[MIPS] Import updates from i386's i8259.c
[linux-2.6.git] / arch /
2006-12-06 Atsushi Nemoto[MIPS] Import updates from i386's i8259.c
2006-12-06 Maciej W. Rozycki[MIPS] *-berr: Header inclusions for DEC bus error...
2006-12-06 Franck Bui-Huu[MIPS] Compile __do_IRQ() when really needed
2006-12-06 Atsushi Nemoto[MIPS] genirq: use name instead of typename
2006-12-06 Atsushi Nemoto[MIPS] Do not use handle_level_irq for ioasic_dma_irq_type.
2006-12-06 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jejb/scsi-misc-2.6
2006-12-05 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/brodo/pcmcia-2.6
2006-12-05 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://brick.kernel.dk/data...
2006-12-05 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'upstream-linus' of git://git./linux/kerne...
2006-12-05 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'upstream' of git://ftp.linux-mips.org...
2006-12-05 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/paulus/powerpc
2006-12-05 Grant Likely[POWERPC] Add missing EXPORTS for mpc52xx support
2006-12-05 Grant Likely[POWERPC] Remove obsolete PPC_52xx and update CLASSIC32...
2006-12-05 Geoff Levand[POWERPC] ps3: add a default zImage target
2006-12-04 Ralf Baechle[MIPS] Cleanup memory barriers for weakly ordered systems.
2006-12-04 Ralf Baechle[MIPS] Alchemy: Automatically enable CONFIG_RESOURCES_6...
2006-12-04 Atsushi Nemoto[MIPS] Unify csum_partial.S
2006-12-04 Maciej W. Rozycki[MIPS] SWARM: Fix a typo in #error directives
2006-12-04 Atsushi Nemoto[MIPS] Use SYSVIPC_COMPAT to fix various problems on N32
2006-12-04 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'upstream-linus' of /linux/kernel/git...
2006-12-04 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus4' of /linux/kernel/git/viro...
2006-12-04 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2006-12-04 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git390.osdl.marist...
2006-12-04 Greg Ungerer[PATCH] m68knommu: remove __rom_end from 68360 startup...
2006-12-04 Michael Broughton[PATCH] m68knommu: auto detect memory size on M5208EVB...
2006-12-04 David Wu[PATCH] m68knommu: add SHM support
2006-12-04 Greg Ungerer[PATCH] m68knommu: add printk level for stack dump
2006-12-04 Greg Ungerer[PATCH] m68knommu: add printk level for oops dumps
2006-12-04 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] m68knommu: fix compile when CONFIG_BLK_DEV_INITRD=n
2006-12-04 Greg Ungerer[PATCH] m68knommu: formatting cleanup in Kconfig
2006-12-04 Heiko Carstens[S390] Don't use small stacks when lockdep is used.
2006-12-04 Heiko Carstens[S390] Memory detection fixes.
2006-12-04 Heiko Carstens[S390] Convert extmem spin_lock into a mutex.
2006-12-04 Christian Borntraeger[S390] set KBUILD_IMAGE.
2006-12-04 Heiko Carstens[S390] lockdep: show held locks when showing a stackdump
2006-12-04 Gerald Schaefer[S390] Add dynamic size check for usercopy functions.
2006-12-04 Heiko Carstens[S390] Use diag260 for memory size detection.
2006-12-04 Heiko Carstens[S390] pfault code cleanup.
2006-12-04 Heiko Carstens[S390] Cleanup memory_chunk array usage.
2006-12-04 Heiko Carstens[S390] Misaligned wait PSW at memory detection.
2006-12-04 Heiko Carstens[S390] cpu shutdown rework
2006-12-04 Heiko Carstens[S390] cpcmd <-> __cpcmd calling issues
2006-12-04 Heiko Carstens[S390] Reset infrastructure for re-IPL.
2006-12-04 Heiko Carstens[S390] extmem unbalanced spin_lock.
2006-12-04 Michael Holzheu[S390] Use diag instead of ccw reipl.
2006-12-04 Michael Holzheu[S390] No panic for failed reboot
2006-12-04 Michael Holzheu[S390] Add ipl/reipl loadparm attribute.
2006-12-04 Heiko Carstens[S390] Remove unused GENERIC_BUST_SPINLOCK from Kconfig.
2006-12-04 Christian Borntraeger[S390] remove salipl memory detection.
2006-12-04 Sergei Shtylyov[POWERPC] Fix debug printks for 32-bit resources in...
2006-12-04 Yan Burman[POWERPC] Replace kmalloc+memset with kzalloc
2006-12-04 Guennadi Liakhovetski[POWERPC] Linkstation / kurobox support
2006-12-04 Scott Wood[POWERPC] Add the e300c3 core to the CPU table.
2006-12-04 Stephen Rothwell[POWERPC] iSeries: don't build head_64.o unnecessarily
2006-12-04 Stephen Rothwell[POWERPC] iSeries: stop dt_mod.o being rebuilt unnecess...
2006-12-04 Stephen Rothwell[POWERPC] Fix cputable.h for combined build
2006-12-04 Stephen Rothwell[POWERPC] Allow CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT on iSeries
2006-12-04 Stephen Rothwell[POWERPC] Allow xmon to build on legacy iSeries
2006-12-04 Linas Vepstas[POWERPC] Change ppc64_defconfig to use AUTOFS_V4 not V3
2006-12-04 Paul Mackerras[POWERPC] Tell firmware we can handle POWER6 compatible...
2006-12-04 Geert Uytterhoeven[POWERPC] Clean images in arch/powerpc/boot
2006-12-04 Olof Johansson[POWERPC] Fix OF pci flags parsing
2006-12-04 Grant Likely[POWERPC] defconfig for lite5200 board
2006-12-04 Grant Likely[POWERPC] Add device trees for lite5200 and lite5200b...
2006-12-04 Grant Likely[POWERPC] Add lite5200 board support to arch/powerpc
2006-12-04 Grant Likely[POWERPC] Add common routines for 52xx support in arch...
2006-12-04 Sylvain Munaut[POWERPC] Separate IRQ config / register set from main...
2006-12-04 Grant Likely[POWERPC] Move Efika support files into platforms/52xx
2006-12-04 Grant Likely[POWERPC] Put mpc52xx support file in platforms/52xx
2006-12-04 Grant Likely[POWERPC] Move MPC52xx PIC driver into arch/powerpc...
2006-12-04 Stephen Rothwell[POWERPC] iSeries: allow CONFIG_CMDLINE
2006-12-04 Stephen Rothwell[POWERPC] iSeries: Eliminate "exceeds stub group size...
2006-12-04 Rutger Nijlunsing[POWERPC] Add files build to .gitignore
2006-12-04 Vitaly Wool[POWERPC] Add of_platform support for ROM devices
2006-12-04 Mohan Kumar M[POWERPC] pSeries/kexec: Fix for interrupt distribution
2006-12-04 Arnd Bergmann[POWERPC] fix missing #include in sys_ppc32.c
2006-12-04 Arnd Bergmann[POWERPC] ps3: add a default zImage target
2006-12-04 Arnd Bergmann[POWERPC] ps3: multiplatform build fixes
2006-12-04 Geert Uytterhoeven[POWERPC] ps3: Missed renames of CONFIG_PS3 to CONFIG_P...
2006-12-04 Arnd Bergmann[POWERPC] cell: fix building without spufs
2006-12-04 Stephen Rothwell[POWERPC] spufs: we should only execute init_spu_base...
2006-12-04 Arnd Bergmann[POWERPC] spufs: always send sigtrap on breakpoint
2006-12-04 Jeremy Kerr[POWERPC] spufs: return an error in spu_create is isola...
2006-12-04 Nicolas DET[POWERPC] Fix compile issue for Efika platform
2006-12-04 Nicolas DET[POWERPC] Compile a zImage.chrp if PPC_EFIKA seleted
2006-12-04 Mike Wolf[POWERPC] powerpc: Make 970MP detectable by oprofile
2006-12-04 Arnd Bergmann[POWERPC] update cell_defconfig for ps3 support
2006-12-04 Geoff Levand[POWERPC] ps3: add ps3_defconfig
2006-12-04 Geoff Levand[POWERPC] ps3: add spu support
2006-12-04 Geoff Levand[POWERPC] ps3: add OS params support
2006-12-04 Geoff Levand[POWERPC] ps3: add lpar addressing
2006-12-04 Geoff Levand[POWERPC] ps3: add interrupt support
2006-12-04 Geoff Levand[POWERPC] ps3: add repository support
2006-12-04 Geoff Levand[POWERPC] ps3: add htab routines
2006-12-04 Geoff Levand[POWERPC] ps3: add lv1 hvcalls
2006-12-04 Geoff Levand[POWERPC] ps3: add support for ps3 platform
2006-12-04 Michael Ellerman[POWERPC] cell: spu management xmon routines
2006-12-04 Geoff Levand[POWERPC] cell: abstract spu management routines
2006-12-04 Michael Ellerman[POWERPC] Import updated version of ppc disassembly...
2006-12-04 Michael Ellerman[POWERPC] Make xmon disassembly optional