]> nv-tegra.nvidia Code Review - linux-2.6.git/shortlog
2007-05-15 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davej/cpufreq
2007-05-15 Jens Axboell_rw_blk: fix gcc 4.2 warning on current_io_context()
2007-05-15 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of /linux/kernel/git/roland...
2007-05-15 Christoph LameterSLUB: CONFIG_LARGE_ALLOCS must consider MAX_ORDER limit
2007-05-15 Jeremy Fitzhardingei386: fix voyager build
2007-05-15 Jeremy Fitzhardingei386: move common parts of smp into their own file
2007-05-15 Prarit BhargavaRemove cpu hotplug defines for __INIT & __INITDATA
2007-05-15 Stephen RothwellRevert "MAINTAINERS: remove invalid list address for...
2007-05-15 Thomas Gleixnerclocksource: fix lock order in the resume path
2007-05-15 Geert Uytterhoevenm68k: implement __clear_user()
2007-05-15 Simon Hormanalpha: fix hard_smp_processor_id compile error
2007-05-15 Yoshinori Satoh8300 atomic.h update
2007-05-15 Paul Mundtnommu: add ioremap_page_range()
2007-05-15 Davide Libenziepoll: move kfree inside ep_free
2007-05-15 Davide Libenziepoll: fix some comments
2007-05-15 Davide Libenziepoll locks changes and cleanups
2007-05-15 Davide Libenzifix epoll single pass code and add wait-exclusive flag
2007-05-14 Dave Jones[CPUFREQ] Correct revision mask for powernow-k8
2007-05-14 Linus TorvaldsRevert "ipmi: add new IPMI nmi watchdog handling"
2007-05-14 Michael S.... IPoIB/cm: Optimize stale connection detection
2007-05-14 Michael S.... IB/mthca: Set cleaned CQEs back to HW ownership when...
2007-05-14 Michael S.... IB/mthca: Fix posting >255 recv WRs for Tavor
2007-05-14 Sean HeftyRDMA/cma: Add check to validate that cm_id is bound...
2007-05-14 Sean HeftyRDMA/cma: Fix synchronization with device removal in...
2007-05-14 Sean HeftyRDMA/cma: Simplify device removal handling code
2007-05-14 Joachim FenkesIB/ehca: Disable scaling code by default, bump version...
2007-05-14 Joachim FenkesIB/ehca: Beautify sysfs attribute code and fix compiler...
2007-05-14 Joachim FenkesIB/ehca: Remove _irqsave, move #ifdef
2007-05-14 Hoang-Nam NguyenIB/ehca: Fix AQP0/1 QP number
2007-05-14 Joachim FenkesIB/ehca: Correctly set GRH mask bit in ehca_modify_qp()
2007-05-14 Stefan RoscherIB/ehca: Serialize hypervisor calls in ehca_register_mr()
2007-05-14 Arthur JonesIB/ipath: Shadow the gpio_mask register
2007-05-14 Jack MorgensteinIB/mlx4: Fix uninitialized spinlock for 32-bit archs
2007-05-14 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2007-05-14 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2007-05-14 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2007-05-14 Stephen RothwellDeclare another couple of compat syscalls.
2007-05-14 Dave JonesMAINTAINERS update.
2007-05-14 Thomas Gleixnertimekeeping fix patch got mis-applied
2007-05-14 Nicolas Pitrepxamci: fix PXA27x MMC workaround for bad CRC with...
2007-05-14 Pierre Ossmanmmc: use assigned major for block device
2007-05-14 Pierre Ossmansdhci: handle dma boundary interrupts
2007-05-14 Yoichi Yuasammc: au1xmmc command types check from data flags
2007-05-14 David S. Miller[SPARC64]: Update defconfig.
2007-05-14 David S. Miller[VIDEO]: XVR-500 and XVR-2500 need FB=y.
2007-05-14 David S. Miller[SPARC32]: asm/system.h needs asm/smp.h
2007-05-14 David S. Miller[SPARC32]: Update defconfig.
2007-05-14 Robert Reif[SPARC32]: Fix sparc32 kdebug changes.
2007-05-14 Mitsuru Chinen[IPV4] SNMP: Display new statistics at /proc/net/netstat
2007-05-14 Corey Mutter[IPV6]: Reverse sense of promisc tests in ip6_mc_input
2007-05-14 Jamal Hadi... [NET_SCHED]: prio qdisc boundary condition
2007-05-14 David S. Miller[SPARC64]: Accept ebus_bus_type for generic DMA ops.
2007-05-14 Herbert Xu[IPSEC]: Don't warn if high-order hash resize fails
2007-05-14 Herbert Xu[IPSEC]: Check validity of direction in xfrm_policy_byid
2007-05-14 David S. Miller[SPARC64]: Add missing cpus_empty() check in hypervisor...
2007-05-14 David S. Miller[SCSI]: Add help text for SCSI_ESP_CORE.
2007-05-14 David S. Miller[SPARC] SBUS: display7seg.c needs asm/io.h
2007-05-14 David S. Miller[SPARC] SBUS: bbc_i2c.c needs asm/io.h
2007-05-14 David S. Miller[SPARC64]: Be more resiliant with PCI I/O space regs.
2007-05-14 David S. Miller[SERIAL] SUNHV: Add an ID string.
2007-05-13 Daniel Drake[CPUFREQ] powernow-k7: fix MHz rounding issue with...
2007-05-13 Al Virofix deadlock in loop.c
2007-05-13 Dave Jones[CPUFREQ] Support rev H AMD64s in powernow-k8
2007-05-13 Roland Dreiermlx4_core: Remove unused doorbell_lock
2007-05-13 Paul Mundtnet: Trivial MLX4_DEBUG dependency fix.
2007-05-13 Linus TorvaldsLinux 2.6.22-rc1
2007-05-13 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of /home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2007-05-13 Daniel Walkerinclude/linux: trivial repair whitespace damage
2007-05-12 Al Virofix the dynamic allocation and probe in loop.c
2007-05-12 Christoph LameterSLUB: i386 support
2007-05-12 Heiko Carstenscompat signalfd and timerfd are cond syscalls
2007-05-12 Christian KrafftIPMI: Add PPC openfirmware unregister
2007-05-12 Corey MinyardIPMI: fix SI address space settings
2007-05-12 Stephen RothwellMAINTAINERS: remove invalid list address for TPM
2007-05-12 Stephen RothwellMissing include file in tpm_atmel.h
2007-05-12 Paul Fulghumtty: flush flip buffer on ldisc input queue flush
2007-05-12 Nate Dillerntfs: use zero_user_page
2007-05-12 Akinobu Mitafault injection: disable stacktrace filter for x86-64
2007-05-12 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2007-05-12 Heiko Carstensx86_64: use signalfd and timerfd compat syscalls
2007-05-12 Andi Kleenx86_64: Add asm/mtrr.h include for some builds
2007-05-12 Antonino A... pm3fb: Fix compile error if module
2007-05-12 Russell KingMerge branch 'fixes' into devel
2007-05-12 Russell KingMerge branch 'omap-fixes' into fixes
2007-05-12 Russell King[ARM] Use new get_irqnr_preamble
2007-05-12 Russell King[ARM] Ensure machine class menu is sorted alphabetically
2007-05-12 David S. Miller[SPARC]: Wire up signalfd/timerfd/eventfd syscalls.
2007-05-12 David S. Miller[SPARC64]: Add support for bq4802 TOD chip, as found...
2007-05-12 David S. Miller[SPARC64]: Correct FIRE_IOMMU_FLUSHINV register offset.
2007-05-12 David S. Miller[SPARC64]: envctrl.c needs asm/io.h
2007-05-12 David S. Miller[SPARC64]: Update defconfig.
2007-05-12 David S. Miller[TTY]: Export proc_clear_tty() to modulea.
2007-05-12 David S. Miller[SPARC64]: pci_resource_adjust() cannot be __init.
2007-05-12 Simon Arlott[SPARC64]: Spelling fixes.
2007-05-12 Simon Arlott[SPARC]: Spelling fixes.
2007-05-12 David S. Miller[SPARC64]: Kill LARGE_ALLOCS and update defconfig.
2007-05-12 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2007-05-12 Dale Farnsworth[POWERPC] Add arch/powerpc support for the Motorola...
2007-05-12 Mark A. Greer[POWERPC] Add bootwrapper support for Motorola PrPMC280...
2007-05-12 Mark A. Greer[POWERPC] Add DTS file for the Motorola PrPMC2800 platform