci: Elide I/O watchdog on NEC parts
2010-05-20 Phil DibowitzUSB: storage: Remove unneeded SL11R unusual_devs entry
2010-05-20 Sarah SharpUSB: Support for allocating USB 3.0 streams.
2010-05-20 Sarah SharpUSB: xhci: Correct assumptions about number of rings...
2010-05-20 Sarah SharpUSB: xhci: Add memory allocation for USB3 bulk streams.
2010-05-20 Sarah SharpUSB: Add stream ID field to struct urb.
2010-05-20 Sarah SharpUSB: Add parsing of SuperSpeed endpoint companion descr...
2010-05-20 Anssi HannulaUSB: qcserial: Add support for Qualcomm Gobi 2000 devices
2010-05-20 Matthew GarrettUSB: qcserial: Use generic USB wwan code
2010-05-20 Matthew GarrettUSB: option: Use generic USB wwan code
2010-05-20 Matthew Garrettusb serial: Add generic USB wwan support
2010-05-20 Alan SternUSB: deprecate the power/level sysfs attribute
2010-05-20 Alan SternUSB: use PM core routines to enable/disable autosuspend
2010-05-20 Alan SternUSB: don't enable remote wakeup by default
2010-05-20 Alan SternUSB: improve runtime remote wakeup settings
2010-05-20 Alan SternUSB: fix usbmon and DMA mapping for scatter-gather...
2010-05-20 Matt ReimerUSB: pxa27x_udc: use four bits to store endpoint addresses
2010-05-20 Heikki Krogerususb: otg: twl4030: use the global ULPI register definitions
2010-05-20 Heikki KrogerusUSB: otg: ulpi: use the global ULPI register definitions
2010-05-20 Heikki Krogerususb: otg: add global ULPI register definitions
2010-05-20 Michal NazarewiczUSB: gadget: f_mass_storage: per function
2010-05-20 Robert Lukassenusb: gadget: Allow larger configuration descriptors
2010-05-20 Heikki Krogerususb: musb: add ulpi access operations
2010-05-20 Ajay Kumar... usb: musb: Add extvbus in musb_board_data
2010-05-20 Felipe Balbiusb: musb: Makefile: remove unexistent config option
2010-05-20 Anand Gadiyarusb: musb: omap2430.c: remove unnecessary includes
2010-05-20 Anand Gadiyarusb: musb: omap2430: remove unused define
2010-05-20 Sergei ShtylyovMUSB: Blackfin: remove musb_platform_{suspend|resume}()
2010-05-20 Sergei ShtylyovMUSB: OMAP: make musb_platform_suspend() 'static'
2010-05-20 Sergei ShtylyovMUSB: Blackfin: remove bfin_vbus_power()
2010-05-20 Sergei ShtylyovMUSB: OMAP: remove omap_vbus_power()
2010-05-20 Cliff CaiUSB: musb: support host/gadget role switching on Blackf...
2010-05-20 Felipe Balbiusb: musb: debugfs: musb_exit_debugfs() can be called...
2010-05-20 James MakiUSB: option.c: option_indat_callback: Resubmit some...
2010-05-20 Fabien ChouteauUSB: gadget: add HID gadget driver
2010-05-20 Johan HovoldUSB: ftdi_sio: fix some coding style issues
2010-05-20 Johan HovoldUSB: serial: generalise write buffer preparation
2010-05-20 Johan HovoldUSB: serial: re-implement multi-urb writes in generic...
2010-05-20 Johan HovoldUSB: serial: allow custom multi-urb write bulk callbacks
2010-05-20 Johan HovoldUSB: usb_debug: use the generic kfifo-based write imple...
2010-05-20 Johan HovoldUSB: pl2303: use generic close
2010-05-20 Johan HovoldUSB: pl2303: switch to generic write implementation
2010-05-20 Johan HovoldUSB: serial: clean up generic write start busy test
2010-05-20 Johan HovoldUSB: serial: clean up some error and debug messages...
2010-05-20 Johan HovoldUSB: ftdi_sio: switch to generic read implementation
2010-05-20 Johan HovoldUSB: serial: export generic throttle and unthrottle