ARM: imx6: exit coherency when shutting down a cpu
[linux-3.10.git] / arch / x86 / oprofile / op_x86_model.h
2011-10-10 Robert Richter perf, x86: Implement IBS initialization
2010-05-06 Robert Richter oprofile/x86: make AMD IBS hotplug capable
2010-05-04 Robert Richter oprofile/x86: return -EBUSY if counters are already...
2010-02-26 Naga Chumbalkar oprofile/x86: add comment to counter-in-use warning
2010-02-26 Robert Richter oprofile/x86: warn user if a counter is already active
2009-09-21 Ingo Molnar perf: Do the big rename: Performance Counters -> Perfor...
2009-07-20 Robert Richter x86/oprofile: Implement op_x86_virt_to_phys()
2009-07-20 Robert Richter x86/oprofile: Remove unused num_virt_controls from...
2009-07-20 Robert Richter x86/oprofile: Remove const qualifier from struct op_x86...
2009-07-20 Robert Richter oprofile: Introduce op_x86_phys_to_virt()
2009-07-20 Jason Yeh oprofile: Implement performance counter multiplexing
2009-06-12 Robert Richter Merge commit 'tip/perfcounters-for-linus' into oprofile...
2009-06-11 Robert Richter x86/oprofile: use 64 bit values to save MSR states
2009-06-11 Robert Richter x86/oprofile: replace CTR*_IS_RESERVED macros
2009-06-11 Robert Richter x86/oprofile: replace CTRL_SET_*ACTIVE macros
2009-06-11 Robert Richter x86/oprofile: replace macros to calculate control register
2009-06-11 Robert Richter x86/oprofile: pass the model to setup_ctrs() functions
2009-06-11 Robert Richter x86/oprofile: fix and cleanup CTRL_SET_* macros
2009-06-11 Robert Richter x86/oprofile: move common macros to op_x86_model.h
2009-06-11 Robert Richter x86/oprofile: minor style changes in struct op_x86_mode...
2009-06-10 Robert Richter x86/oprofile: moving arch_perfmon counter setup to...
2009-06-10 Robert Richter Revert "oprofile: discover counters for op ppro too"
2008-10-16 Robert Richter oprofile: fixing whitespaces in arch/x86/oprofile/*
2008-10-15 Robert Richter Merge branch 'oprofile/x86-oprofile-for-tip' into oprof...
2008-10-15 Robert Richter oprofile: more whitespace fixes
2008-10-13 Andi Kleen oprofile: discover counters for op ppro too
2008-10-13 Andi Kleen oprofile: Implement Intel architectural perfmon support
2008-10-13 Andi Kleen oprofile: drop const in num counters field
2008-09-24 Robert Richter Revert "Oprofile Multiplexing Patch"
2008-07-26 Jason Yeh Oprofile Multiplexing Patch
2008-07-26 Robert Richter x86/oprofile: renaming athlon_*() into op_amd_*()
2008-07-26 Robert Richter x86/oprofile: introduce model specific init/exit functions
2007-10-19 Simon Arlott spelling fixes: arch/i386/
2007-10-11 Thomas Gleixner i386: move oprofile