ppc: Use the indirect_pci.c from arch/powerpc/sysdev
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / powerpc / platforms / Makefile
2005-10-22 Paul MackerrasMerge changes from linux-2.6 by hand
2005-10-22 Paul Mackerrasppc64: Use arch/powerpc/platforms/powermac for powermac...
2005-10-22 Paul Mackerraspowerpc: Merge in 64-bit powermac support.
2005-10-12 Paul MackerrasMerge from Linus' tree
2005-10-10 Paul Mackerraspowerpc: Remove 83xx from arch/powerpc/platforms/Makefi...
2005-10-10 Paul Mackerraspowerpc: move pSeries files to arch/powerpc/platforms...
2005-09-29 Paul MackerrasMerge by hand from Linus' tree.
2005-09-28 Paul MackerrasMerge Stephen Rothwell's patches
2005-09-27 Stephen Rothwellpowerpc: Make powerpc pmac 32 bit build again
2005-09-27 Stephen Rothwellpowerpc: Create arch/powerpc/platforms/iseries
2005-09-27 Stephen Rothwellpowerpc: clean up after powermac build merge