2009-04-24 David Howells MN10300: Update the ASB2303 defconfig
2009-04-24 Jonathan Corbet Delete slow-work timers properly
2009-04-24 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2009-04-24 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2009-04-24 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'merge' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2009-04-24 Oleg Nesterov check_unsafe_exec: s/lock_task_sighand/rcu_read_lock/
2009-04-24 Oleg Nesterov do_execve() must not clear fs->in_exec if it was set...
2009-04-22 David S. Miller sparc: Fix bus type probing for ESP and LE devices.
2009-04-22 Pablo Neira... netfilter: ctnetlink: fix gcc warning during compilation
2009-04-22 Jean Delvare net/netrom: Fix socket locking
2009-04-22 Paul Moore netlabel: Always remove the correct address selector
2009-04-22 Heiko Schocher ucc_geth.c: Fix upsmr setting in RMII mode
2009-04-22 Jianjun kong 8139too: fix HW initial flow
2009-04-22 Hendrik Brueckner af_iucv: Fix race when queuing incoming iucv messages
2009-04-22 Hendrik Brueckner af_iucv: Test additional sk states in iucv_sock_shutdown
2009-04-22 Hendrik Brueckner af_iucv: Reject incoming msgs if RECV_SHUTDOWN is set
2009-04-22 Hendrik Brueckner af_iucv: fix oops in iucv_sock_recvmsg() for MSG_PEEK...
2009-04-22 Ursula Braun af_iucv: consider state IUCV_CLOSING when closing a...
2009-04-22 Bartlomiej... powerpc: Fix modular build of ide-pmac when mediabay...
2009-04-22 Geoff Levand powerpc/pasemi: Fix build error on UP
2009-04-22 Alexander Beregalov powerpc: Make macintosh/mediabay driver depend on CONFI...
2009-04-22 Geoff Levand maintainers: Fix PS3 patterns
2009-04-22 Geoff Levand powerpc/ps3: Fix CONFIG_PS3_FLASH=n build warning
2009-04-22 Andreas Schwab powerpc/32: Don't clobber personality flags on exec
2009-04-22 Michael Ellerman powerpc: Fix crash on CPU hotplug
2009-04-22 Linus Torvalds Linux 2.6.30-rc3
2009-04-22 Paul Mackerras Merge branch 'merge' of git://
2009-04-22 Arjan van de Ven driver synchronization: make scsi_wait_scan more advanced
2009-04-22 Jonathan Corbet Trivial: fix a typo in slow-work.h
2009-04-22 David Howells PERCPU: Collect the DECLARE/DEFINE declarations together
2009-04-22 David Howells FRV: Fix the section attribute on UP DECLARE_PER_CPU()
2009-04-21 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/mason/btrfs-unstable
2009-04-21 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'i2c-for-linus' of git://jdelvare.pck...
2009-04-21 Kumar Gala powerpc/85xx: Remove defconfigs that mpc85xx_{smp_...
2009-04-21 Kumar Gala powerpc/85xx: Added SMP defconfig
2009-04-21 Kumar Gala powerpc/85xx: Enabled a bunch of FSL specific drivers...
2009-04-21 Kumar Gala powerpc/85xx: Updated generic mpc85xx_defconfig
2009-04-21 Reinette Chatre iwlwifi: DMA fixes
2009-04-21 Reinette Chatre iwlwifi: add debugging for TX path
2009-04-21 Rami Rosen mwl8: fix build warning.
2009-04-21 Johannes Berg mac80211: fix alignment calculation bug
2009-04-21 Reinette Chatre mac80211: do not print WARN if config interface
2009-04-21 Reinette Chatre iwl3945: use cancel_delayed_work_sync to cancel rfkill_poll
2009-04-21 Jay Sternberg iwlwifi: fix EEPROM validation mask to include OTP...
2009-04-21 Roel Kluin bfin_5xx: misplaced parentheses
2009-04-21 KOSAKI Motohiro vmscan,memcg: reintroduce sc->may_swap
2009-04-21 Dave Jiang edac: ppc mpc85xx fix mc err detect
2009-04-21 Eric Paris scsi: mpt: suppress debugobjects warning
2009-04-21 Robin Holt sgi-xp/sgi-gru: allow modules to load on non-uv systems
2009-04-21 WANG Cong uml: kill a kconfig warning
2009-04-21 David Howells frv: insert PCI root bus resources for the MB93090...
2009-04-21 Krzysztof Halasa rtc-cmos: fix printk output
2009-04-21 David Brownell spi: documentation: emphasise spi_setup() semantics
2009-04-21 Robert P. J... MAINTAINERS: add a more searchable string for the H8300...
2009-04-21 Matt Mackall MAINTAINERS: add Matt Mackall to embedded maintainers
2009-04-21 Roel Kluin spi: pxa2xx: limit reaches -1
2009-04-21 Joe Perches MAINTAINERS: update KMEMTRACE pattern after file rename
2009-04-21 Joe Perches MAINTAINERS: remove include/asm-*/suspend* file patterns
2009-04-21 Daniel Ribeiro pxa2xx_spi: restore DRCMR on resume
2009-04-21 Helge Deller drivers/input/serio/hp_sdc.c: fix crash when removing...
2009-04-21 KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki memcg: use rcu_dereference to access mm->owner
2009-04-21 Akinobu Mita hugetlbfs: return negative error code for bad mount...
2009-04-21 dann frazier ipmi: add oem message handling
2009-04-21 Corey Minyard ipmi: fix statistics counting issues
2009-04-21 Corey Minyard ipmi: test for event buffer before using
2009-04-21 Corey Minyard ipmi: fix platform return check
2009-04-21 Magnus Damm clocksource: add enable() and disable() callbacks
2009-04-21 Magnus Damm clocksource: pass clocksource to read() callback
2009-04-21 Denis V. Lunev pxafb: lcsr1 is unused without CONFIG_FB_PXA_OVERLAY
2009-04-21 Vlada Peric asiliantfb: add missing return statement
2009-04-21 Timur Tabi powerpc: don't disable SATA interrupts on Freescale...
2009-04-21 Anton Vorontsov fsl_rio: Pass the proper device to dma mapping routines
2009-04-21 Jean Delvare go7007: Convert to the new i2c device binding model
2009-04-21 Chris Mason Btrfs: fix btrfs fallocate oops and deadlock
2009-04-21 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/steve/gfs2-2.6-fixes
2009-04-21 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'sh/for-2.6.30' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-04-21 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-04-21 Thomas Bogendoerfer Fix SYSCALL_ALIAS for older MIPS assembler
2009-04-21 Trond Myklebust NFS: Fix the XDR iovec calculation in nfs3_xdr_setaclargs
2009-04-21 Johannes Berg atmel: fix netdev ops conversion
2009-04-21 Ken Kawasaki pcnet_cs: add cis(firmware) of the Allied Telesis LA-PCM
2009-04-21 Roland Dreier mlx4_en: Fix cleanup if workqueue create in mlx4_en_add...
2009-04-21 Yevgeny Petrilin mlx4_en: Move to SW counters for total bytes and packets
2009-04-21 Yevgeny Petrilin mlx4_en: use NETIF_F_IP_CSUM | NETIF_F_IPV6_CSUM for...
2009-04-21 Yevgeny Petrilin mlx4_en: Assign dummy event handler for TX queue
2009-04-21 Yevgeny Petrilin mlx4_en: Fix a race at restart task
2009-04-21 Yevgeny Petrilin mlx4_en: Fix error handling while activating RX rings
2009-04-21 Paul Mundt Merge branch 'sh/stable-updates' into sh/for-2.6.30
2009-04-21 Al Viro reiserfs: fix j_last_flush_trans_id type
2009-04-21 Tetsuo Handa fs: Mark get_filesystem_list() as __init function.
2009-04-21 Christoph Hellwig kill vfs_stat_fd / vfs_lstat_fd
2009-04-21 Oleg Drokin Separate out common fstatat code into vfs_fstatat
2009-04-21 Li Zefan ecryptfs: use memdup_user()
2009-04-21 Li Zefan ncpfs: use memdup_user()
2009-04-21 Li Zefan xfs: use memdup_user()
2009-04-21 Li Zefan sysfs: use memdup_user()
2009-04-21 Li Zefan btrfs: use memdup_user()
2009-04-21 Li Zefan xattr: use memdup_user()
2009-04-21 Al Viro autofs4: use memchr() in invalid_string()
2009-04-21 Adrian McMenamin Documentation/filesystems: remove out of date reference...