2009-01-16 Ben Nizette avr32: Fix out-of-range rcalls in large kernels
2009-01-16 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'sched-fixes-for-linus' of git://git....
2009-01-16 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2009-01-16 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2009-01-16 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'hwmon-for-linus' of git://jdelvare.pck...
2009-01-16 Roland Dreier 9p: disallow RDMA if RDMA CM isn't available
2009-01-16 Jan Kara ext2: also update the inode on disk when dir is IS_DIRSYNC
2009-01-16 David Brownell drivers/usb/core/hub.c: fix CONFIG_USB_OTG=y build
2009-01-16 Jaswinder Singh... include of <linux/types.h> is preferred over <asm/types.h>
2009-01-16 Li Zefan memcg: fix a race when setting memory.swappiness
2009-01-16 Li Zefan memcg: fix section mismatch
2009-01-16 Pavel Machek hp_accel: do not call ACPI from invalid context
2009-01-16 Pavel Machek lis3: fix documentation to fit into 80 columns
2009-01-16 Eric Piel lis3lv02d: merge with leds hp disk
2009-01-16 Andrew Morton lib/idr.c: use kmem_cache_zalloc() for the idr_layer...
2009-01-16 Ivan Kokshaysky alpha: make pte_alloc_one_kernel() inline
2009-01-16 Ivan Kokshaysky alpha: .gitignore
2009-01-16 Ivan Kokshaysky alpha: fix RTC on marvel
2009-01-16 Ivan Kokshaysky alpha: nautilus - fix hang on boot
2009-01-16 Ivan Kokshaysky alpha: nautilus - fix compile failure with gcc-4.3
2009-01-16 Andrew Morton revert "mm: vmalloc use mutex for purge"
2009-01-16 Daisuke Nishimura memcg: make oom less frequently
2009-01-16 Daisuke Nishimura memcg: fix hierarchical reclaim
2009-01-16 Daisuke Nishimura memcg: fix error path of mem_cgroup_move_parent
2009-01-16 Daisuke Nishimura memcg: fix mem_cgroup_get_reclaim_stat_from_page
2009-01-16 Alex Murray hwmon: applesmc: fix light sensor readings on newer...
2009-01-16 Andy Whitcroft checkpatch: version: 0.27
2009-01-16 Andy Whitcroft checkpatch: struct seq_operations should normally be...
2009-01-16 Andy Whitcroft checkpatch: if should not continue a preceeding brace
2009-01-16 Andy Whitcroft checkpatch: allow parentheses on return handle array...
2009-01-16 Andy Whitcroft checkpatch: type/cast spacing should not check prefix...
2009-01-16 Andy Whitcroft checkpatch: handle missing #if open in context
2009-01-16 Pavel Machek nbd: do not allow two clients at the same time
2009-01-16 Qinghuang Feng btrfs ...
2009-01-16 Pavel Machek MAINTAINERS: add entry for freezer
2009-01-16 Randy Dunlap resources: fix parameter name and kernel-doc
2009-01-16 Randy Dunlap jbd: fix missing kernel-doc
2009-01-16 Marcus Meissner Documentation/accounting/getdelays.c: fix endless loop
2009-01-16 Li Zefan idr: fix wrong kernel-doc
2009-01-16 Li Zefan cgroups: consolidate cgroup documents
2009-01-16 Li Zefan cgroups: clean up Kconfig
2009-01-16 Paul Fulghum synclink_gt: enable RI interrupt
2009-01-16 Dean Nelson sgi-xp: eliminate false detection of no heartbeat
2009-01-16 Matti Halme rtc: rtc-twl4030 don't mask alarm interrupts on shutdown
2009-01-16 Antonio Ospite rtc-pxa: fix build failure
2009-01-16 Alessandro... rtc: tw4030 add alarm/update interfaces
2009-01-16 Andy Whitcroft sysrq: add commentary on why we use the console logleve...
2009-01-16 Andy Whitcroft sysrq documentation: document why the command header...
2009-01-16 Andy Whitcroft sysrq documentation: remove the redundant updated date
2009-01-16 Mauro Carvalho... edac: add MAINTAINERS entry for i5400 EDAC driver
2009-01-16 Ivan Kokshaysky alpha: fix vmalloc breakage
2009-01-16 Michael Hennerich video/framebuffer: fix bug: jpegview cannot work on...
2009-01-16 Ben Dooks gpio: fix probe() error return in gpio driver probes
2009-01-16 Stanislaw Gruszka atmel_spi: allow transfer when max_speed_hz = 0
2009-01-16 Itai Levi atmel_serial: fix flow control bug
2009-01-16 Peter W Morreale Update of Documentation: vm.txt and proc.txt
2009-01-16 Linus Torvalds Revert "x86 PAT: remove CPA WARN_ON for zero pte"
2009-01-15 Eric Dumazet b44: GFP_DMA skb should not escape from driver
2009-01-15 Alistair John... hwmon: (abituguru3) Fix CONFIG_DMI=n fallback to probe
2009-01-15 Alistair John... hwmon: (abituguru3) Enable DMI probing feature on IN9...
2009-01-15 Alistair John... hwmon: (abituguru3) Match partial DMI board name strings
2009-01-15 Jordan Crouse hwmon: Add a driver for the ADT7475 hardware monitoring...
2009-01-15 Andreas Herrmann hwmon: (k8temp) Fix temperature reporting for (most...
2009-01-15 Andreas Herrmann hwmon: (k8temp) Fix wrong sensor selection for AMD...
2009-01-15 Andreas Herrmann hwmon: (k8temp) Warn about fam F rev F errata
2009-01-15 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'release' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2009-01-15 David Woodhouse CREDITS address update for dwmw2.
2009-01-15 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-01-15 Denis Joseph... hso serial throttled tty kref fix.
2009-01-15 Denis Joseph... tty: Fix double grabbing of a spinlock
2009-01-15 Alan Cox tty: Fix a kref leak in the HSO driver on re-open
2009-01-15 Jim Paris ftdi_sio: fix kref leak
2009-01-15 Mischa Jonker When a break signal is detected, the next character...
2009-01-15 Daniel Gagnon serial: Add SupraExpress 336i PnP Voice Modem
2009-01-15 Jiri Slaby 8250_pci: add support for netmos 9835 IBM devices
2009-01-15 Alan Cox tty: Fix race in the flush for some ldiscs
2009-01-15 Lin Ming sched: sched_slice() fixlet
2009-01-15 John Keller [IA64] SN specific version of dma_get_required_mask()
2009-01-15 Brent Casavant [IA64] generic_defconfig: Enable SATA_VITESSE
2009-01-15 Doug Chapman [IA64] dump stack on kernel unaligned warnings
2009-01-15 Tony Luck [IA64] Turn on CONFIG_HAVE_UNSTABLE_CLOCK
2009-01-15 Isaku Yamahata [IA64] Update to use account_{steal,idle}_ticks
2009-01-15 Phil Sutter korina: do not use IRQF_SHARED with IRQF_DISABLED
2009-01-15 Phil Sutter korina: do not stop queue here
2009-01-15 Phil Sutter korina: fix handling tx_chain_tail
2009-01-15 Phil Sutter korina: do tx at the right position
2009-01-15 Phil Sutter korina: do schedule napi after testing for it
2009-01-15 Phil Sutter korina: rework korina_rx() for use with napi
2009-01-15 Phil Sutter korina: disable napi on close and restart
2009-01-15 Phil Sutter korina: reset resource buffer size to 1536
2009-01-15 Phil Sutter korina: fix usage of driver_data
2009-01-15 Eilon Greenstein bnx2x: First slow path interrupt race
2009-01-15 Eilon Greenstein bnx2x: MTU Filter
2009-01-15 Eilon Greenstein bnx2x: Indirection table initialization index
2009-01-15 Eilon Greenstein bnx2x: Missing brackets
2009-01-15 Eilon Greenstein bnx2x: Fixing the doorbell size
2009-01-15 Eilon Greenstein bnx2x: Endianness issues
2009-01-15 Eilon Greenstein bnx2x: VLAN tagged packets without VLAN offload
2009-01-15 Eilon Greenstein bnx2x: Protecting the link change indication
2009-01-15 Eilon Greenstein bnx2x: Flow control updated before reporting the link