2006-03-23 Alexey Dobriyan [PATCH] sysv: switch to inode_inc_count, inode_dec_count
2006-03-23 Alexey Dobriyan [PATCH] minix: switch to inode_inc_link_count, inode_de...
2006-03-23 Alexey Dobriyan [PATCH] Extract inode_inc_link_count(), inode_dec_link_...
2006-03-23 Alexey Dobriyan [PATCH] fs/ufs/file.c: drop insane header dependencies
2006-03-23 Oleg Nesterov [PATCH] sigprocmask: kill unneeded temp var
2006-03-23 Jes Sorensen [PATCH] snsc kmalloc2kzalloc
2006-03-23 Arjan van de Ven [PATCH] fat_lock is used as a mutex, convert it to...
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] oss: semaphore to mutex conversion
2006-03-23 Ashutosh Naik [PATCH] kernel/module.c Semaphore to Mutex Conversion...
2006-03-23 Arjan van de Ven [PATCH] sem2mutex: drivers/ide
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sem2mutex: serial ->port_write_mutex
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sem2mutex: UDF
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sem2mutex: NCPFS
2006-03-23 Arjan van de Ven [PATCH] convert ext3's truncate_sem to a mutex
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sem2mutex: HPFS
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sem2mutex: autofs4 wq_sem
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sem2mutex: JFFS
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sem2mutex: sound/oss/
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sem2mutex: drivers/block/nbd.c
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sem2mutex: drivers/block/loop.c
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sem2mutex: fs/seq_file.c
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sem2mutex: fs/libfs.c
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sem2mutex: kprobes
2006-03-23 Arjan van de Ven [PATCH] sem2mutex: jbd, j_checkpoint_mutex
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sem2mutex: iprune
2006-03-23 Arjan van de Ven [PATCH] sem2mutex: vfs_rename_mutex
2006-03-23 Arjan van de Ven [PATCH] sem2mutex: eventpoll
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sem2mutex: tty
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sem2mutex: inotify
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sem2mutex: quota
2006-03-23 Arjan van de Ven [PATCH] sem2mutex: blockdev #2
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sem2mutex: drivers/char/
2006-03-23 Jes Sorensen [PATCH] sem2mutex: drivers/block/floppy.c
2006-03-23 Jes Sorensen [PATCH] sem2mutex: drivers/block/pktcdvd.c
2006-03-23 Arjan van de Ven [PATCH] sem2mutex: kernel/
2006-03-23 Jes Sorensen [PATCH] sem2mutex: drivers/scsi/ide-scsi.c
2006-03-23 Arjan van de Ven [PATCH] sem2mutex: drivers: raw, connector, dcdbas...
2006-03-23 Arjan van de Ven [PATCH] sem2mutex: kcapi.c
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] convert fs/9p/ to mutexes, fix locking bugs
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] convert kernel/rcupdate.c:rcu_barrier_sema...
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] kernel/cpuset.c, mutex conversion
2006-03-23 Jan Kara [PATCH] Fix oops in invalidate_dquots()
2006-03-23 Kyle McMartin [PATCH] Move read_mostly definition to asm/cache.h
2006-03-23 Christoph Hellwig [PATCH] kill cdrom ->dev_ioctl method
2006-03-23 Christoph Hellwig [PATCH] cleanup cdrom_ioctl
2006-03-23 Ravikiran G... [PATCH] Avoid taking global tasklist_lock for single...
2006-03-23 Eric Dumazet [PATCH] Shrinks sizeof(files_struct) and better layout
2006-03-23 Andrew Morton [PATCH] ext3_readdir: use generic readahead
2006-03-23 Jean Delvare [PATCH] m68k: rtc driver cleanup
2006-03-23 Luca Tettamanti [PATCH] swsusp: add s2ram ioctl to userland interface
2006-03-23 Rafael J. Wysocki [PATCH] swsusp: let userland tools switch console on...
2006-03-23 Rafael J. Wysocki [PATCH] swsusp: add check for suspension of X-controlle...
2006-03-23 Shaohua Li [PATCH] swsusp: drain high mem pages
2006-03-23 Rafael J. Wysocki [PATCH] swsusp: finally solve mysqld problem
2006-03-23 Pavel Machek [PATCH] suspend: make progress printing prettier
2006-03-23 Rafael J. Wysocki [PATCH] swsusp: freeze user space processes first
2006-03-23 Rafael J. Wysocki [PATCH] swsusp: userland interface
2006-03-23 Pavel Machek [PATCH] swsusp: documentation updates
2006-03-23 Randy Dunlap [PATCH] kernel/power: move externs to header files
2006-03-23 Rafael J. Wysocki [PATCH] swsusp: separate swap-writing/reading code
2006-03-23 Rafael J. Wysocki [PATCH] swsusp: low level interface
2006-03-23 Andrew Morton [PATCH] revert "swsusp: fix breakage with swap on lvm"
2006-03-23 Ashok Raj [PATCH] x86 topology: don;t create a control file for...
2006-03-23 Markus Gutschke [PATCH] x86: Make _syscallX() macros compile in PIC...
2006-03-23 Adrian Bunk [PATCH] x86: some fixups for the X86_NUMAQ dependencies
2006-03-23 Chuck Ebbert [PATCH] i386 spinlocks: disable interrupts only if...
2006-03-23 Shaohua Li [PATCH] x86: deterine xapic using apic version
2006-03-23 Shaohua Li [PATCH] x86: cpuid.4 doesn't need cpu level 5
2006-03-23 Chuck Ebbert [PATCH] i386: fix dump_stack()
2006-03-23 Jan Beulich [PATCH] i386: cleanup after cpu_gdt_descr conversion...
2006-03-23 Jesper Juhl [PATCH] Fix the imlicit declaration of mtrr_centaur_rep...
2006-03-23 Jesper Juhl [PATCH] fix implicit declaration of GET_APIC_ID in...
2006-03-23 Chuck Ebbert [PATCH] i386: more vsyscall documentation
2006-03-23 Chuck Ebbert [PATCH] i386: fix singlestep through an int80 syscall
2006-03-23 Jan Beulich [PATCH] i386: fix uses of user_mode() vs. user_mode_vm()
2006-03-23 Jan Beulich [PATCH] i386: actively synchronize vmalloc area when...
2006-03-23 Stas Sergeev [PATCH] Register the boot-cpu in the cpu maps earlier
2006-03-23 Andrew Morton [PATCH] x86: early_printk(): remove MAX_YPOS and MAX_XP...
2006-03-23 Chuck Ebbert [PATCH] x86: start early_printk at sensible screen row
2006-03-23 Stas Sergeev [PATCH] x86: early printk handling fixes
2006-03-23 Chuck Ebbert [PATCH] i386: let signal handlers set the resume flag
2006-03-23 Chuck Ebbert [PATCH] i386: Don't let ptrace set the nested task bit
2006-03-23 Jean Delvare [PATCH] i386 traps: merge printk calls
2006-03-23 Chris Wright [PATCH] i386: remove duplicate declaration of mp_bus_id...
2006-03-23 Natalie.Protasevich... [PATCH] Compilation fix for ES7000 when no ACPI is...
2006-03-23 Chuck Ebbert [PATCH] i386: fall back to sensible CPU model name
2006-03-23 Eric W. Biederman [PATCH] i386: Add a temporary to make put_user more...
2006-03-23 Chuck Ebbert [PATCH] i386: allow disabling X86_FEATURE_SEP at boot
2006-03-23 Chuck Ebbert [PATCH] i386: __devinit should be __cpuinit
2006-03-23 Gerd Hoffmann [PATCH] x86: SMP alternatives
2006-03-23 Chuck Ebbert [PATCH] i386: multi-column stack backtraces
2006-03-23 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] Make CONFIG_REGPARM enabled by default
2006-03-23 Adrian Bunk [PATCH] i386: let REGPARM no longer depend on EXPERIMENTAL
2006-03-23 Davi Arnaut [PATCH] Bug fixes and cleanup for the BSD Secure Levels LSM
2006-03-23 Patrick McHardy [PATCH] cciss: fix use-after-free in cciss_init_one
2006-03-23 NeilBrown [PATCH] DM: Fix bug: BIO_RW_BARRIER requests to md...
2006-03-23 Anton Blanchard [PATCH] fix scheduler deadlock
2006-03-23 Neil Horman [PATCH] proc: fix duplicate line in /proc/devices
2006-03-23 Nick Piggin [PATCH] sparc64: fix set_page_count merge clash
2006-03-23 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/paulus/powerpc