2009-03-26 Michael Holzheu [S390] Ensure that ipl panic notifier is called late.
2009-03-26 Christian Ehrhardt [S390] fix dfp elf hwcap/facility bit detection
2009-03-26 Heiko Carstens [S390] smp: perform initial cpu reset before starting...
2009-03-26 Heiko Carstens [S390] smp: fix memory leak on __cpu_up
2009-03-26 Michael Holzheu [S390] ipl: Improve checking logic and remove switch...
2009-03-26 Michael Holzheu [S390] s390dbf: Remove needless check for NULL pointer.
2009-03-26 Michael Holzheu [S390] s390dbf: Remove redundant initilizations.
2009-03-26 Johannes Weiner [S390] use kzfree()
2009-03-26 Stoyan Gaydarov [S390] BUG to BUG_ON changes
2009-03-26 Michael Holzheu [S390] zfcpdump: Prevent zcore from beeing built as...
2009-03-26 Frank Munzert [S390] Use csum_partial in checksum.h
2009-03-26 Martin Schwidefsky [S390] cleanup lowcore.h
2009-03-26 Martin Schwidefsky [S390] eliminate ipl_device from lowcore
2009-03-26 Martin Schwidefsky [S390] eliminate cpuinfo_S390 structure
2009-03-26 Christian Borntraeger [S390] Fix comments in lowcore structure
2009-03-26 Dan Smith [S390] Expose a constant for the number of words repres...
2009-03-26 Eric Sesterhenn [S390] list usage cleanup in s390
2009-03-26 Carsten Otte [S390] tape message cleanup
2009-03-26 Heiko Carstens [S390] use compiler builtin versions of strlen/strcpy...
2009-03-26 Martin Schwidefsky [S390] module function call optimization
2009-03-26 Heiko Carstens [S390] bitops: remove likely annotations
2009-03-26 Hendrik Brueckner [S390] remove duplicate nul-termination of string
2009-03-26 Rusty Russell [S390] allow usage of string functions in linux/string.h
2009-03-26 Jan Glauber [S390] qdio: merge inbound and outbound handler functions
2009-03-26 Jan Glauber [S390] qdio: report SIGA errors directly
2009-03-26 Jan Glauber [S390] qdio: tasklet termination in case of module...
2009-03-26 Jan Glauber [S390] qdio: seperate last move index and polling index
2009-03-26 Jan Glauber [S390] qdio: move ACK to newest buffer for devices...
2009-03-26 Jan Glauber [S390] qdio: call qdio_free also if qdio_shutdown fails
2009-03-26 Jan Glauber [S390] qdio: proper kill of qdio tasklets
2009-03-26 Jan Glauber [S390] qdio: Dont call qdio_shutdown in case qdio_activ...
2009-03-26 Jan Glauber [S390] qdio: add missing tiq_list locking
2009-03-26 Felix Beck [S390] Add zcrypt section in MAINTAINERS
2009-03-26 Gerald Schaefer [S390] kernel: Disable switch_amode by default
2009-03-26 Martin Schwidefsky [S390] clock sync mode flags
2009-03-26 Peter Oberparleiter [S390] cio: prevent workqueue deadlock
2009-03-26 Sebastian Ott [S390] cio: remove unused local variable
2009-03-26 Peter Oberparleiter [S390] cio: incorrect status check in interrogate function
2009-03-26 Sebastian Ott [S390] cio: fix rc generation after chsc call
2009-03-26 Sebastian Ott [S390] cio: fix wrong buffer access in cio_ignore_write
2009-03-26 Sebastian Ott [S390] cio: ccw group fix unbind behaviour.
2009-03-26 Sebastian Ott [S390] cio: fix sanity checks in ccwgroup driver.
2009-03-26 Sebastian Ott [S390] cio: ccw group online store - report rcs to...
2009-03-26 Sebastian Ott [S390] cio: airq - fix array boundary
2009-03-26 Sebastian Ott [S390] cio: device scan oom fallback.
2009-03-26 Heiko Carstens [S390] cio: ensure single load of irq handler pointer
2009-03-26 Heiko Carstens [S390] cio/crw: add/fix locking
2009-03-26 Sebastian Ott [S390] cio: ccw device online store - report rc from...
2009-03-26 Cornelia Huck [S390] cio: Use ccw_device_set_notoper().
2009-03-26 Cornelia Huck [S390] cio: Try harder to disable subchannel.
2009-03-26 Cornelia Huck [S390] cio: Use unbind/bind instead of unregister/register.
2009-03-26 Heiko Carstens [S390] move EXPORT_SYMBOLs to definitions
2009-03-26 Heiko Carstens [S390] convert bitmap definitions to C
2009-03-26 Heiko Carstens [S390] Remove CONFIG_MACHCHK_WARNING.
2009-03-26 Heiko Carstens [S390] split/move machine check handler code
2009-03-26 Sachin Sant [S390] Fix appldata build break with !NET
2009-03-26 Heiko Carstens [S390] ftrace: dont trace machine check handler
2009-03-26 Christian Borntraeger [S390] Fix hypervisor detection for KVM
2009-03-26 Carsten Otte [S390] check addressing mode in s390_enable_sie
2009-03-26 Christian Borntraeger [S390] lockdep: trace hardirq off in smp_send_stop
2009-03-26 Hendrik Brueckner [S390] hvc_iucv: Provide IUCV z/VM user ID filtering
2009-03-26 Hendrik Brueckner [S390] hvc_iucv: Update and add missing kernel messages
2009-03-26 Heiko Carstens [S390] cputime: initialize per thread timer values...
2009-03-26 Heiko Carstens [S390] arch/s390/kernel/process.c: fix whitespace damage
2009-03-26 Heiko Carstens [S390] delete drivers/s390/ebcdic.c
2009-03-26 Heiko Carstens [S390] move sysinfo.c from drivers/s390 to arch/s390...
2009-03-26 Stefan Haberland [S390] dasd: message cleanup
2009-03-26 Stefan Weinhuber [S390] dasd: add High Performance FICON support
2009-03-26 Stefan Weinhuber [S390] dasd: add large volume support
2009-03-26 Jean-Baptiste... [S390] dasd_eckd / Write format R0 is now allowed BB
2009-03-26 Heiko Carstens [S390] dasd: enable compat ioctls
2009-03-26 Heiko Carstens [S390] page fault: invoke oom-killer
2009-03-26 Frank Munzert [S390] Automatic IPL after dump
2009-03-26 Christian Borntraeger [S390] fix dump_stack vs. %p and (null)
2009-03-23 Linus Torvalds Linux 2.6.29
2009-03-23 Kyle McMartin Build with -fno-dwarf2-cfi-asm
2009-03-23 Jody McIntyre trivial: fix orphan dates in ext2 documentation
2009-03-23 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2009-03-23 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2009-03-23 Miklos Szeredi fix ptrace slowness
2009-03-23 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'merge' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2009-03-23 Kumar Gala powerpc/mm: Fix Respect _PAGE_COHERENT on classic ppc32...
2009-03-23 Anton Vorontsov ucc_geth: Fix oops when using fixed-link support
2009-03-23 David Brownell dm9000: locking bugfix
2009-03-23 Stephen Rothwell net: update dnet.c for bus_id removal
2009-03-22 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/sam/kbuild-fixes
2009-03-22 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'fix-includes' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-03-22 Gertjan van... Update my email address
2009-03-22 Tyler Hicks eCryptfs: NULL crypt_stat dereference during lookup
2009-03-22 Tyler Hicks eCryptfs: Allocate a variable number of pages for file...
2009-03-22 Benjamin Herrenschmidt radeonfb: Whack the PCI PM register until it sticks
2009-03-21 Ilya Yanok dnet: DNET should depend on HAS_IOMEM
2009-03-21 Maciej Sosnowski dca: add missing copyright/license headers
2009-03-20 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2009-03-20 Jouni Malinen nl80211: Check that function pointer != NULL before...
2009-03-20 Stephen Hemminger sungem: missing net_device_ops
2009-03-20 Sathya Perla be2net: fix to restore vlan ids into BE2 during a IF...
2009-03-20 Sathya Perla be2net: replenish when posting to rx-queue is starved...
2009-03-19 Jeff Moyer aio: lookup_ioctx can return the wrong value when looki...
2009-03-19 Davide Libenzi eventfd: remove fput() call from possible IRQ context