2007-08-25 Len BrownPull bugzilla-8798 into release branch
2007-08-25 Zhang RuiACPI: work around duplicate name "VID" problem on T61
2007-08-25 Len BrownPull events into release branch
2007-08-25 Len BrownPull misc into release branch
2007-08-25 Jeremy Fitzhardingeacpiphp_ibm: add missing '\n' to error message
2007-08-25 Andrew MortonACPI: add dump_stack() to trace acpi_format_exception...
2007-08-25 Adrian Bunkmake drivers/acpi/scan.c:create_modalias() static
2007-08-25 Al ViroACPI: Fix a warning of discarding qualifiers from point...
2007-08-25 Shaohua LiACPI: "ACPI handle has no context!" should be KERN_DEBUG
2007-08-25 Len BrownPull suspend into release branch
2007-08-25 Len BrownPull video into release branch
2007-08-25 Len BrownPull thermal into release branch
2007-08-25 Luming YuACPI video hotkey: export missing ACPI video hotkey...
2007-08-25 Len BrownPull sony into release branch
2007-08-25 Len BrownPull pnp into release branch
2007-08-25 Len BrownPull ec into release branch
2007-08-25 Len BrownPull bugzilla-8630 into release branch
2007-08-25 Len BrownPull bugzilla-1641 into release branch
2007-08-25 Len BrownPull battery into release branch
2007-08-25 Len BrownPull asus into release branch
2007-08-24 Zhao YakuiACPI: Validate XSDT, use RSDT if XSDT fails
2007-08-24 Pavel MachekACPI: /proc/acpi/thermal_zone trip points are now read...
2007-08-24 Len BrownACPI: fix ia64 allnoconfig build
2007-08-24 Bjorn HelgaasPNP: remove null pointer checks
2007-08-24 Bjorn HelgaasPNP: remove MODULE infrastructure
2007-08-24 Bjorn HelgaasISAPNP: removed unused isapnp_detected and ISAPNP_DEBUG
2007-08-24 Bjorn HelgaasPNPACPI: remove unnecessary casts of "void *"
2007-08-24 Bjorn HelgaasPNPACPI: simplify irq_flags()
2007-08-24 Bjorn HelgaasPNP: fix up after Lindent
2007-08-24 Thomas RenningerACPI: enable GPEs before calling _WAK on resume
2007-08-24 Guillaume Chazarainasus-laptop: Fix rmmod of asus_laptop
2007-08-24 Mattia Dongilisony-laptop: call sonypi_compat_init earlier
2007-08-24 Mattia Dongilisony-laptop: enable Vaio FZ events
2007-08-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'upstream-linus' of /linux/kernel/git...
2007-08-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/lethal/sh-2.6.23
2007-08-24 Jesper Juhltty: dont needlessly cast kmalloc() return value
2007-08-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'master' of ssh:///linux/kernel/git/mcheha...
2007-08-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/mingo/linux-2.6-sched
2007-08-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2007-08-24 Miloslav TrmacRenumber AUDIT_TTY_[GS]ET
2007-08-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2007-08-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/pci-2.6
2007-08-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/usb-2.6
2007-08-24 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/driver-2.6
2007-08-24 Greg Ungererm68knommu: include linux/fs.h for do_pipe()
2007-08-24 Greg Ungererm68knommu: include asm-generic/pgtable.h
2007-08-24 Greg Ungererm68knommu: include linux/fs.h for getname()
2007-08-24 Alan Coxpata_it821x: Fix regression/corruptor
2007-08-24 Alexey StarikovskiyACPI: EC: revert fix for bugzilla 8709
2007-08-24 Alexey Dobriyanlguest should depend on CONFIG_FUTEX
2007-08-24 Zhang RuiACPI video hotkey: remove invalid events handler for...
2007-08-24 Yu LumingACPI: video: Add keycode for ACPI video driver hotkey...
2007-08-23 Len BrownACPI: Schedule /proc/acpi/event for removal
2007-08-23 Zhang RuiACPI: don't duplicate input events on netlink
2007-08-23 Mauro Carvalho... V4L/DVB (6070): Fix a warning at dvb_net
2007-08-23 Trent PiephoV4L/DVB (6042): b2c2-flexcop: fix Airstar HD5000 tuning...
2007-08-23 Mariusz Kozlowski9p: fix bad error path in conversion routines
2007-08-23 Eric Van Hensbergen9p: remove deprecated v9fs_fid_lookup_remove()
2007-08-23 Eric Van Hensbergen9p: update maintainers and documentation
2007-08-23 Eric Van Hensbergen9p: fix use after free
2007-08-23 Ingo Molnarsched: tweak the sched_runtime_limit tunable
2007-08-23 Suresh Siddhasched: skip updating rq's next_balance under null SD
2007-08-23 Suresh Siddhasched: fix broken SMT/MC optimizations
2007-08-23 Christian Borntraegersched: accounting regression since rc1
2007-08-23 Eric W. Biedermansched: fix sysctl directory permissions
2007-08-23 Ingo Molnarsched: sched_clock_idle_[sleep|wakeup]_event()
2007-08-23 Tejun Heolibata: don't check n_sectors during revalidation if...
2007-08-23 Alan Coxpata_via: Add Arima W730-K8 and other rebadgings
2007-08-23 Alan Coxpata_sis: Add the FSC Amilo and friends
2007-08-23 Mikael Petterssonpata_pdc2027x: PLL detection fixes
2007-08-23 Tejun Heolibata: fix n_sectors failure handling during revalidation
2007-08-23 Pierre Ossmansdhci: tell which spurious interrupt we got
2007-08-23 Pierre Ossmansdhci: handle data interrupts during command
2007-08-23 David Vrabelmmc: ignore bad max block size in sdhci
2007-08-23 Pierre Ossmansdhci: be more cautious about block count register
2007-08-23 Mariusz Kozlowskidrivers/mmc/core/host.c: kmalloc + memset conversion...
2007-08-23 Mariusz Kozlowskidrivers/mmc/core/bus.c: kmalloc + memset conversion...
2007-08-23 Mel GormanApply memory policies to top two highest zones when...
2007-08-23 Yoichi Yuasaau1100fb: move au1100fb_fb_blank() beforce au1100fb_set...
2007-08-23 Andrew Mortonnewport_con warning fix
2007-08-23 Andrew Mortonselection.h: add tty_struct forward declaration
2007-08-23 Stephen RothwellCheck for PPC32 in imsttfb
2007-08-23 Mathieu DesnoyersXen i386 xen-head.S fix sections mixup
2007-08-23 Oleg Nesterovexec: kill unsafe BUG_ON(sig->count) checks
2007-08-23 David Brownellrtc-max6902 minor fixes
2007-08-23 Christoph LameterSLUB: do not fail on broken memory configurations
2007-08-23 Christoph LameterSLUB: use atomic_long_read for atomic_long variables
2007-08-23 Miguel Ojedacfag12864b fix
2007-08-23 Olof Johanssonserial: add pci ids for PA Semi PWRficient onchip uarts
2007-08-23 Ian Kentautofs4: deadlock during create
2007-08-23 Jeff Dikeuml: fix previous request size limit fix
2007-08-23 NeilBrownmd: correctly update sysfs when a raid1 is reshaped
2007-08-23 NeilBrownmd: make sure a re-add after a restart honours bitmap...
2007-08-23 Evgeniy Polyakovw1: fix w1_remove_master_device() searching
2007-08-23 Adam LitkeFix VM_FAULT flags conversion for hugetlb
2007-08-23 Paul Fulghumsynclink_gt fix module reference
2007-08-23 Siddha, Suresh Bslab: skip calling cache_free_alien() when the platform...
2007-08-23 Mijo SafradinIPMI: fix warning in ipmi_si_intf.c
2007-08-23 Oleg Nesterovsignalfd: make it group-wide, fix posix-timers scheduling
2007-08-23 Oleg Nesterovsignalfd: fix interaction with posix-timers