2008-09-03 Eilon Greenstein bnx2x: Accessing un-mapped page
2008-09-03 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-09-03 Jouni Malinen ath9k: Fix TX control flag use for no ACK and RTS/CTS
2008-09-03 Jouni Malinen ath9k: Fix TX status reporting
2008-09-03 Gregory Greenman iwlwifi: fix STATUS_EXIT_PENDING is not set on pci_remove
2008-09-03 Gregory Greenman iwlwifi: call apm stop on exit
2008-09-03 Tomas Winkler iwlwifi: fix Tx cmd memory allocation failure handling
2008-09-03 Tomas Winkler iwlwifi: fix rx_chain computation
2008-09-03 Ron Rindjunsky iwlwifi: fix station mimo power save values
2008-09-03 Mohamed Abbas iwlwifi: remove false rxon if rx chain changes
2008-09-03 Ron Rindjunsky iwlwifi: fix hidden ssid discovery in passive channels
2008-09-03 Assaf Krauss iwlwifi: W/A for the TSF correction in IBSS
2008-09-03 David S. Miller tipc: Don't use structure names which easily globally...
2008-09-03 David S. Miller ipsec: Fix deadlock in xfrm_state management.
2008-09-03 Breno Leitao ipv: Re-enable IP when MTU > 68
2008-09-03 Julien Brunel net/xfrm: Use an IS_ERR test rather than a NULL test
2008-09-02 Senthil Balasubramanian ath9: Fix ath_rx_flush_tid() for IRQs disabled kernel...
2008-09-02 Senthil Balasubramanian ath9k: Incorrect key used when group and pairwise ciphe...
2008-09-02 Boaz Harrosh rt2x00: Compiler warning unmasked by fix of BUILD_BUG_ON
2008-09-02 Jouni Malinen mac80211: Fix debugfs union misuse and pointer corruption
2008-09-02 Adrian Bunk wireless/libertas/if_cs.c: fix memory leaks
2008-09-02 David Kilroy orinoco: Multicast to the specified addresses
2008-09-02 Tomas Winkler iwlwifi: fix 64bit platform firmware loading
2008-09-02 Mohamed Abbas iwlwifi: fix apm_stop (wrong bit polarity for FLAG_INIT...
2008-09-02 Tomas Winkler iwlwifi: workaround interrupt handling no some platforms
2008-09-02 John W. Linville iwlwifi: do not use GFP_DMA in iwl_tx_queue_init
2008-09-02 Florian Mickler net/wireless/Kconfig: clarify the description for CONFI...
2008-08-29 David S. Miller net: Unbreak userspace usage of linux/mroute.h
2008-08-29 Jarek Poplawski pkt_sched: Fix locking of qdisc_root with qdisc_root_sl...
2008-08-29 Yang Hongyang ipv6: When we droped a packet, we should return NET_RX_...
2008-08-27 Vlad Yasevich sctp: fix random memory dereference with SCTP_HMAC_IDEN...
2008-08-27 Vlad Yasevich sctp: correct bounds check in sctp_setsockopt_auth_key
2008-08-27 Eugene Teo wan: Missing capability checks in sbni_ioctl()
2008-08-27 David S. Miller Merge branch 'no-iwlwifi' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2008-08-27 David S. Miller Merge branch 'davem-fixes' of /linux/kernel/git/jgarzik...
2008-08-27 Jiri Slaby e100, fix iomap read
2008-08-27 Frank Blaschka qeth: preallocated header account offset
2008-08-27 Frank Blaschka qeth: l2 write unicast list to hardware
2008-08-27 Ursula Braun qeth: use -EOPNOTSUPP instead of -ENOTSUPP.
2008-08-27 Benjamin Herrenschmidt ibm_newemac: Don't call dev_mc_add() before device...
2008-08-27 Sebastian Siewior net: don't grab a mutex within a timer context in gianfar
2008-08-27 Ayaz Abdulla forcedeth: fix checksum flag
2008-08-27 Oliver Martin net/usb/mcs7830: add set_mac_address
2008-08-27 Arnd Bergmann net/usb/mcs7830: new device IDs
2008-08-27 Jeff Garzik [netdrvr] smc91x: fix resource removal (null ptr deref)
2008-08-27 Santiago Leon ibmveth: fix bad UDP checksums
2008-08-27 Denis Joseph... [netdrvr] hso: dev_kfree_skb crash fix
2008-08-27 Denis Joseph... [netdrvr] hso: icon 322 detection fix
2008-08-27 Jay Cliburn atl1: disable TSO by default
2008-08-27 Ilpo Järvinen atl1e: multistatement if missing braces
2008-08-27 Alexander Duyck igb: remove 82576 quad adapter
2008-08-27 Takashi Iwai drivers/net/skfp/ess.c: fix compile warnings
2008-08-27 Hugh Dickins ipv4: mode 0555 in ipv4_skeleton
2008-08-27 Philip Love tcp: fix tcp header size miscalculation when window...
2008-08-27 Jarek Poplawski pkt_sched: Fix sch_tree_lock()
2008-08-27 Jarek Poplawski pkt_sched: Fix gen_estimator locks
2008-08-27 Jarek Poplawski pkt_sched: Use rcu_assign_pointer() to change dev_queue...
2008-08-27 Klaus-D. Wacker LCS recovery dumps when cable reconnect
2008-08-27 Peter Tiedemann ctcm: netdev->priv vs. netdev->ml_priv
2008-08-27 Peter Tiedemann claw: netdev->priv vs. netdev->ml_priv
2008-08-27 Martin Schwidefsky claw: fix memory leak in claw_probe.
2008-08-27 Alan Cox [netdrvr] fix build issue: undefined reference to ...
2008-08-27 Heiko Schocher fs_enet: Fix SCC Ethernet on CPM2, and crash in fs_enet...
2008-08-27 Alexander Duyck igb: fix setting the number of tx queues
2008-08-27 Alexander Duyck igb: ethtool -d reads EICR which is incorrect as it...
2008-08-27 Alexander Duyck igb: force all queues to interrupt once every 2 seconds
2008-08-27 Francois Romieu r8169: balance pci_map / pci_unmap pair
2008-08-27 Jarek Poplawski pkt_sched: Fix dev_graft_qdisc() locking
2008-08-27 Brice Goglin myri10ge: update version string to 1.4.3-1.358
2008-08-27 Alexander Duyck ixgbe: fix vlan filtering
2008-08-27 Mike Frysinger Blackfin EMAC Driver: the BF526 also supports the MAC,
2008-08-27 Jeff Garzik Merge branch 'for-2.6.27' of git://
2008-08-27 John W. Linville mac80211: quiet chatty IBSS merge message
2008-08-27 Jan-Espen Pettersen mac80211: don't send empty extended rates IE
2008-08-27 Jouni Malinen mac80211: Fix debugfs file add/del for netdev
2008-08-27 Julia Lawall net/mac80211/mesh.c: correct the argument to __mesh_tab...
2008-08-27 Jouni Malinen mac80211: Use IWEVASSOCREQIE instead of IWEVCUSTOM
2008-08-27 Felipe Balbi net: rfkill: add missing line break
2008-08-27 Jiri Slaby Ath5k: fix bintval setup
2008-08-27 Jiri Slaby Ath5k: lock beacons
2008-08-27 Dan Williams atmel: try open system authentication too
2008-08-27 Dan Williams atmel: return ENOENT on request_firmware failure
2008-08-25 Eilon Greenstein bnx2x: Version update
2008-08-25 Yitchak Gertner bnx2x: Multi Queue
2008-08-25 Yitchak Gertner bnx2x: NAPI and interrupts enable/disable
2008-08-25 Yitchak Gertner bnx2x: NIC load failure cleanup
2008-08-25 Yitchak Gertner bnx2x: Initialization structure
2008-08-25 Eilon Greenstein bnx2x: HW lock timeout
2008-08-25 Eilon Greenstein bnx2x: Minimize lock time
2008-08-25 Eilon Greenstein bnx2x: Fan failure mechanism on additional design
2008-08-25 Eilon Greenstein bnx2x: Rx work check
2008-08-25 Al Viro ipv6: sysctl fixes
2008-08-25 Al Viro ipv4: sysctl fixes
2008-08-25 Vlad Yasevich sctp: add verification checks to SCTP_AUTH_KEY option
2008-08-24 Lennert Buytenhek mv643xx_eth: bump version to 1.3
2008-08-24 Lennert Buytenhek mv643xx_eth: enforce multiple-of-8-bytes receive buffer...
2008-08-24 Lennert Buytenhek mv643xx_eth: fix NULL pointer dereference in rxq_process()
2008-08-24 Lennert Buytenhek mv643xx_eth: fix inconsistent lock semantics
2008-08-24 Lennert Buytenhek mv643xx_eth: fix double add_timer() on the receive...
2008-08-24 Lennert Buytenhek mv643xx_eth: fix NAPI 'rotting packet' issue