2012-07-16 Milan Broz dm: verity fix documentation
2012-07-16 majianpeng md/raid5: In ops_run_io, inc nr_pending before calling...
2012-07-16 NeilBrown md/raid10: fix failure when trying to repair a read...
2012-07-16 NeilBrown md/raid10: Don't try to recovery unmatched (and unused...
2012-07-16 Shinya Kuribayashi hwspinlock/core: use global ID to register hwspinlocks...
2012-07-16 Ohad Ben-Cohen remoteproc: fix missing CONFIG_FW_LOADER configurations
2012-07-16 Ohad Ben-Cohen remoteproc/omap: fix randconfig unmet direct dependencies
2012-07-16 Bruce Allan e1000e: remove use of IP payload checksum
2012-07-16 Mark Rustad tcm_fc: Resolve suspicious RCU usage warnings
2012-07-16 Johannes Berg iwlwifi: fix activating inactive stations
2012-07-16 Junxiao Bi ocfs2: clear unaligned io flag when dio fails
2012-07-16 Junxiao Bi aio: make kiocb->private NUll in init_sync_kiocb()
2012-07-16 Dan Carpenter mtd: cafe_nand: fix an & vs | mistake
2012-07-16 Linus Torvalds vfs: make O_PATH file descriptors usable for 'fchdir()'
2012-07-16 Stone Piao mwifiex: fix WPS eapol handshake failure
2012-07-16 Stone Piao mwifiex: fix 11n rx packet drop issue
2012-07-16 Johannes Berg mac80211: correct behaviour on unrecognised action...
2012-07-16 Eliad Peller mac80211: clear ifmgd->bssid only after building DELBA
2012-07-16 Larry Finger rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: New USB IDs
2012-07-16 Mitch A Williams igbvf: fix divide by zero
2012-07-16 H. Peter Anvin x86, cpufeature: Rename X86_FEATURE_DTS to X86_FEATURE_...
2012-07-16 Suresh Siddha x86, compat: Use test_thread_flag(TIF_IA32) in compat...
2012-07-16 Will Deacon oprofile: perf: use NR_CPUS instead or nr_cpumask_bits...
2012-07-16 Bjørn Mork net: qmi_wwan: fix Oops while disconnecting
2012-07-16 Bjørn Mork net: qmi_wwan: fix Gobi device probing
2012-07-16 Andrew Bird... USB: qmi_wwan: Add ZTE (Vodafone) K3520-Z
2012-07-16 Andrew Bird... USB: qmi_wwan: Make forced int 4 whitelist generic
2012-07-16 Hui Wang can: flexcan: use be32_to_cpup to handle the value...
2012-07-16 Dan Carpenter can: c_can: precedence error in c_can_chip_config()
2012-07-16 Alexander Duyck ixgbe: Do not pad FCoE frames as this can cause issues...
2012-07-16 Marek Lindner batman-adv: only drop packets of known wifi clients
2012-07-16 Antonio Quartulli batman-adv: fix skb->data assignment
2012-07-16 Eliad Peller cfg80211: fix potential deadlock in regulatory
2012-07-16 Alan Stern usb-storage: revert commit afff07e61a52 (Add 090c:1000...
2012-07-16 Alan Stern SCSI & usb-storage: add try_rc_10_first flag
2012-07-16 Craig Shelley USB: CP210x Add 10 Device IDs
2012-07-16 Forest Bond USB: option: Add USB ID for Novatel Ovation MC551
2012-07-16 Dmitry Shmygov USB: option: add id for Cellient MEN-200
2012-07-16 Mark Brown gpiolib: wm8994: Pay attention to the value set when...
2012-07-16 Rajendra Nayak clk: fix parent validation in __clk_set_parent()
2012-07-16 Rajendra Nayak clk: Allow late cache allocation for clk->parents
2012-07-16 Bryan Schumaker NFS: Force the legacy idmapper to be single threaded
2012-07-16 Tushar Behera dmaengine: pl330: dont complete descriptor for cyclic dma
2012-07-16 Mandeep Singh... PM / Sleep: Prevent waiting forever on asynchronous...
2012-07-16 Konstantin... mm: correctly synchronize rss-counters at exit/exec
2012-07-16 Mel Gorman stable: Allow merging of backports for serious user...
2012-07-16 Tao Guo umem: fix up unplugging
2012-07-16 Konrad Rzeszutek... xen/blkback: Copy id field when doing BLKIF_DISCARD.
2012-07-16 Andrew Lunn ARM: Orion: Fix WDT compile for Dove and MV78xx0
2012-07-16 Andrew Lunn ARM: Orion: Fix Virtual/Physical mixup with watchdog
2012-07-16 Pavel Vasilyev ACPI sysfs.c strlen fix
2012-07-16 Zhang Rui ACPI, x86: fix Dell M6600 ACPI reboot regression via DMI
2012-07-16 Feng Tang ACPI: Add a quirk for "AMILO PRO V2030" to ignore the...
2012-07-16 Feng Tang ACPI: Remove one board specific WARN when ignoring...
2012-07-16 Feng Tang ACPI: Make acpi_skip_timer_override cover all source_ir...
2012-07-16 Huang Ying ACPI, APEI, Avoid too much error reporting in runtime
2012-07-16 Stuart Hayes acpi_pad: fix power_saving thread deadlock
2012-07-16 Zhang Rui ACPI video: Still use ACPI backlight control if _DOS...
2012-07-16 Alex Deucher drm/radeon: fix VM page table setup on SI
2012-07-16 Takashi Iwai drm/i915: Fix eDP blank screen after S3 resume on HP...
2012-07-16 Ben Skeggs drm/nouveau/fbcon: using nv_two_heads is not a good...
2012-07-16 Daniel Vetter drm/edid: don't return stack garbage from supports_rb
2012-07-16 Chris Mason Btrfs: run delayed directory updates during log replay
2012-07-16 Hebbar, Gururaja ASoC: tlv320aic3x: Fix codec pll configure bug
2012-07-16 Mark Brown ASoC: wm2200: Add missing BCLK rate
2012-07-16 Panayiotis... ath9k: enable serialize_regmode for non-PCIE AR9287
2012-07-16 Felix Fietkau ath9k: fix dynamic WEP related regression
2012-07-16 Rajkumar Manoharan ath9k_htc: configure bssid on ASSOC/IBSS change
2012-07-16 Mohammed Shafi... ath9k_hw: avoid possible infinite loop in ar9003_get_pl...
2012-07-16 Felix Fietkau ath9k: fix invalid pointer access in the tx path
2012-07-16 Felix Fietkau ath9k: fix a tx rate duration calculation bug
2012-07-16 Mohammed Shafi... ath9k: Fix softlockup in AR9485
2012-07-16 Mohammed Shafi... ath9k: Fix a WARNING on suspend/resume with IBSS
2012-07-16 Jeff Layton cifs: when server doesn't set CAP_LARGE_READ_X, cap...
2012-07-16 Suresh Jayaraman cifs: fix parsing of password mount option
2012-07-16 Ohad Ben-Cohen rpmsg: make sure inflight messages don't invoke just...
2012-07-16 Ohad Ben-Cohen rpmsg: avoid premature deallocation of endpoints
2012-07-16 Hiroshi DOYU iommu/tegra: smmu: Fix unsleepable memory allocation
2012-07-16 Joerg Roedel iommu/amd: Initialize dma_ops for hotplug and sriov...
2012-07-16 Shuah Khan iommu/amd: Fix missing iommu_shutdown initialization...
2012-07-16 Jan Kara udf: Fortify loading of sparing table
2012-07-16 Jan Kara udf: Avoid run away loop when partition table length...
2012-07-16 Jan Kara udf: Use 'ret' instead of abusing 'i' in udf_load_logic...
2012-07-16 Ryusuke Konishi nilfs2: ensure proper cache clearing for gc-inodes
2012-07-16 Lubomir Schmidt staging: r8712u: Add new USB IDs
2012-07-16 Henrik Rydberg hwmon: (applesmc) Limit key length in warning messages
2012-07-16 Dan Rosenberg NFC: Prevent multiple buffer overflows in NCI
2012-07-16 Eric Dumazet NFC: Return from rawsock_release when sk is NULL
2012-07-16 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc: Fix build of some debug irq code
2012-07-16 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc: More fixes for lazy IRQ vs. idle
2012-07-16 Pravin B Shelar mm: fix slab->page _count corruption when using slub
2012-07-16 Ian Campbell xen/netfront: teardown the device before unregistering it.
2012-07-16 stephen hemminger bridge: Assign rtnl_link_ops to bridge devices created...
2012-07-16 Eric Dumazet net: remove skb_orphan_try()
2012-07-16 Eric Dumazet bnx2x: fix panic when TX ring is full
2012-07-16 Eric Dumazet bnx2x: fix checksum validation
2012-07-16 Eric Dumazet netpoll: fix netpoll_send_udp() bugs
2012-07-16 Eric Dumazet bonding: Fix corrupted queue_mapping
2012-07-16 Eric Dumazet dummy: fix rcu_sched self-detected stalls
2012-07-16 Eric Dumazet be2net: fix a race in be_xmit()