2005-04-18 <andrew.vasquez... [PATCH] qla2xxx: remove sale revision notes file
2005-04-18 <andrew.vasquez... [PATCH] qla2xxx: remove /proc interface
2005-04-18 <andrew.vasquez... [PATCH] qla2xxx: cleanup DMA mappings...
2005-04-18 <andrew.vasquez... [PATCH] qla2xxx: remove lun discovery codes...
2005-04-18 <andrew.vasquez... [PATCH] qla2xxx: add remote port codes...
2005-04-18 <andrew.vasquez... [PATCH] qla2xxx: remove internal queuing...
2005-04-18 James Bottomley merge by hand (scsi_device.h)
2005-04-18 <htejun@gmail... [PATCH] scsi: scsi_send_eh_cmnd() cleanup
2005-04-18 <htejun@gmail... [PATCH] scsi: remove volatile from scsi data
2005-04-18 <jejb@titanic... scsi: add DID_REQUEUE to the error handling
2005-04-18 <jejb@titanic... zfcp: add point-2-point support
2005-04-18 <jejb@titanic... [PATCH] Convert i2o to compat_ioctl
2005-04-18 <> [PATCH] kill old EH constants
2005-04-18 <htejun@gmail... [PATCH] scsi: remove meaningless scsi_cmnd->serial_numb...
2005-04-18 <htejun@gmail... [PATCH] scsi: remove unused scsi_cmnd->internal_timeout...
2005-04-18 <> [PATCH] remove outdated print_* functions
2005-04-18 <> [PATCH] consolidate timeout defintions in scsi.h
2005-04-17 <jejb@titanic... updates for CFQ oops fix
2005-04-17 <> [PATCH] fix NMI lockup with CFQ scheduler
2005-04-17 <jejb@mulgrave... [PATCH] finally fix 53c700 to use the generic iomem...
2005-04-17 <aherrman... [PATCH] zfcp: convert to compat_ioctl
2005-04-17 <dougg@torque... [PATCH] sg.c: update
2005-04-16 NeilBrown [PATCH] md: remove a number of misleading calls to...
2005-04-16 NeilBrown [PATCH] md: close a small race in md thread deregistration
2005-04-16 Benjamin Herrenschmidt [PATCH] fbdev MAINTAINERS update
2005-04-16 Russell King [PATCH] serial: fix comments in 8250.c
2005-04-16 NeilBrown [PATCH] nfsd4: fix struct file leak
2005-04-16 NeilBrown [PATCH] nfsd4: callback create rpc client returns
2005-04-16 NeilBrown [PATCH] nfsd: clear signals before exiting the nfsd...
2005-04-16 [PATCH] jbd dirty buffer leak fix
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] drivers/infiniband/hw/mthca/mthca_main.c: remov...
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB/mthca: add support for new MT25204 HCA
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB/mthca: map context for RDMA responder in...
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB/mthca: update receive queue initialization...
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB/mthca: encapsulate mem-free check into mthca...
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB/mthca: tweaks to mthca_cmd.c
2005-04-16 Michael S.... [PATCH] IB/mthca: add fast memory region implementation
2005-04-16 Michael S.... [PATCH] IB/mthca: split MR key munging routines
2005-04-16 Michael S.... [PATCH] IB/mthca: add mthca_table_find() function
2005-04-16 Michael S.... [PATCH] IB/mthca: add SYNC_TPT firmware command
2005-04-16 Michael S.... [PATCH] IB/mthca: add mthca_write64_raw() for writing...
2005-04-16 Michael S.... [PATCH] IB/mthca: encapsulate MTT buddy allocator
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB/mthca: allow address handle creation in...
2005-04-16 Michael S.... [PATCH] IB/mthca: fill in opcode field for send completions
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB/mthca: fix MTT allocation in mem-free mode
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB/mthca: implement RDMA/atomic operations...
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB/mthca: fix format of CQ number for CQ events
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB/mthca: only free doorbell records in mem...
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB/mthca: print assigned IRQ when interrupt...
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB/mthca: release mutex on doorbell alloc error...
2005-04-16 Michael S.... [PATCH] IB/mthca: fix MR allocation error path
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB/mthca: allocate correct number of doorbell...
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB/mthca: clean up mthca_dereg_mr()
2005-04-16 Michael S.... [PATCH] IB/mthca: allow unaligned memory regions
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB/mthca: fix posting sends with immediate...
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB/mthca: fix calculation of RDB shift
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB/mthca: fill in more device query fields
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB/mthca: map MPT/MTT context in mem-free mode
2005-04-16 Hal Rosenstock [PATCH] IB: Remove incorrect comments
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB: Fix user MAD registrations with class 0
2005-04-16 Libor Michalek [PATCH] IB: Trivial FMR printk cleanup
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IB: Fix FMR pool crash
2005-04-16 Hal Rosenstock [PATCH] IB: remove unneeded includes
2005-04-16 Sean Hefty [PATCH] IB: Keep MAD work completion valid
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IPoIB: document conversion to debugfs
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IPoIB: convert to debugfs
2005-04-16 Roland Dreier [PATCH] IPoIB: fix static rate calculation
2005-04-16 Hal Rosenstock [PATCH] IPoIB: set skb->mac.raw on receive
2005-04-16 Horms [PATCH] Maintainers list update: linux-net -> netdev
2005-04-16 Russell King [PATCH] arm: fix floppy disk dependencies
2005-04-16 Coywolf Qi... [PATCH] reparent_to_init cleanup
2005-04-16 Adrian Bunk [PATCH] MAINTAINERS: remove obsolete ACP/MWAVE MODEM...
2005-04-16 Adrian Bunk [PATCH] let SOUND_AD1889 depend on PCI
2005-04-16 Benoit Boissinot [PATCH] cpuset: remove function attribute const
2005-04-16 Lennert Buytenhek [PATCH] pci enumeration on ixp2000: overflow in kernel...
2005-04-16 Colin Leroy [PATCH] CREDITS update
2005-04-16 Randy.Dunlap [PATCH] Add dontdiff file
2005-04-16 Matt Mackall [PATCH] update maintainer for /dev/random
2005-04-16 Magnus Damm [PATCH] opl3sa2: MODULE_PARM_DESC
2005-04-16 James Bottomley [PATCH] add Big Endian variants of ioread/iowrite
2005-04-16 maximilian... [PATCH] efi: eliminate bad section references
2005-04-16 maximilian... [PATCH] hd: eliminate bad section references
2005-04-16 maximilian... [PATCH] pnpbios: eliminate bad section references
2005-04-16 Paul E. McKenney [PATCH] Fix comment in list.h that refers to nonexisten...
2005-04-16 Daniel McNeil [PATCH] Direct IO async short read fix
2005-04-16 Dave Hansen [PATCH] undo do_readv_writev() behavior change
2005-04-16 Christoph Hellwig [PATCH] officially deprecate register_ioctl32_conversion
2005-04-16 Christoph Hellwig [PATCH] kill #ifndef HAVE_ARCH_GET_SIGNAL_TO_DELIVER...
2005-04-16 Niu YaWei [PATCH] quota: possible bug in quota format v2 support
2005-04-16 Jan Kara [PATCH] quota: fix possible oops on quotaoff
2005-04-16 Bernard Blackham [PATCH] ext2 corruption - regression between 2.6.9...
2005-04-16 Christoph Hellwig [PATCH] fix up newly added jsm driver
2005-04-16 Ken Chen [PATCH] use cheaper elv_queue_empty when unplug a device
2005-04-16 Bert Wesarg [PATCH] fix module_param_string() calls
2005-04-16 Bert Wesarg [PATCH] kernel/param.c: don't use .max when .num is...
2005-04-16 Bharath Ramesh [PATCH] AYSNC IO using singals other than SIGIO
2005-04-16 Jens Axboe [PATCH] possible use-after-free of bio
2005-04-16 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: fix compilation for __CHOOSE_MODE addition
2005-04-16 Alexander Nyberg [PATCH] swsusp: SMP fix
2005-04-16 Pavel Machek [PATCH] fix few remaining u32 vs. pm_message_t problems