]> nv-tegra.nvidia Code Review - linux-2.6.git/shortlog
2009-08-15 Mark BrownMerge branch 'for-2.6.32' into mxc
2009-08-14 Barry SongASoC: delete -spi suffix in ad1938 and free private...
2009-08-14 Peter UjfalusiASoC: TWL4030: Fix for capture mixer strings
2009-08-13 Marek VasutALSA: Allow passing platform_data for pxa2xx-ac97
2009-08-13 Chaithrika U SASoC: DaVinci: Add audio support fot DA850/OMAP-L138 EVM
2009-08-13 Chaithrika U SASoC: DaVinci: Add a DAI format to McASP driver
2009-08-13 Chaithrika U SASoC: DaVinci: McASP driver enhacements
2009-08-13 Mark BrownASoC: Factor out shared code from WM8993
2009-08-13 Mark BrownASoC: Minor cleanups to AD1938 driver
2009-08-13 Barry Songnew ad1836 codec driver based on asoc
2009-08-13 Peter UjfalusiASoC: TWL4030: Introduce PGAs for outputs
2009-08-13 Barry SongASoC: add output/input widgets in ad1938 to make dac...
2009-08-12 Mark BrownASoC: Update AD1938 for new TDM slot API
2009-08-11 Mark BrownASoC: Update WM9081 for tdm_slot() API change
2009-08-11 Mark BrownMerge commit 'a5479e389e989acfeca9c32eeb0083d086202280...
2009-08-11 Randy DunlapASoC: fix I2C build errors
2009-08-10 Mark BrownASoC: Drop unneeded declaration of removed wm8731 SPI...
2009-08-09 Mark BrownASoC: Define more formats for the AC97 CODECs
2009-08-08 Mark BrownASoC: Convert WM8776 to use factored out register cache...
2009-08-08 Chaithrika U SASoC: DaVinci: Support Audio on DA830 EVM
2009-08-08 Uwe Kleine... ASoC: s3c2443-ac97: convert semaphore to mutex
2009-08-07 Janusz KrzysztofikTTY/ASoC: Rename N_AMSDELTA line discipline to N_V253
2009-08-07 Mark BrownMerge branch 'reg-cache' into for-2.6.32
2009-08-07 Mark BrownMerge branch 'for-2.6.31' into for-2.6.32
2009-08-07 Troy KiskyASoC: DaVinci: pcm, constrain buffer size to multiple...
2009-08-07 Troy KiskyASoC: DaVinci: i2s: don't bounce through rtd to get dai
2009-08-07 Jarkko NikulaARM: OMAP: McBSP: Fix ASoC on OMAP1510 by fixing API...
2009-08-06 Daniel RibeiroASoC: change set_tdm_slot api to allow slot_width override.
2009-08-06 Janusz KrzysztofikASoC: CX20442: simplify codec controller usage
2009-08-06 Janusz KrzysztofikASoC: CX20442: add some debugging
2009-08-06 Mark BrownASoC: Add WM8776 CODEC driver
2009-08-05 javier MartinASoC: Fix review issues in i.MX2x PCM driver
2009-08-05 javier MartinASoC: add machine driver for i.mx27_visstrim_m10 board
2009-08-05 javier MartinASoC: add DAI platform ssi driver for MXC
2009-08-05 javier MartinASoC: add DMA platform driver for MX1x and MX2x
2009-08-05 Daniel MackALSA: ASoC: cs4270: move power management hooks to...
2009-08-05 John BonesioASoC: MPC5200: Support for buffer wrap around
2009-08-05 Mark BrownASoC: Existing S3C24xx AC97 drivers should depend on...
2009-08-03 Mark BrownASoC: Factor out 7 bit register 9 bit data SPI write
2009-08-03 Mark BrownASoC: Factor out I/O for Wolfson 8 bit data 16 bit...
2009-08-03 Mark BrownASoC: Factor out I2C 8 bit address 16 bit data I/O
2009-08-03 Mark BrownASoC: Add I/O control bus information to factored out...
2009-07-31 Janusz KrzysztofikASoC: add support for Amstrad E3 (Delta) machine
2009-07-31 Janusz KrzysztofikASoC: CX20442: push down machine independent line disci...
2009-07-31 Janusz KrzysztofikTTY: Add definition of a new line discipline required...
2009-07-31 Lars-Peter... ASoC: jack: Fix race in snd_soc_jack_add_gpios
2009-07-31 Mark BrownASoC: Allow CODECs to flag invalid registers
2009-07-30 Mark BrownMerge branch 'gta02-audio' into for-2.6.32
2009-07-29 Barry SongASoC: Fix checkpatch issues and typos of ad1938 codec...
2009-07-29 Lars-Peter... ASoC: neo1973_gta02_wm8753: Replace deprecated s3c_gpio...
2009-07-29 Lars-Peter... ASoC: neo1973_gta02_wm8753: Replace snd_soc_cnew with...
2009-07-28 Barry SongASoC: board driver to connect bf5xx with ad1938
2009-07-28 Barry SongASoC: blackfin I2S(TDM mode) CPU DAI driver
2009-07-28 Janusz KrzysztofikASoC: CX20442: fix issues pointed out by subsystem...
2009-07-24 Marek VasutASoC: Switch palm27x-asoc to jack detection api
2009-07-24 Janusz KrzysztofikASoC: Jack handling enhancements as suggested by subsys...
2009-07-23 Marek VasutALSA: Allow passing platform_data to devices attached...
2009-07-23 Joonyoung ShimASoC: MAX9877: fix write operation for register
2009-07-23 Janusz KrzysztofikASoC: Add support for Conexant CX20442-11 voice modem...
2009-07-23 Mark BrownMerge branch 'for-2.6.31' into for-2.6.32
2009-07-23 Lopez Cruz... ASoC: OMAP: Staticise pcm creation function of omap-pcm
2009-07-23 Chaithrika U SASoC: tlv320aic3x: Enable PLL when not bypassed
2009-07-22 Joonyoung ShimASoC: MAX9877: separate callback functions
2009-07-21 John BonesioASoC: MPC5200: Increase the delay time between resets
2009-07-18 Mark BrownASoC: Fix checkpatch issues in AD1938
2009-07-17 Mark BrownASoC: Fix FLL reference clock division setup in WM8993
2009-07-17 Mark BrownASoC: Bodge around GCC 4.4.0 flow analysis bug in GCC...
2009-07-17 Candelaria... ASoC: SDP3430: Add support for EXTMUTE using TWL GPIO6
2009-07-17 Takashi IwaiASoC: Kill direct accesses to driver_data
2009-07-16 Barry SongASoC: new ad1938 codec driver based on asoc
2009-07-16 Kevin HilmanASoC: davinci: don't use clock names
2009-07-15 Joonyoung ShimASoC: MAX9877: add MAX9877 amp driver
2009-07-15 Joonyoung ShimASoC: add SOC_DOUBLE_R_EXT_TLV control type
2009-07-15 Joonyoung ShimASoC: add SOC_DOUBLE_EXT_TLV control type
2009-07-15 Mark BrownASoC: Error out if we can't determine a suitable WM9081...
2009-07-15 Mark BrownASoC: Fix sample rate lookup in WM8993
2009-07-14 Cliff CaiASoC: Blackfin I2S: fix resume handling
2009-07-14 Cliff CaiASoC: Blackfin AC97: fix resume handling
2009-07-13 Mark BrownMerge branch 'for-2.6.31' into for-2.6.32
2009-07-13 Peter MeerwaldASoC: fixes multiple typos in comments, no functional...
2009-07-13 Kevin HilmanASoC: spdif: set module licence to GPL
2009-07-13 Kevin HilmanASoC: spdif codec: enable use by modules
2009-07-13 Rongrong CaoASoC: fix checking for external widgets bug
2009-07-13 Roel KluinASoC: Keep index within stac9766_reg[]
2009-07-10 Mark BrownMerge branch 'tlv320aic3x' into reg-cache
2009-07-09 Mark BrownASoC: WM8510 has a single frame clock so needs symmetri...
2009-07-09 Daniel MackASoC: Fix NULL pointer dereference in __pxa2xx_pcm_hw_free
2009-07-08 Mark BrownASoC: Add pop delay debug at end of DAPM sequencing
2009-07-08 Mark BrownASoC: Configure WM8731 SYSCLK at startup on AT91SAM9G20-EK
2009-07-08 Mark BrownASoC: Disable microphone input for AT91SAM9G20-EK by...
2009-07-08 Mark BrownASoC: Use CODEC as clock master on AT91SAM9G20-EK
2009-07-08 Mark BrownASoC: Limit WM8731 to symmetric rates
2009-07-08 Mark BrownASoC: Add WM8993 CODEC driver
2009-07-08 Mark BrownASoC: DaVinci I2S needs mach/asp.h
2009-07-08 Mark BrownASoC: Correct WM8731 Mic Capture Switch control name
2009-07-08 Mark BrownASoC: Add TLV information for WM8731
2009-07-08 Troy KiskyASoC: DaVinci: pcm, don't play 1st sound period twice
2009-07-07 Mark BrownMerge branch 'davinci' into for-2.6.32
2009-07-06 Mark BrownMerge branch 'for-2.6.31' into for-2.6.32
2009-07-05 Mark BrownASoC: Factor out WM8580 register cache code