2007-07-30 Rusty RussellMake lguest compile with CONFIG_BLOCK=n and CONFIG_NET=n
2007-07-30 Linus TorvaldsMerge /linux/kernel/git/jejb/scsi-rc-fixes-2.6
2007-07-30 Alexey DobriyanRemove fs.h from mm.h
2007-07-29 Len BrownACPI: restore CONFIG_ACPI_SLEEP
2007-07-29 Rafael J. WysockiIntroduce CONFIG_SUSPEND for suspend-to-Ram and standby
2007-07-29 Rusty RussellProvide timespec to guests rather than jiffies clock.
2007-07-29 Rusty RussellFix lguest bzImage loading with CONFIG_RELOCATABLE=y
2007-07-29 Greg Ungererm68knommu: remove crap from machdep.h
2007-07-29 Greg Ungererm68knommu: fix declaration of mach_sched_init
2007-07-29 David MillerFix procfs compat_ioctl regression
2007-07-29 Peter Zijlstraaudit: fix two bugs in the new execve audit code
2007-07-29 Al Virorip some includes from linux/interrupt.h
2007-07-29 Al Virofix preprocessor idiocy in reiserfs
2007-07-29 Al Viromore include order horrors
2007-07-29 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git390.osdl.marist...
2007-07-29 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of /linux/kernel/git/cooloney...
2007-07-29 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://
2007-07-29 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'agp-patches' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2007-07-29 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2007-07-28 Eric Miao[ARM] 4527/1: pxa: fix pxa27x ac97 cold reset in ASoC...
2007-07-28 Quinn Jensen[ARM] 4530/1: MXC: fix elf_hwcap compile breakage as...
2007-07-28 Kristoffer... [ARM] 4529/1: [HP Jornada 7XX] - Fix jornada720.c to...
2007-07-28 Prakash, Sathya[SCSI] mpt fusion: Changes in mptctl.c for logging...
2007-07-28 Prakash, Sathya[SCSI] mpt fusion: Changes in mptfc.c mptlan.c mptsas...
2007-07-28 Prakash, Sathya[SCSI] mpt fusion: Changes in mptscsih.c for logging...
2007-07-28 Prakash, Sathya[SCSI] mpt fusion: Changes in mptbase.c for logging...
2007-07-28 Prakash, Sathya[SCSI] mpt fusion: logging support in Kconfig, Makefile...
2007-07-28 Jesper Juhl[SCSI] libsas: Fix potential NULL dereference in sas_sm...
2007-07-28 Paul Mundt[SCSI] bsg: Fix build for CONFIG_BLOCK=n
2007-07-28 Salyzyn, Mark[SCSI] aacraid: fix Sunrise Lake reset handling
2007-07-28 Salyzyn, Mark[SCSI] aacraid: add SCSI SYNCHONIZE_CACHE range checking
2007-07-28 akpm@linux... [SCSI] add easyRAID to the no report luns blacklist
2007-07-27 Yoann Padioleau[IA64] Compare pointer against NULL, not '0'
2007-07-27 Tony Luck[IA64] Fix build failure in fs/quota.c
2007-07-27 Thomas Renninger[IA64] Use new acpi_device_id struct for HID init in...
2007-07-27 Matthew Wilcox[SCSI] advansys: lindent and other large, uninteresting...
2007-07-27 James Bottomley[SCSI] aic79xx, aic7xxx: Fix incorrect width setting
2007-07-27 Seokmann Ju[SCSI] qla2xxx: fix to honor ignored parameters in...
2007-07-27 Salyzyn, Mark[SCSI] aacraid: draw line in sand, sundry cleanup and...
2007-07-27 Mike Christie[SCSI] iscsi_tcp: Turn off bounce buffers
2007-07-27 Mike Christie[SCSI] libiscsi: fix cmd seqeunce number checking
2007-07-27 Mike Christie[SCSI] iscsi_tcp, ib_iser Enable module refcounting...
2007-07-27 Mike Christie[SCSI] libiscsi: make sure session is not blocked when...
2007-07-27 Heiko Carstens[S390] Fix sclp_vt220 error handling.
2007-07-27 Cornelia Huck[S390] cio: Reorganize initialization.
2007-07-27 Cornelia Huck[S390] cio: Make CIO_* macros safe if dbfs are not...
2007-07-27 Cornelia Huck[S390] cio: Clean up messages.
2007-07-27 Heiko Carstens[S390] Fix IRQ tracing.
2007-07-27 Frank Munzert[S390] vmur: fix diag14_read.
2007-07-27 Martin Schwidefsky[S390] Wire up sys_fallocate.
2007-07-27 Christian Borntraeger[S390] add types.h include to s390_ext.h
2007-07-27 Cornelia Huck[S390] cio: Remove deprecated rdc/rcd.
2007-07-27 Heiko Carstens[S390] Get rid of new section mismatch warnings.
2007-07-27 Heiko Carstens[S390] sclp: kill unused SCLP config option.
2007-07-27 Cornelia Huck[S390] cio: Remove remains of _ccw_device_get_device_nu...
2007-07-27 Cornelia Huck[S390] cio: css_sch_device_register() can be made static.
2007-07-27 Heiko Carstens[S390] Improve __smp_call_function_map.
2007-07-27 Heiko Carstens[S390] Convert to smp_call_function_single.
2007-07-27 Randy Dunlapdocbook: add pipes, other fixes
2007-07-27 Ingo Molnarblktrace: use cpu_clock() instead of sched_clock()
2007-07-27 Paul Mundtbsg: Fix build for CONFIG_BLOCK=n
2007-07-27 Qi Yong[patch] QUEUE_FLAG_READFULL QUEUE_FLAG_WRITEFULL commen...
2007-07-27 Alan Hourihaneagp: AMD AGP is used on UP1100 & UP1500 alpha boxen
2007-07-27 Zhenyu Wangintel_agp: really fix 945/965GME
2007-07-27 Nick Pigginagp: don't lock pages
2007-07-27 Chuck EbbertAGP: document boot options
2007-07-27 Jesper JuhlFix "use after free" / "double free" bug in ati_create_...
2007-07-26 Kenji Kaneshige[IA64] Fix wrong return value in parse_vector_domain
2007-07-26 Kenji Kaneshige[IA64] Fix wrong assumption in acpi_gsi_to_irq
2007-07-26 Kenji Kaneshige[IA64] Add sanity check into __bind_irq_vector
2007-07-26 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2007-07-26 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'merge' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2007-07-26 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/mingo/linux-2.6-sched
2007-07-26 Linus TorvaldsDon't force-enable suspend/hibernate support just for...
2007-07-26 Rafael J. WysockiFix ThinkPad T42 poweroff failure introduced by by...
2007-07-26 Linus TorvaldsRevert most of "x86: Fix alternatives and kprobes to...
2007-07-26 Bjorn HelgaasPNP: fix up after Lindent
2007-07-26 Bjorn HelgaasPNP: Lindent all source files
2007-07-26 Thomas Gleixnerx86_64: cleanup tsc.c merge artifact
2007-07-26 Hirokazu Takatam32r: Fix ei_tx_timeout() in drivers/net/lib8390.c
2007-07-26 Mel GormanAllow nodes to exist that only contain ZONE_MOVABLE
2007-07-26 Jiri SlabyChar: cyclades, select FW_LOADER
2007-07-26 Sam Ravnborgx86_64: fix section mismatch warnings in tce
2007-07-26 Doug Thompsondrivers/edac: fix pasemi kconfig depends
2007-07-26 Doug Thompsoninclude/asm-:mips add missing edac h file
2007-07-26 Doug Thompsondrivers/edac: fix edac_pci sysfs
2007-07-26 Doug Thompsondrivers/edac: fix reset edac_mc pollmsec
2007-07-26 Sam Ravnborgfix 'dynreloc miscount' link error on Powerpc
2007-07-26 Roland McGrathx86_64: fix arch_vma_name
2007-07-26 Rafael J. Wysockichipsfb: use correct pm state
2007-07-26 Eric Sandeenfix inode_table test in ext234_check_descriptors
2007-07-26 Adrian Bunkxenbus_xs.c: fix a use-after-free
2007-07-26 Andrew Mortonedac is bust on mips
2007-07-26 Andrew Mortoni2c: ds1682 warning fix
2007-07-26 Alessandro... Reorder RTC Makefile
2007-07-26 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimemory unplug: isolate_lru_page fix
2007-07-26 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimemory unplug: migration by kernel
2007-07-26 Davide Libenzimake timerfd return a u64 and fix the __put_user
2007-07-26 Adrian BunkX86_POWERNOW_K8_ACPI must depend on ACPI