2009-04-03 Robin Holtsgi-gru: remove SGI_GRU as a valid config option for...
2009-04-03 Jack Steinersgi-gru: support multiple pagesizes in GRU
2009-04-03 Jack Steinersgi-gru: fix bugs related to module unload of the GRU...
2009-04-03 Jack Steinersgi-gru: macro for scanning all gru chiplets
2009-04-03 Jack Steinersgi-gru: add support to the GRU driver for message...
2009-04-03 Jack Steinersgi-gru: restructure the GRU vtop functions
2009-04-03 Jack Steinersgi-gru: aSID (context management) bug fixes
2009-04-03 Jack Steinersgi-gru: add support for a user to explicitly unload...
2009-04-03 Jack Steinersgi-gru: add statistics to the GRU context management...
2009-04-03 Jack Steinersgi-gru: change GRU CCH commands from inline functions...
2009-04-03 Jack Steinersgi-gru: improvements to GRU debug messages & statistics
2009-04-03 Jack Steinersgi-gru: misc GRU cleanup
2009-04-03 Jack Steinersgi-gru: add macros for using the UV hub to send interrupts
2009-04-03 Jack Steinersgi-gru: add definitions of ia64 GRU MMRs
2009-04-03 Jack Steinersgi-gru: add definitions of x86_64 GRU MMRs
2009-04-03 Jack Steinersgi-gru: exclude UV definitions on 32-bit x86
2009-04-03 Aravind Srinivasanrelay: fix for possible loss/corruption of produced...
2009-04-03 Dmitri Vorobievkexec: vmcoreinfo_data[] can become static
2009-04-03 Neil Hormankexec: add dmesg log symbols to /proc/vmcoreinfo lists
2009-04-03 Daniel Mackw1: coding style cleanups in w1_io.c
2009-04-03 Philippe De... parport: netmos 9845 & 9855 1P4S fixes
2009-04-03 Harry Ciaoedac: AMD8111 driver Kconfig & Makefile
2009-04-03 Harry Ciaoedac: AMD8131 driver Kconfig & Makefile
2009-04-03 Harry Ciaoedac: AMD8131 driver source file
2009-04-03 Harry Ciaoedac: AMD8131 driver header file
2009-04-03 Harry Ciaopci: Add AMD8111 PCI Bridge PCI Device ID
2009-04-03 Harry Ciaoedac: Add edac_pci_alloc_index()
2009-04-03 Harry Ciaoedac: AMD8111 driver source file
2009-04-03 Harry Ciaoedac: AMD8111 driver header file
2009-04-03 Grant Ericksonedac: new ppc4xx driver module
2009-04-03 Doug Thompsonedac: remove EDAC's experimental status
2009-04-03 Hitoshi Mitakeedac: add more verbose debug info
2009-04-03 Pavel Macheknbd: trivial cleanups
2009-04-03 Pavel Macheknbd: add locking to nbd_ioctl
2009-04-03 Oleg Nesterovpids: kill signal_struct-> __pgrp/__session and friends
2009-04-03 Oleg Nesterovpids: refactor vnr/nr_ns helpers to make them safe
2009-04-03 Oleg Nesterovpids: improve get_task_pid() to fix the unsafe sys_wait...
2009-04-03 Oleg Nesterovpids: document task_pgrp/task_session is not safe witho...
2009-04-03 Matthew Wilcoxsysctl: fix suid_dumpable and lease-break-time sysctls
2009-04-03 Yasunori Gotohpet: fix the possibility of insane return value of...
2009-04-03 Paul Fulghumsynclink_gt: add clock options
2009-04-03 Kirill A. Shutemovstruct linux_binprm: drop unused fields
2009-04-03 Mike Frysingerbin_elf_fdpic: check the return value of clear_user
2009-04-03 Serge E. Hallynproc_sysctl: use CONFIG_PROC_SYSCTL around ipc and...
2009-04-03 Tony Battersbyipc: make shm_get_stat() more robust
2009-04-03 Lai Jiangshancpu hotplug: remove unused cpuhotplug_mutex_lock()
2009-04-03 Lai Jiangshanworkqueue: avoid recursion in run_workqueue()
2009-04-03 Oleg Nesterovptrace_untrace: fix the SIGNAL_STOP_STOPPED check
2009-04-03 Oleg Nesterovptrace_detach: the wrong wakeup breaks the ERESTARTxxx...
2009-04-03 Oleg Nesterovtracehook_notify_death: use task_detached() helper
2009-04-03 Oleg Nesterovforget_original_parent: do not abuse child->ptrace_entry
2009-04-03 Oleg Nesterovforget_original_parent: split out the un-ptrace part
2009-04-03 Oleg Nesterovreparent_thread: fix a zombie leak if /sbin/init ignore...
2009-04-03 Oleg Nesterovreparent_thread: fix the "is it traced" check
2009-04-03 Oleg Nesterovreparent_thread: don't call kill_orphaned_pgrp() if...
2009-04-03 Oleg Nesterovptrace: fix possible zombie leak on PTRACE_DETACH
2009-04-03 Oleg Nesterovptrace: reintroduce __ptrace_detach() as a callee of...
2009-04-03 Oleg Nesterovptrace: simplify ptrace_exit()->ignoring_children(...
2009-04-03 Oleg Nesterovptrace: kill __ptrace_detach(), fix ->exit_state check
2009-04-03 Sukadev Bhattiprolusignals: SI_USER: Masquerade si_pid when crossing pid...
2009-04-03 Sukadev Bhattiprolusignals: protect cinit from blocked fatal signals
2009-04-03 Sukadev Bhattiprolusignals: zap_pid_ns_process() should use force_sig()
2009-04-03 Sukadev Bhattiprolusignals: protect cinit from unblocked SIG_DFL signals
2009-04-03 Sukadev Bhattiprolusignals: add from_ancestor_ns parameter to send_signal()
2009-04-03 Oleg Nesterovsignals: protect init from unwanted signals more
2009-04-03 Oleg Nesterovsignals: remove 'handler' parameter to tracehook functions
2009-04-03 Oleg Nesterovdo_wait: fix waiting for the group stop with the dead...
2009-04-03 David Rientjescpusets: prevent PF_THREAD_BOUND tasks from attaching...
2009-04-03 Paul Menagecpusets: allow cpusets to be configured/built on non...
2009-04-03 David Rientjescpusets: replace zone allowed functions with node allowed
2009-04-03 Li Zefancpuset: remove struct cpuset_hotplug_scanner
2009-04-03 Li Zefancpuset: avoid changing cpuset's mems when errno returned
2009-04-03 Li Zefancpuset: rewrite update_tasks_nodemask()
2009-04-03 Li Zefancgroups: add 'data' field to struct cgroup_scanner
2009-04-03 Li Zefancpuset: fix possible races in cpu/memory hotplug
2009-04-03 Daisuke Nishimuramemcg: cleanup cache_charge
2009-04-03 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimemcg: remove redundant message at swapon
2009-04-03 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukicgroups: use css id in swap cgroup for saving memory v5
2009-04-03 Daisuke Nishimuramemcg: charge swapcache to proper memcg
2009-04-03 KOSAKI Motohiromemcg: remove mem_cgroup_reclaim_imbalance() remnants
2009-04-03 KOSAKI Motohiromemcg: remove mem_cgroup_calc_mapped_ratio()
2009-04-03 Balbir Singhmemcg: show memcg information during OOM
2009-04-03 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimemcg: fix OOM killer under memcg
2009-04-03 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimemcg: fix shrinking memory to return -EBUSY by fixing...
2009-04-03 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimemcg: hierarchical stat
2009-04-03 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimemcg: use CSS ID
2009-04-03 Li Zefandevcgroup: avoid using cgroup_lock
2009-04-03 Li Zefandebug cgroup: remove unneeded cgroup_lock
2009-04-03 Li Zefancgroups: don't change release_agent when remount failed
2009-04-03 Li Zefancgroups: show correct file mode
2009-04-03 Li Zefancgroups: more documentation for remount and release_agent
2009-04-03 Jesper Juhlkernel/cgroup.c: kfree(NULL) is legal
2009-04-03 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukicgroup: fix frequent -EBUSY at rmdir
2009-04-03 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukicgroup: CSS ID support
2009-04-03 Grzegorz Nosekcgroups: relax ns_can_attach checks to allow attaching...
2009-04-03 Paul Menagecgroups: fix cgroup.h comments
2009-04-03 Li Xiaodongdocumentation: fix unix_dgram_qlen description
2009-04-03 Shen Fengdocumentation: update Documentation/filesystem/proc...
2009-04-03 Henrik Austaddocumentation: ignore byproducts from latex
2009-04-03 Roel Kluinhppfs: hppfs_read_file() may return -ERROR