2009-11-16 Amit Kumar... netxen: update MAINTAINERS
2009-11-16 Arnd Bergmann hamradio/mkiss: fix typo in compat_ioctl
2009-11-15 David S. Miller Merge branch 'for-next' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-11-14 Arnaldo Carvalho... alpha: Fixup recvmmsg syscall glue
2009-11-14 Wolfram Sang net/can: add driver for mscan family & mpc52xx_mscan
2009-11-14 Rémi Denis... Phonet: convert routing table to RCU
2009-11-14 Rémi Denis... Phonet: put protocols array under RCU
2009-11-14 Ursula Braun netiucv: displayed TX bytes value much too high
2009-11-14 Ursula Braun s390: remove cu3088 layer for lcs and ctcm
2009-11-14 Frank Blaschka ctcm: suspend has to wait for outstanding I/O
2009-11-14 Ursula Braun iucv: add work_queue cleanup for suspend
2009-11-14 Eric Dumazet inetpeer: Optimize inet_getid()
2009-11-14 Eric Dumazet ipv6: speedup inet6_dump_addr()
2009-11-14 Lucian Adrian... inet: fix inet_bind_bucket_for_each
2009-11-14 Eric Dumazet ipv4: speedup inet_dump_ifaddr()
2009-11-14 PJ Waskiewicz ixgbe: Make queue pairs on single MSI-X interrupts
2009-11-14 Nelson, Shannon ixgbe: Flush the LSC mask change to prevent repeated...
2009-11-14 Alexander Duyck igb: only recycle page if it is on our numa node
2009-11-14 Alexander Duyck igb: check for packets on all tx rings when link is...
2009-11-14 Alexander Duyck igb: removed unused tx/rx total bytes/packets from...
2009-11-14 Alexander Duyck igb: Rework how netdev->stats is handled
2009-11-14 Alexander Duyck igb: when number of CPUs > 4 combine tx/rx queues to...
2009-11-14 Alexander Duyck igb: move timesync init into a seperate function
2009-11-14 Alexander Duyck igb: change type for ring sizes to u16 in igb_set_ring_...
2009-11-14 Wan ZongShun ARM: fix bug of checking on signed return value using...
2009-11-14 Eric Dumazet igmp: Use next_net_device_rcu()
2009-11-14 Eric Dumazet ipv6: use RCU to walk list of network devices
2009-11-14 William Allen... net: TCP_MSS_DEFAULT, TCP_MSS_DESIRED
2009-11-13 Patrick McHardy vlan/macvlan: propagate transmission state to upper...
2009-11-13 Patrick McHardy net: allow to propagate errors through ->ndo_hard_start...
2009-11-13 Joe Perches niu.c: Use correct length in strncmp
2009-11-12 Dmitry Eremin... ieee802154: make wpan-phy class registration to subsys_...
2009-11-12 Arnd Bergmann net/atm: move all compat_ioctl handling to atm/ioctl.c
2009-11-12 Arnd Bergmann net/compat: fix dev_ifsioc emulation corner cases
2009-11-12 Ben Dooks DM9000: Wake on LAN support
2009-11-12 Ali Gholami... ixgbe: r_idx not used in ixgbe_msix_clean_rx()
2009-11-12 stephen hemminger decnet: convert dndev_lock to spinlock
2009-11-12 stephen hemminger decnet: add RTNL lock when reading address list
2009-11-12 stephen hemminger netdev: fold name hash properly (v3)
2009-11-12 Ron Mercer qlge: Change version to v1.
2009-11-12 Ron Mercer qlge: Clean up module parameter name.
2009-11-12 Ron Mercer qlge: Add asic reset to open call.
2009-11-12 Ron Mercer qlge: Do not change frame routing during suspend.
2009-11-12 David S. Miller clocksource/timecompare: Fix symbol exports to be GPL'd.
2009-11-12 Anton Vorontsov gianfar: Revive SKB recycling
2009-11-12 Anton Vorontsov gianfar: Fix race between gfar_error() and gfar_start_x...
2009-11-12 Anton Vorontsov gianfar: Fix thinko in gfar_set_rx_stash_index()
2009-11-12 Anton Vorontsov gianfar: Fix build with CONFIG_PM=y
2009-11-12 Anton Vorontsov gianfar: Remove 'Interrupt problem!' warning
2009-11-12 Anton Vorontsov skbuff: Do not allow skb recycling with disabled IRQs
2009-11-12 David S. Miller ipv6: Remove unused var in inet6_dump_ifinfo()
2009-11-11 John W. Linville iwlwifi: fix iwl1000 "RTS/CTS for HT" merge damage
2009-11-11 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2009-11-11 stephen hemminger CAN: use dev_get_by_index_rcu
2009-11-11 stephen hemminger IPV4: use rcu to walk list of devices in IGMP
2009-11-11 stephen hemminger decnet: use RCU to find network devices
2009-11-11 stephen hemminger s390: use RCU to walk list of network devices
2009-11-11 stephen hemminger net: use rcu for network scheduler API
2009-11-11 stephen hemminger vlan: eliminate use of dev_base_lock
2009-11-11 stephen hemminger netdev: add netdev_continue_rcu
2009-11-11 Brian Haley IPv6: use ipv6_addr_v4mapped()
2009-11-11 Eric Dumazet parisc: led: Use for_each_netdev_rcu()
2009-11-11 Herbert Xu sit: Clean up DF code by copying from IPIP
2009-11-11 Eric Dumazet ipv6: Allow inet6_dump_addr() to handle more than 64...
2009-11-11 Eric Dumazet ipv6: speedup inet6_dump_ifinfo()
2009-11-11 Cyrill Gorcunov net: netlink_getname, packet_getname -- use DECLARE_SOC...
2009-11-11 Ben Hutchings usbnet: Set link down initially for drivers that update...
2009-11-11 Marin Mitov niu: Use DMA_BIT_MASK(44) instead of deprecated DMA_44B...
2009-11-11 Eric Dumazet udp: bind() optimisation
2009-11-11 Eilon Greenstein bnx2x: version 1.52.1-4
2009-11-11 Eilon Greenstein bnx2x: Change coalescing granularity to 4us
2009-11-11 Eilon Greenstein bnx2x: Remove misleading error print
2009-11-11 Eilon Greenstein bnx2x: GSO implies CSUM offload
2009-11-11 Rémi Denis... Phonet: allocate and copy for pipe TX without sock...
2009-11-11 Rémi Denis... Phonet: put sockets in a hash table
2009-11-11 Ben Hutchings speedfax: declare MODULE_FIRMWARE
2009-11-11 Ben Hutchings pcnet-cs: declare MODULE_FIRMWARE
2009-11-11 Ben Hutchings tms380tr: declare MODULE_FIRMWARE
2009-11-11 Ben Hutchings spider-net: declare MODULE_FIRMWARE
2009-11-11 Ben Hutchings myri10ge: declare MODULE_FIRMWARE
2009-11-11 Ben Hutchings cxgb3: declare MODULE_FIRMWARE
2009-11-11 Ben Hutchings bnx2x: declare MODULE_FIRMWARE
2009-11-11 Ben Hutchings ambassador: declare MODULE_FIRMWARE
2009-11-11 Ben Hutchings solos-pci: declare MODULE_FIRMWARE
2009-11-11 Ben Hutchings netx: declare MODULE_FIRMWARE
2009-11-10 Wey-Yi Guy iwlwifi: Fix issue on file transfer stalled in HT mode
2009-11-10 Wey-Yi Guy iwlwifi: Use RTS/CTS as the preferred protection mechan...
2009-11-10 Bing Zhao Libertas: fix issues while configuring host sleep using...
2009-11-10 Bing Zhao Libertas: coding style cleanup in ethtool.c
2009-11-10 Larry Finger rtl8187: Fix sparse warnings
2009-11-10 Bob Copeland ath5k: add LED definition for BenQ Joybook R55v
2009-11-10 Bob Copeland ath5k: add LED support for HP Compaq CQ60
2009-11-10 Bob Copeland ath5k: don't reset mcast filter when configuring the...
2009-11-10 Ivo van Doorn rt2x00: update MAINTAINERS
2009-11-10 Felix Fietkau b43: work around a locking issue in ->set_tim()
2009-11-10 Martin Fuzzey ssb-pcmcia: Fix 32bit register access in early bus...
2009-11-09 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2009-11-09 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2009-11-09 Yury Polyanskiy xfrm: SAD entries do not expire correctly after suspend...
2009-11-09 Arnd Bergmann net/compat_ioctl: support SIOCWANDEV