2012-04-18 Steffen Klassert padata: Use the online cpumask as the default
2012-04-18 Steffen Klassert padata: Add a reference to the api documentation
2012-04-18 Andrew Morton powerpc/eeh: Fix use of set_current_state() in eeh...
2012-04-18 Oleg Nesterov powerpc/eeh: Remove eeh_event_handler()->daemonize()
2012-04-18 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc/kvm: Fallout from system.h disintegration
2012-04-18 Stephen Rothwell powerpc: Fix fallout from system.h split up
2012-04-18 Uwe Kleine... powerpc: Mark const init data with __initconst instead...
2012-04-18 Dave Liu powerpc/qe: Update the SNUM table for MPC8569 Rev2.0
2012-04-18 Diana CRACIUN powerpc/dts: Removed fsl,msi property from dts.
2012-04-18 Timur Tabi powerpc/epapr: add "memory" as a clobber to all hypercalls
2012-04-18 Shaveta Leekha powerpc/85xx: Enable I2C_CHARDEV and I2C_MPC options...
2012-04-18 Jerry Huang powerpc/85xx: add the P1020UTM-PC DTS support
2012-04-18 Jerry Huang powerpc/85xx: add the P1020MBG-PC DTS support
2012-04-18 Timur Tabi powerpc/8xxx: remove 85xx/86xx restrictions from fsl_guts.h
2012-04-18 Rusty Russell cpumask: remove old cpu_*_map.
2012-04-18 Rusty Russell documentation: remove references to cpu_*_map.
2012-04-18 Rusty Russell drivers/cpufreq/db8500-cpufreq: remove references to...
2012-04-18 Rusty Russell remove references to cpu_*_map in arch/
2012-04-18 Varun Wadekar usb: otg: tegra: fix usage of "struct usb_otg"
2012-04-18 Varun Wadekar usb: class: cdc-acm: fix compilation errors
2012-04-18 Varun Wadekar ARM: tegra30: pcie: add MEM_SIZE_x, MEM_BASE_x and...
2012-04-18 Jon Mayo Revert "video: tegra: dc: load video mode during vblank"
2012-04-18 Venu Byravarasu usb: otg: tegra: set & read otg state with sysfs
2012-04-18 Liang Cheng ARM: tegra: add several other sysfs/debugfs params
2012-04-18 Alex Frid ARM: tegra: clock: Apply shared bus ceiling always
2012-04-18 Shridhar Rasal cpufreq: interactive: change timer rate
2012-04-18 Preetham Chandru usb: ehci: tegra: use suspend_noirq()/resume_noirq()
2012-04-18 Ali Ekici arm: tegra: Cardhu: E1198 DirectTouch setup
2012-04-18 Vinayak Pane USB: cdc-acm: disconnect stuck issue and acm_tty_open...
2012-04-18 Shawn Joo(Seongho) net: usb: raw-ip: check invalid reference
2012-04-18 Seongho Joo arm: tegra: xmm: add shutdown handler to off cp
2012-04-18 Seongho Joo arm: tegra: xmm: modify CP power sequence
2012-04-18 Hiroshi DOYU video: tegra: nvmap: Disable CONFIG_NVMAP_ALLOW_SYSMEM
2012-04-18 Vinayak Pane usb: serial: baseband: Restructure open and close
2012-04-18 Vinayak Pane usb: cdc-acm: fix anchored urb leak
2012-04-18 Vinayak Pane arm: tegra: baseband: check usb intf after resume
2012-04-18 Vinayak Pane net: usb: raw-ip: do not free skb if TX_BUSY flag set
2012-04-18 Dan Willemsen input: keyboard: fully remove interrupt_key driver
2012-04-18 Dan Willemsen regulator: gpio-switch: Fully remove
2012-04-18 Amit Kamath crypto: tegra-aes: schedule single work handler
2012-04-18 Hiroshi DOYU iommu/tegra: smmu: Print device name correctly
2012-04-18 Manoj Gangwal asoc: codecs: rt5639/40: Fix false Headset detection
2012-04-18 Nagarjuna Kristam HID: hid-sony: set sony PS3 controller LEDs over bluetooth
2012-04-18 Manoj Chourasia tegra3: p1852: Update defconfig.
2012-04-18 Mursalin Akon arm:tegra[3]:config: power up wifi chip at boot
2012-04-18 Mursalin Akon arm:tegra[3]: power up wifi chip at boot
2012-04-18 Mursalin Akon arm:tegra[3]: make embedded_sdio platform data conditional
2012-04-18 Mursalin Akon mmc:host:tegra: make embedded sdio code conditional
2012-04-18 Stephen Warren regmap: fix compile errors in regmap-irq.c due to strid...
2012-04-18 Stephen Warren regmap: implement register striding
2012-04-18 Stephen Warren regmap: fix compilation when !CONFIG_DEBUG_FS
2012-04-18 Stephen Warren regmap: allow regmap instances to be named
2012-04-18 Stephen Warren regmap: validate regmap_raw_read/write val_len
2012-04-18 Stephen Warren regmap: mmio: remove some error checks now in the core
2012-04-18 Stephen Warren regmap: mmio: convert some error returns to BUG()
2012-04-18 Stephen Warren regmap: add MMIO bus support
2012-04-18 Stephen Warren regmap: introduce fast_io busses, and use a spinlock...
2012-04-18 Stephen Warren regmap: introduce explicit bus_context for bus callbacks
2012-04-18 Mark Brown regmap: Export regcache_sync_region()
2012-04-18 Marc Reilly regmap: Use pad_bits and reg_bits when determining...
2012-04-18 Marc Reilly regmap: Add support for device with 24 data bits.
2012-04-18 Lars-Peter... regmap: rbtree: Fix register default look-up in sync
2012-04-18 Akinobu Mita bitops: remove for_each_set_bit_cont()
2012-04-18 Mark Brown regmap: Fix rbtree block base in sync
2012-04-18 Mark Brown regmap: Fix x86_64 breakage
2012-04-18 Mark Brown regmap: Supply ranges to the sync operations
2012-04-18 Stephen Warren regmap: prevent division by zero in rbtree_show
2012-04-18 Nitin Bindal arch: arm: configs: Disable Custom Regulatory
2012-04-18 Joshua Primero drivers: hwmon: tsensor: Enable tsensor hw reset
2012-04-18 Prashant Gaikwad arm: tegra3: defconfig: Enable function tracer
2012-04-18 Nitin Bindal drivers: net: bcmdhd: enable CRD through kernel config
2012-04-18 Juha Tukkinen ARM: tegra: fuse: Use module_param_cb
2012-04-18 Juha Tukkinen video: tegra: nvavp: Remove T30 A01 workaround
2012-04-18 Juha Tukkinen ARM: tegra: common: Remove T30 A01 SMMU workaround
2012-04-18 Ramalingam C arch: ARM: Tegra: removing the akm8975 driver
2012-04-18 Mohan T arm: tegra: enterprise: Firmware update support for...
2012-04-18 Antti P Miettinen ARM: tegra: power: Cancel hotplug work upon disable
2012-04-18 Antti P Miettinen tracing: Add tracepoints for cluster switch
2012-04-18 Seshendra Gadagottu arm: tegra: xmm: CP wakeup and system suspend
2012-04-18 Antti P Miettinen tracing: Add tracepoints for CPU scaling
2012-04-18 Antti P Miettinen tracing: Add tracepoints for hotplug
2012-04-18 Venu Byravarasu usb: host: tegra: regrouping ehci functions
2012-04-18 Jonathan Roux usb: cdc_ether: Add new product id for the 5AE profile
2012-04-18 vjagadish misc: tegra-cryptodev: Enhancement to support user...
2012-04-18 Kevin Huang video: tegra: fb: Add interface to nvdps.
2012-04-18 Jon Mayo ARM: tegra: cardhu: add multiple LCD modes
2012-04-18 Jon Mayo video: tegra: dc: load video mode during vblank
2012-04-18 Sanjay Singh... video: tegra: resolve compilation time warnings
2012-04-18 Prashant Gaikwad arm: tegra20: pm: Reduce CPU min voltage to 0.8V
2012-04-18 Ray Poudrier ARM: tegra: cardhu: integrate latest mem tables
2012-04-18 Prashant Gaikwad arm: tegra: dvfs: optimized bin0 entries
2012-04-18 Chandler Zhang power: max17048: correct i2c error handling
2012-04-18 Syed Rafiuddin power: max17048: addition of new properties
2012-04-18 Ravindra Lokhande arm: tegra: whistler: use common platform data struct
2012-04-18 Ravindra Lokhande asoc: wm8753 machine: use common platform data
2012-04-18 Laxman Dewangan video: tegra: dtv: Remove check for dma req list before...
2012-04-18 Mursalin Akon config: tegra[3]: enable devtmpfs
2012-04-18 Alok Chauhan regulator: max8907: Add driver specific data for regulator
2012-04-18 Alok Chauhan arm: tegra: Add delay support in regulator
2012-04-18 Mayuresh Kulkarni video: tegra: host: move resources to devices