2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: remove 'ignore_conntrack...
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: use hlists for conntrack...
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: round up hashsize to next...
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack_extend: use __read_mostly...
2007-07-11 Yasuyuki Kozakai [NETFILTER]: nf_nat: merge nf_conn and nf_nat_info
2007-07-11 Yasuyuki Kozakai [NETFILTER]: nf_nat: kill global 'destroy' operation
2007-07-11 Yasuyuki Kozakai [NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: remove old memory allocator...
2007-07-11 Yasuyuki Kozakai [NETFILTER]: nf_nat: remove unused nf_nat_module_is_loaded
2007-07-11 Yasuyuki Kozakai [NETFILTER]: nf_nat: use extension infrastructure
2007-07-11 Yasuyuki Kozakai [NETFILTER]: nf_nat: add reference to conntrack from...
2007-07-11 Yasuyuki Kozakai [NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: use extension infrastructure...
2007-07-11 Yasuyuki Kozakai [NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: introduce extension infrastr...
2007-07-11 Yasuyuki Kozakai [NETFILTER]: nf_nat: move NAT declarations from nf_conn...
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: x_tables: mark matches and targets __read_...
2007-07-11 Jozsef Kadlecsik [NETFILTER]: x_tables: add TRACE target
2007-07-11 Jan Engelhardt [NETFILTER]: Add u32 match
2007-07-11 Jerome Borsboom [NETFILTER]: nf_nat_sip: only perform RTP DNAT if SIP...
2007-07-11 Jan Engelhardt [NETFILTER]: Remove redundant parentheses/braces
2007-07-11 Jan Engelhardt [NETFILTER]: Remove incorrect inline markers
2007-07-11 Jan Engelhardt [NETFILTER]: add some consts, remove some casts
2007-07-11 Jan Engelhardt [NETFILTER]: x_tables: switch xt_target->checkentry...
2007-07-11 Jan Engelhardt [NETFILTER]: x_tables: switch xt_match->checkentry...
2007-07-11 Jan Engelhardt [NETFILTER]: x_tables: switch xt_match->match to bool
2007-07-11 Jan Engelhardt [NETFILTER]: x_tables: switch hotdrop to bool
2007-07-11 Yasuyuki Kozakai [NETFILTER]: ip6_tables: fix explanation of valid upper...
2007-07-11 Jing Min Zhao [NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack_h323: check range first in...
2007-07-11 James Chapman [UDP]: Cleanup UDP encapsulation code
2007-07-11 G. Liakhovetski [IrDA]: tsap init routine factorisation.
2007-07-11 Samuel Ortiz [IrDA]: kingsun-sir.c charset fix.
2007-07-11 Samuel Ortiz [IrDA]: Monitor mode.
2007-07-11 Samuel Ortiz [IrDA]: Netlink layer.
2007-07-11 Guido Guenther [NET]: Allow group ownership of TUN/TAP devices.
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [NET_SCHED]: Remove unnecessary includes
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [NET_SCHED]: sch_htb: use generic estimator
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [NET_SCHED]: Remove unnecessary stats_lock pointers
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [NET_SCHED]: Remove CONFIG_NET_ESTIMATOR option
2007-07-11 Jamal Hadi... [PKTGEN]: IPSEC support
2007-07-11 Jamal Hadi... [XFRM] Introduce standalone SAD lookup
2007-07-11 Jamal Hadi... [PKTGEN]: Introduce sequential flows
2007-07-11 Jamal Hadi... [PKTGEN]: Centralize packet overhead tracking
2007-07-11 Larry Finger [MAC80211]: Set low initial rate in rc80211_simple
2007-07-11 Ilpo Järvinen [TCP]: SACK fastpath did override adjusted fackets_out
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [NET]: Fix secondary unicast/multicast address count...
2007-07-11 Peter P Waskiewicz Jr [SCHED]: Qdisc changes and sch_rr added for multiqueue
2007-07-11 Peter P Waskiewicz Jr [CORE] Stack changes to add multiqueue hardware support API
2007-07-11 Peter P Waskiewicz Jr [NET]: [DOC] Multiqueue hardware support documentation
2007-07-11 Herbert Xu [NET]: Fix TX checksum feature check
2007-07-11 James Chapman [L2TP]: Add PPPoL2TP in-kernel documentation
2007-07-11 James Chapman [L2TP]: Add PPPoL2TP maintainer
2007-07-11 David S. Miller [PPPOL2TP]: Use proper printf format specifier for...
2007-07-11 James Chapman [L2TP]: PPP over L2TP driver core
2007-07-11 James Chapman [L2TP]: Changes to existing ppp and socket kernel heade...
2007-07-11 James Chapman [UDP]: Introduce UDP encapsulation type for L2TP
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [NET]: dev: secondary unicast address support
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [NET]: dev_mcast: switch to generic net_device address...
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [NET]: dev: introduce generic net_device address lists
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [NET]: dev_mcast: unexport dev_mc_upload
2007-07-11 Stephen Hemminger [NET]: IPV6 checksum offloading in network devices
2007-07-11 Masahide NAKAMURA [XFRM]: Add module alias for transformation type.
2007-07-11 Masahide NAKAMURA [IPV6] MIP6: Loadable module support for MIPv6.
2007-07-11 Masahide NAKAMURA [IPV6] MIP6: Kill unnecessary ifdefs.
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [RTNETLINK]: Fix rtnetlink compat attribute patch
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [RTNETLINK]: Add nested compat attribute
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [NETLINK]: attr: add nested compat attribute type
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [SKBUFF]: Keep track of writable header len of headerle...
2007-07-11 Krishna Kumar [NET]: qdisc_restart - couple of optimizations.
2007-07-11 Krishna Kumar [NET]: qdisc_restart - readability changes plus one...
2007-07-11 Gerrit Renker [CCID3]: Fix a bug in the send time processing
2007-07-11 Gerrit Renker [CCID3]: Sending time: update to ktime_t
2007-07-11 Arnaldo Carvalho... [KTIME]: Introduce ktime_add_us
2007-07-11 Gerrit Renker [KTIME]: Introduce ktime_us_delta
2007-07-11 Arnaldo Carvalho... loss_interval: make struct dccp_li_hist_entry private
2007-07-11 Arnaldo Carvalho... loss_interval: Nuke dccp_li_hist
2007-07-11 Arnaldo Carvalho... loss_interval: Make dccp_li_hist_entry_{new,delete...
2007-07-11 Arnaldo Carvalho... loss_interval: unexport dccp_li_hist_interval_new
2007-07-11 Arnaldo Carvalho... [DCCP] loss_interval: Move ccid3_hc_rx_update_li to...
2007-07-11 Arnaldo Carvalho... [CCID3]: Pass ccid3_li_hist to ccid3_hc_rx_update_li
2007-07-11 Arnaldo Carvalho... Remove accesses to ccid3_hc_rx_sock in ccid3_hc_rx_...
2007-07-11 Ian McDonald loss_interval: Fix timeval initialisation
2007-07-11 Ian McDonald Fix dccp_sum_coverage
2007-07-11 Ian McDonald ccid3: Update copyrights
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [VLAN]: Use rtnl_link API
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [VLAN]: Introduce symbolic constants for flag values
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [VLAN]: Keep track of number of QoS mappings
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [VLAN]: Use 32 bit value for skb->priority mapping
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [VLAN]: Return proper error codes in register_vlan_device
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [VLAN]: Move device registation to seperate function
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [VLAN]: Split up device checks
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [VLAN]: Move vlan_group allocation to seperate function
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [VLAN]: Move some device intialization code to dev...
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [VLAN]: Convert name-based configuration functions...
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [IFB]: Use rtnl_link API
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [IFB]: Keep ifb devices on list
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [DUMMY]: Use rtnl_link API
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [DUMMY]: Keep dummy devices on list
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [DUMMY]: Use dev->stats
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [RTNETLINK]: Link creation API
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [RTNETLINK]: Split up rtnl_setlink
2007-07-11 Patrick McHardy [NET]: Mark struct net_device * argument to netdev_priv...
2007-07-11 Larry Finger [MAC80211]: Add support for SIOCGIWRATE ioctl