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2015-10-27 Kathy Stone[Docs] Added Information about Secure Monitor master
2015-06-18 Sharif Inamdar[FOSS_TLK] Remove secure_monitor folder
2015-06-18 Sharif Inamdar[FOSS_TLK] Disable Rollback protection for now
2015-06-18 Sharif Inamdar[FOSS_TLK] Fix Build Script to generate TOS
2015-06-18 Kerwin Wan[FOSS_TLK]tlk: add LOCAL_MODULE_SUFFIX for tlk
2015-06-18 Varun Wadekar[FOSS_TLK]arm: start: new policy to get boot params...
2015-06-18 Sharif Inamdar[FOSS_TLK]ote: tlk: Remove support for cmdline
2015-06-18 Harvey Hsieh[FOSS_TLK][tlk][platform]: weak platform_setup_keys...
2015-06-18 Anand Prasad[FOSS_TLK]tlk: Fix Makefile
2015-06-18 Jukka Virtanen[FOSS_TLK]tlk: coverity fixes
2015-06-18 Varun Wadekar[FOSS_TLK]platform: tegra: create a "true" monitor...
2015-06-16 Varun Wadekar[FOSS_TLK]lib: fs: remove unused ext{2|3}_fs.h
2015-06-16 Varun Wadekar[FOSS_TLK]arm: monitor: pass SMC arguments using CPU...
2015-06-16 Varun Wadekar[FOSS_TLK]kernel: re-org boot_params_t for better alignment
2015-06-16 Scott Long[FOSS_TLK]platform: tegra: check ss callback status
2015-06-16 Dennis Huang[FOSS_TLK]license: Add README file to indicate 3rd...
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