CRED: Make execve() take advantage of copy-on-write credentials
[linux-3.10.git] / arch / x86 / ia32 / ia32_aout.c
2008-11-13 David Howells CRED: Make execve() take advantage of copy-on-write...
2008-08-20 Jeremy Fitzhardinge x86_64: use save/loadsegment in ia32 compat
2008-07-26 Roland McGrath tracehook: exec
2008-02-07 H. Peter Anvin Sanitize the type of struct user.u_ar0
2008-01-30 Julia Lawall arch/x86/ia32: use time_before, time_before_eq, etc.
2008-01-30 H. Peter Anvin x86: rename the struct pt_regs members for 32/64-bit...
2008-01-30 Thomas Gleixner x86: clean up arch/x86/ia32/aout32.c
2007-10-17 Andi Kleen x86: initialize 64bit registers for a.out executables
2007-10-17 Neil Horman core_pattern: ignore RLIMIT_CORE if core_pattern is...
2007-10-11 Thomas Gleixner x86_64: move ia32