perf tools: Introduce tools/lib/lk library
[linux-3.10.git] / tools / perf / MANIFEST
2013-03-15 Borislav Petkov perf tools: Introduce tools/lib/lk library
2013-01-10 Sebastian Andrzej... perf tools: Fix building from 'make perf-*-src-pkg...
2012-09-21 Xiao Guangrong perf kvm: Events analysis tool
2012-09-11 Arnaldo Carvalho... perf tools: Add missing perf_regs.h file to MANIFEST
2012-05-30 Arnaldo Carvalho... perf tools: Fix make tarballs
2012-02-14 David Ahern perf tools: Fix out of tree compiles
2012-01-06 Sebastian Andrzej... perf tools: Add const.h to MANIFEST to make perf-tar...
2010-12-01 Don Zickus perf packaging: add memcpy to perf MANIFEST
2010-06-05 Arnaldo Carvalho... perf tools: Make target to generate self contained...