Linux 2.6.26-rc8
[linux-3.10.git] / arch / ppc /
2008-05-31 Tony Breeds [POWERPC] Export empty_zero_page and copy_page in arch/ppc
2008-05-12 Paul Mackerras [POWERPC] ppc: More compile fixes
2008-05-12 Segher Boessenkool [POWERPC] ppc: Include <asm/cacheflush.h> in kernel...
2008-05-12 Segher Boessenkool [POWERPC] ppc: Use ebony_defconfig for defconfig
2008-05-06 Jeff Garzik Merge branch 'for-2.6.26' of git://
2008-04-30 Samuel Thibault Basic braille screen reader support
2008-04-29 Christoph Lameter ppc/powerpc: use kbuild.h instead of defining macros...
2008-04-29 Adrian Bunk proper extern for late_time_init
2008-04-29 Benjamin Herrenschmidt iomap: fix 64 bits resources on 32 bits
2008-04-29 Lennert Buytenhek mv643xx_eth: get rid of static variables, allow multipl...
2008-04-24 Josh Boyer [POWERPC] Add strncmp to arch/ppc
2008-04-24 Paul Mackerras Merge branch 'powerpc-next' of /linux/kernel/git/galak...
2008-04-21 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/gregkh/pci-2.6
2008-04-21 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'irq-cleanups-upstream' of git://git....
2008-04-21 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-04-21 Kumar Gala [PPC] Remove mpc885ads and mpc86x ads boards from arch/ppc
2008-04-21 Kumar Gala [PPC] Remove mpc8272 ads board from arch/ppc
2008-04-21 Bjorn Helgaas PCI: ppc: use generic pci_enable_resources()
2008-04-20 Jeff Garzik [PPC] minor irq handler cleanups
2008-04-19 Matthew Wilcox arch: Remove unnecessary inclusions of asm/semaphore.h
2008-04-18 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/bart/ide-2.6
2008-04-17 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ppc: don't include <linux/ide.h>
2008-04-17 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ppc: remove ppc_ide_md
2008-04-17 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ppc/pplus: remove ppc_ide_md.ide_init_hwif hook
2008-04-17 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ppc/sandpoint: remove ppc_ide_md hooks
2008-04-17 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ppc/lopec: remove ppc_ide_md hooks
2008-04-17 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ppc/mpc8xx: remove ppc_ide_md hooks
2008-04-17 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ppc/ppc4xx: remove ppc_ide_md hooks
2008-04-17 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ppc/hdpu: remove dead IDE code
2008-04-17 Matthew Wilcox Generic semaphore implementation
2008-04-07 Robert P. J. Day [POWERPC] Use __SPIN_LOCK_UNLOCKED macro in mpc52xx_set...
2008-04-01 Johannes Weiner [POWERPC] ppc: Remove redundant display of free swap...
2008-04-01 Harvey Harrison [POWERPC] ppc: Replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrences
2008-03-13 Paul Mackerras Merge branch 'linux-2.6'
2008-03-07 Yuri Tikhonov [PPC] 8xx: swap bug-fix
2008-02-26 Julia Lawall [POWERPC] Use FIELD_SIZEOF in arch/ppc
2008-02-26 Dale Farnsworth [POWERPC] Remove dead code at KernelAltiVec
2008-02-16 Wolfgang Ocker [POWERPC] PPC440EP Interrupt Triggering and Level Settings
2008-02-09 Sam Ravnborg ide: introduce HAVE_IDE
2008-02-08 Martin Schwidefsky CONFIG_HIGHPTE vs. sub-page page tables.
2008-02-08 Jan Engelhardt procfs: constify function pointer tables
2008-02-06 Adrian Bunk scheduled OSS driver removal
2008-02-06 Robin Getz remove support for un-needed _extratext section
2008-02-06 Jeff Garzik Remove pointless casts from void pointers
2008-02-05 Benjamin Herrenschmidt add mm argument to pte/pmd/pud/pgd_free
2008-02-03 Mathieu Desnoyers Move Kconfig.instrumentation to arch/Kconfig and init...
2008-02-03 Mathieu Desnoyers Add HAVE_KPROBES
2008-02-03 Mathieu Desnoyers Add HAVE_OPROFILE
2008-01-31 Paul Mackerras Merge branch 'linux-2.6'
2008-01-30 Paul Mackerras Merge branch 'for-2.6.25' of git://
2008-01-29 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6.25
2008-01-28 Jeff Garzik [netdrvr] irq handler minor cleanups in several drivers
2008-01-28 Sam Ravnborg all archs: consolidate init and exit sections in vmlinu...
2008-01-28 Kumar Gala [PPC] Remove 85xx from arch/ppc
2008-01-28 Kumar Gala [PPC] Remove 83xx from arch/ppc
2008-01-28 Jochen Friedrich [POWERPC] CPM: Rename commproc to cpm1 and cpm2_common...
2008-01-28 Jochen Friedrich [POWERPC] 8xx: Rename m8xx_pic_init to mpc8xx_pics_init
2008-01-28 Jochen Friedrich [POWERPC] 8xx: Remove unused m8xx_cpm_hostalloc/free...
2008-01-28 Russell King Merge branch 'orion' into devel
2008-01-27 Adrian Bunk i2c: the scheduled I2C RTC driver removal
2008-01-26 Grant Likely [POWERPC] Add common clock setting routine mpc52xx_psc_...
2008-01-26 Jean Delvare [I2C] i2c-mv64xxx: Don't set i2c_adapter.retries
2008-01-25 Kay Sievers Driver core: change sysdev classes to use dynamic kobje...
2008-01-24 Eric W. Biederman sysctl: kill binary sysctl KERN_PPC_L2CR
2008-01-24 Kumar Gala [POWERPC] Move RapidIO support code from arch/ppc
2007-12-23 Stefan Roese [POWERPC] 4xx: Fix TLB 0 problem with CONFIG_SERIAL_TEX...
2007-12-23 Benjamin Herrenschmidt [POWERPC] Reworking machine check handling and Fix...
2007-12-20 Julia Lawall [POWERPC] arch/ppc: Remove an unnecessary pci_dev_put
2007-12-20 Lucas Woods [POWERPC] arch/ppc: Remove duplicate includes
2007-12-20 Li Zefan [POWERPC] Don't cast a struct pointer to list_head...
2007-12-20 [POWERPC] arch/ppc/: Spelling fixes
2007-12-10 Paul Mackerras Merge branch 'linux-2.6'
2007-12-07 Grant Likely [POWERPC] virtex bug fix: Use canonical value for AC97...
2007-12-03 [POWERPC] Add missing spaces in printk formats in arch/ppc
2007-12-02 Grant Likely [POWERPC] Remove xmon from ml300 and ml403 defconfig...
2007-11-20 Benjamin Herrenschmidt [POWERPC] Fix 8xx build breakage due to _tlbie changes
2007-11-20 Paul Mackerras Merge branch 'for-2.6.24' of /linux/kernel/git/jwboyer...
2007-11-19 Josh Boyer [POWERPC] 4xx: Use virtual PVR value to init FPU on...
2007-11-19 Roel Kluin [POWERPC] 4xx: balance ioremap/ioumap calls for Yucca
2007-11-19 Joachim Foerster [POWERPC] Xilinx: Register AC97 Controller Reference...
2007-11-13 Becky Bruce [POWERPC] Avoid unpaired stwcx. on some processors
2007-11-08 Paul Mackerras Merge branch 'for-2.6.24' of /linux/kernel/git/jwboyer...
2007-11-08 Aurelien Jarno [POWERPC] i8259: Add disable method
2007-11-08 Olof Johansson [POWERPC] Fix build break in arch/ppc/syslib/m8260_setup.c
2007-11-01 Grant Likely [POWERPC] ppc405 Fix arithmatic rollover bug when memor...
2007-11-01 Benjamin Herrenschmidt [POWERPC] 4xx: Deal with 44x virtually tagged icache
2007-11-01 Benjamin Herrenschmidt [POWERPC] 4xx: Fix 4xx flush_tlb_page()
2007-11-01 Roel Kluin [POWERPC] allocation fix in ppc/platforms/4xx/luan.c
2007-10-20 Milton Miller kbuild: restore arch/{ppc/xtensa}/boot cflags
2007-10-19 Mathieu Desnoyers Combine instrumentation menus in kernel/Kconfig.instrum...
2007-10-19 Jiri Slaby define global BIT macro
2007-10-19 Serge E. Hallyn pid namespaces: define is_global_init() and is_containe...
2007-10-17 Paul Mackerras Merge branch 'for-2.6.24' of git://
2007-10-16 Sylvain Munaut [POWERPC] rheap: Changes config mechanism
2007-10-16 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/sam/kbuild
2007-10-16 Will Schmidt During VM oom condition, kill all threads in process...
2007-10-15 Sam Ravnborg kbuild: enable 'make CPPFLAGS=...' to add additional...
2007-10-15 Sam Ravnborg kbuild: enable 'make AFLAGS=...' to add additional...
2007-10-14 Sam Ravnborg kbuild: enable 'make CFLAGS=...' to add additional...
2007-10-14 Sam Ravnborg kbuild: fix up CFLAGS usage