2008-04-29 Pierre Peiffer IPC: use ipc_buildid() directly from ipc_addid()
2008-04-29 Randy Dunlap doc: fix DMA-API function parameters
2008-04-29 Arthur Kepner IB: expand ib_umem_get() prototype
2008-04-29 Arthur Kepner dma/ia64: update ia64 machvecs, swiotlb.c
2008-04-29 Arthur Kepner dma: document dma_*map*_attrs() interfaces
2008-04-29 Arthur Kepner dma: add dma_*map*_attrs() interfaces
2008-04-29 Oleg Nesterov simplify cpu_hotplug_begin()/put_online_cpus()
2008-04-29 Oleg Nesterov cleanup_workqueue_thread: remove the unneeded "cpu...
2008-04-29 Oleg Nesterov workqueues: shrink cpu_populated_map when CPU dies
2008-04-29 Paul Menage Cpuset hardwall flag: add a mem_hardwall flag to cpusets
2008-04-29 Paul Menage Cpuset hardwall flag: switch cpusets to use the bulk...
2008-04-29 Adrian Bunk kernel/cpuset.c: make 3 functions static
2008-04-29 Li Zefan memcg: remove redundant initialization in mem_cgroup_cr...
2008-04-29 KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki memcgroup: use vmalloc for mem_cgroup allocation
2008-04-29 Balbir Singh memcgroup: make the memory controller more desktop...
2008-04-29 KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki memcg: remove redundant function calls
2008-04-29 Pavel Emelyanov memcgroup: implement failcounter reset
2008-04-29 Pavel Emelyanov memcgroup: use triggers in force_empty and max_usage...
2008-04-29 Balbir Singh memcgroup: move memory controller allocations to their...
2008-04-29 Pavel Emelyanov memcgroups: add a document describing the resource...
2008-04-29 Pavel Emelyanov memcgroup: add the max_usage member on the res_counter
2008-04-29 Balbir Singh cgroups: add an owner to the mm_struct
2008-04-29 Serge E. Hallyn cgroups: introduce cft->read_seq()
2008-04-29 Li Zefan cgroups: remove the css_set linked-list
2008-04-29 Li Zefan cgroups: simplify init_subsys()
2008-04-29 Li Zefan cgroups: use a hash table for css_set finding
2008-04-29 Serge E. Hallyn cgroups: implement device whitelist
2008-04-29 Pavel Emelyanov cgroups: add the trigger callback to struct cftype
2008-04-29 Li Zefan cgroup: switch to proc_create()
2008-04-29 Li Zefan cgroup: annotate cgroup_init_subsys with __init
2008-04-29 Paul Menage CGroups _s64 files: use read_s64/write_s64 in CFS cgrou...
2008-04-29 Paul Menage CGroups _s64 files: add cgroups read_s64/write_s64...
2008-04-29 Paul Menage CGroup API files: make CGROUP_DEBUG default to off
2008-04-29 Paul Menage CGroup API files: move "releasable" to cgroup_debug...
2008-04-29 Paul Menage CGroup API files: drop mem_cgroup_force_empty()
2008-04-29 Paul Menage CGroup API files: use cgroup map for memcontrol stats...
2008-04-29 Paul Menage CGroup API files: add cgroup map data type
2008-04-29 Paul Menage CGroup API files: update cpusets to use cgroup structur...
2008-04-29 Paul Menage CGroup API files: strip all trailing whitespace in...
2008-04-29 Paul Menage CGroup API files: use read_u64 in memory controller
2008-04-29 Paul Menage CGroup API files: add res_counter_read_u64()
2008-04-29 Paul Menage CGroup API files: rename read/write_uint methods to...
2008-04-29 Adrian Bunk cgroups: kernel/ns_cgroup.c should #include <linux...
2008-04-29 Paul Jackson cgroup: fix sparse warning of shadow symbol in cgroup.c
2008-04-29 Adrian Bunk make cgroup_enable_task_cg_lists() static
2008-04-29 Andres Salomon x86: olpc: add One Laptop Per Child architecture support
2008-04-29 Michael Halcrow eCryptfs: protect crypt_stat->flags in ecryptfs_open()
2008-04-29 Michael Halcrow eCryptfs: make key module subsystem respect namespaces
2008-04-29 Michael Halcrow eCryptfs: integrate eCryptfs device handle into the...
2008-04-29 Michael Halcrow eCryptfs: introduce device handle for userspace daemon...
2008-04-29 Miklos Szeredi ecryptfs: add missing lock around notify_change
2008-04-29 Harvey Harrison ecryptfs: replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrences
2008-04-29 Adrian Bunk remove ecryptfs_header_cache_0
2008-04-29 Harvey Harrison xen: make blkif_getgeo static
2008-04-29 Jan Engelhardt vt: fix background color on line feed
2008-04-29 Thomas Petazzoni directly use kmalloc() and kfree() in init/initramfs.c
2008-04-29 Dave Young isolate ratelimit from printk.c for other use
2008-04-29 OGAWA Hirofumi vfs: fix unconditional write_super() call in file_fsync()
2008-04-29 David Howells xattr: add missing consts to function arguments
2008-04-29 Jan Blunck vfs: remove lives_below_in_same_fs()
2008-04-29 Matthias Kaehlcke fs/inode.c: use hlist_for_each_entry()
2008-04-29 Jan Kara vfs: skip inodes without pages to free in drop_pagecach...
2008-04-29 Jan Kara vfs: fix lock inversion in drop_pagecache_sb()
2008-04-29 FUJITA Tomonori swiotlb: use iommu_is_span_boundary helper function
2008-04-29 Andrew Morton lib/swiotlb.c: cleanups
2008-04-29 Ciaran McCreesh firmware loader: printk when requesting firmware
2008-04-29 Robert P. J... MAINTAINERS: clarify status of MN10300 mailing list...
2008-04-29 David Howells fdpic: check that the size returned by kernel_read...
2008-04-29 Ilpo Järvinen smb.h: uses struct timespec but didn't include linux...
2008-04-29 Andy Whitcroft update to version 0.18
2008-04-29 Andy Whitcroft update to version 0.17
2008-04-29 Joe Perches scripts/Lindent: support gnu indent v2.2.10
2008-04-29 Julia Lawall drivers/misc: elide a non-zero test on a result that...
2008-04-29 Robert P. J... lists: add "const" qualifier to first arg of list_splic...
2008-04-29 Robert P. J... kbuild: move files that don't check __KERNEL__
2008-04-29 Robert P. J... kbuild: remove duplicate, conflicting entry for oom.h
2008-04-29 S.Caglar Onur fs/binfmt_aout.c: use printk_ratelimit()
2008-04-29 Robert P. J... Remove superfluous include of string.h from percpu.h
2008-04-29 Robert P. J... kernel: explicitly include required header files under...
2008-04-29 Pavel Emelyanov binfmt_misc.c: avoid potential kernel stack overflow
2008-04-29 Dmitry Adamushko kthread: call wake_up_process() without the lock being...
2008-04-29 Andrew Morton codafs: fix build warning
2008-04-29 Jon Schindler drivers/block/floppy.c: replace init_module...
2008-04-29 Rik van Riel sysrq: add show-backtrace-on-all-cpus function
2008-04-29 Harvey Harrison drivers/misc: replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrences
2008-04-29 Harvey Harrison firmware: replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrences
2008-04-29 Adrian Bunk proper extern for late_time_init
2008-04-29 Tetsuo Handa exec: remove argv_len from struct linux_binprm
2008-04-29 WANG Cong Remove the macro get_personality
2008-04-29 jan sonnek Misc: phantom, consistent whitespace
2008-04-29 Jiri Slaby Misc, phantom, fix poll
2008-04-29 Jiri Slaby Misc: phantom, add compat ioctl
2008-04-29 Adrian Bunk proper __do_softirq() prototype
2008-04-29 Julia Lawall fs/affs/file.c: use BUG_ON
2008-04-29 Benjamin Herrenschmidt iomap: fix 64 bits resources on 32 bits
2008-04-29 Bjorn Helgaas Simplify initcall_debug output
2008-04-29 Jim Meyering lib/inflate.c: handle failed malloc()
2008-04-29 Jim Meyering hfsplus: handle match_strdup failure
2008-04-29 Jim Meyering hfs: handle match_strdup failure
2008-04-29 Jim Meyering affs: handle match_strdup failure