2011-01-18 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2011-01-18 Wey-Yi Guy iwlwifi: fix valid chain reading from EEPROM
2011-01-18 Bob Copeland ath5k: fix locking in tx_complete_poll_work
2011-01-17 Rajkumar Manoharan ath9k_hw: do PA offset calibration only on longcal...
2011-01-17 Rajkumar Manoharan ath9k_htc: Fix endian issue in tx header
2011-01-17 Luis R. Rodriguez ath9k_hw: ASPM interoperability fix for AR9380/AR9382
2011-01-16 Shreyas Bhatewara vmxnet3: Dont allocate extra MSI-x vectors
2011-01-16 Shreyas Bhatewara vmxnet3: Add locking for access to command register
2011-01-16 Shreyas Bhatewara vmxnet3: Disable napi in suspend, reenable in resume.
2011-01-16 Shreyas Bhatewara vmxnet3: Make ethtool handlers multiqueue aware
2011-01-16 Shreyas Bhatewara vmxnet3: Provide required number of bytes in first...
2011-01-16 Shreyas Bhatewara vmxnet3: Enable HW Rx VLAN stripping by default
2011-01-16 Shreyas Bhatewara vmxnet3: Preserve the MAC address configured by ifconfig
2011-01-16 Shreyas Bhatewara vmxnet3: fix ring size update
2011-01-16 Dan Carpenter caif: checking the wrong variable
2011-01-16 Kurt Van Dijck can: test size of struct sockaddr in sendmsg
2011-01-16 David S. Miller Merge branch 'for-david' of git://
2011-01-16 Frank Blaschka qeth: l3 hw tx csum circumvent hw bug
2011-01-16 Ursula Braun qeth: postpone open till recovery is finished
2011-01-16 Sven Eckelmann batman-adv: Use "__attribute__" shortcut macros
2011-01-14 Daniel Hellstrom GRETH: resolve SMP issues and other problems
2011-01-14 Daniel Hellstrom GRETH: handle frame error interrupts
2011-01-14 Daniel Hellstrom GRETH: avoid writing bad speed/duplex when setting...
2011-01-14 Daniel Hellstrom GRETH: fixed skb buffer memory leak on frame errors
2011-01-14 Daniel Hellstrom GRETH: GBit transmit descriptor handling optimization
2011-01-14 Daniel Hellstrom GRETH: fix opening/closing
2011-01-14 Daniel Hellstrom GRETH: added raw AMBA vendor/device number to match...
2011-01-14 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/jkirsher...
2011-01-14 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2011-01-14 David S. Miller Merge branch 'vhost-net' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2011-01-14 David S. Miller cassini: Fix build bustage on x86.
2011-01-14 Bruce Allan e1000e: consistent use of Rx/Tx vs. RX/TX/rx/tx in...
2011-01-14 Bruce Allan e1000e: update Copyright for 2011
2011-01-14 Jesse Brandeburg e1000: Avoid unhandled IRQ
2011-01-14 françois romieu r8169: keep firmware in memory.
2011-01-14 Tobias Klauser netdev: tilepro: Use is_unicast_ether_addr helper
2011-01-14 Tobias Klauser etherdevice.h: Add is_unicast_ether_addr function
2011-01-14 Ben Hutchings ks8695net: Use default implementation of ethtool_ops...
2011-01-14 Ben Hutchings ks8695net: Disable non-working ethtool operations
2011-01-14 Jesper Juhl USB CDC NCM: Don't deref NULL in cdc_ncm_rx_fixup(...
2011-01-14 Jesper Juhl vxge: Remember to release firmware after upgrading...
2011-01-14 Joe Perches netdev: bfin_mac: Remove is_multicast_ether_addr use...
2011-01-14 Nicolas Dichtel ipsec: update MAX_AH_AUTH_LEN to support sha512
2011-01-14 Eric Dumazet net: remove dev_txq_stats_fold()
2011-01-13 Ben Hutchings sfc: Restore the effect of the rss_cpus module parameter
2011-01-13 Ben Hutchings sfc: Make efx_get_tx_queue() an inline function
2011-01-13 Jesper Juhl batman-adv: Even Batman should not dereference NULL...
2011-01-13 Luciano Coelho mac80211: use maximum number of AMPDU frames as default...
2011-01-13 Johannes Berg mac80211: fix lockdep warning
2011-01-13 Amitkumar Karwar ieee80211: correct IEEE80211_ADDBA_PARAM_BUF_SIZE_MASK...
2011-01-13 Jesper Juhl rt2x00: Don't leak mem in error path of rt2x00lib_reque...
2011-01-13 Axel Lin iwmc3200wifi: Return proper error for iwm_if_alloc
2011-01-13 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of git://
2011-01-13 Pablo Neira... netfilter: ctnetlink: fix loop in ctnetlink_get_conntrack()
2011-01-13 Randy Dunlap eth: fix new kernel-doc warning
2011-01-13 stephen hemminger sched: remove unused backlog in RED stats
2011-01-13 Joe Perches bna: Remove unnecessary memset(,0,)
2011-01-13 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of git://
2011-01-13 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2011-01-13 Alexey Kuznetsov inet6: prevent network storms caused by linux IPv6...
2011-01-13 Tobias Klauser netdev: bfin_mac: Use is_multicast_ether_addr helper
2011-01-13 Tobias Klauser netdev: ucc_geth: Use is_multicast_ether_addr helper
2011-01-12 KOVACS Krisztian netfilter: fix compilation when conntrack is disabled...
2011-01-12 Kees Cook net: ax25: fix information leak to userland harder
2011-01-11 Casey Leedom cxgb4vf: recover from failure in cxgb4vf_open()
2011-01-11 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of git://
2011-01-11 Florian Westphal netfilter: ebtables: make broute table work again
2011-01-11 Stephen Hemminger netfilter: fix race in conntrack between dump_table...
2011-01-11 Dang Hongwu ah: reload pointers to skb data after calling skb_cow_d...
2011-01-11 Nicolas Dichtel ah: update maximum truncated ICV length
2011-01-11 Nicolas Dichtel xfrm: check trunc_len in XFRMA_ALG_AUTH_TRUNC
2011-01-11 Breno Leitao ehea: Increase the skb array usage
2011-01-11 Shawn Guo net/fec: remove config FEC2 as it's used nowhere
2011-01-11 Ken Kawasaki pcnet_cs: add new_id
2011-01-11 Eric Dumazet tcp: disallow bind() to reuse addr/port
2011-01-11 hayeswang net/r8169: Update the function of parsing firmware
2011-01-11 Changli Gao net: ppp: use {get,put}_unaligned_be{16,32}
2011-01-11 Kumar Sanghvi CAIF: Fix IPv6 support in receive path for GPRS/3G
2011-01-11 Maxim Levitsky arp: allow to invalidate specific ARP entries
2011-01-11 Eric Dumazet net_sched: factorize qdisc stats handling
2011-01-11 Tom Herbert mlx4: Call alloc_etherdev to allocate RX and TX queues
2011-01-11 Tom Herbert net: Add alloc_netdev_mqs function
2011-01-11 Dan Rosenberg caif: don't set connection request param size before...
2011-01-10 Casey Leedom cxgb4vf: fix mailbox data/control coherency domain...
2011-01-10 amit salecha qlcnic: change module parameter permissions
2011-01-10 Sony Chacko qlcnic: fix ethtool diagnostics test
2011-01-10 amit salecha qlcnic: fix flash fw version read
2011-01-10 Dan Carpenter phonet: some signedness bugs
2011-01-10 Mike Frysinger netdev: bfin_mac: let boards set vlan masks
2011-01-10 Sonic Zhang netdev: bfin_mac: disable hardware checksum if writebac...
2011-01-10 Mike Frysinger netdev: bfin_mac: drop unused Mac data
2011-01-10 Mike Frysinger netdev: bfin_mac: mark setup_system_regs as static
2011-01-10 Mike Frysinger netdev: bfin_mac: clean up printk messages
2011-01-10 Stanislaw Gruszka hostap_cs: fix sleeping function called from invalid...
2011-01-10 Indan Zupancic ipw2200: Check for -1 INTA in tasklet too.
2011-01-10 Michael Büsch ssb: Ignore dangling ethernet cores on wireless devices
2011-01-10 Christian Lamparter p54: fix sequence no. accounting off-by-one error
2011-01-10 Johannes Berg mac80211: add doc short section on LED triggers
2011-01-10 Johannes Berg nl80211: add/fix mesh docs
2011-01-10 Johannes Berg cfg80211: add mesh join/leave callback docs