2009-11-13 Larry Finger p54usb: Remove DMA buffer from stack
2009-11-13 Gertjan van... rt2x00: Update MAINTAINERS
2009-11-13 John W. Linville Revert "libipw: initiate cfg80211 API conversion"
2009-11-10 Wey-Yi Guy iwlwifi: Fix issue on file transfer stalled in HT mode
2009-11-10 Wey-Yi Guy iwlwifi: Use RTS/CTS as the preferred protection mechan...
2009-11-10 Bing Zhao Libertas: fix issues while configuring host sleep using...
2009-11-10 Bing Zhao Libertas: coding style cleanup in ethtool.c
2009-11-10 Larry Finger rtl8187: Fix sparse warnings
2009-11-10 Bob Copeland ath5k: add LED definition for BenQ Joybook R55v
2009-11-10 Bob Copeland ath5k: add LED support for HP Compaq CQ60
2009-11-10 Bob Copeland ath5k: don't reset mcast filter when configuring the...
2009-11-10 Ivo van Doorn rt2x00: update MAINTAINERS
2009-11-10 Felix Fietkau b43: work around a locking issue in ->set_tim()
2009-11-10 Martin Fuzzey ssb-pcmcia: Fix 32bit register access in early bus...
2009-11-08 Sebastian Siewior net/fsl_pq_mdio: add module license GPL
2009-11-08 Wolfgang Grandegger can: fix WARN_ON dump in net/core/rtnetlink.c:rtmsg_ifi...
2009-11-08 Eric Dumazet can: should not use __dev_get_by_index() without locks
2009-11-07 Martin Michlmayr hisax: remove bad udelay call to fix build error on ARM
2009-11-07 Herbert Xu ipip: Fix handling of DF packets when pmtudisc is OFF
2009-11-07 Ron Mercer qlge: Set PCIe reset type for EEH to fundamental.
2009-11-07 Ron Mercer qlge: Fix early exit from mbox cmd complete wait.
2009-11-07 Don Skidmore ixgbe: fix traffic hangs on Tx with ioatdma loaded
2009-11-07 Yi Zou ixgbe: Fix checking TFCS register for TXOFF status...
2009-11-07 Yi Zou ixgbe: Fix gso_max_size for 82599 when DCB is enabled
2009-11-07 Finn Thain macsonic: fix crash on PowerBook 520
2009-11-07 Jiri Slaby NET: cassini, fix lock imbalance
2009-11-07 Sebastian Haas ems_usb: Fix byte order issues on big endian machines
2009-11-07 Ajit Khaparde be2net: Bug fix to send config commands to hardware...
2009-11-07 Ajit Khaparde be2net: fix to set proper flow control on resume
2009-11-07 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2009-11-07 Jan Engelhardt netfilter: xt_connlimit: fix regression caused by zero...
2009-11-06 Sean Cross rt2x00: Don't queue ieee80211 work after USB removal
2009-11-06 John W. Linville Revert "ipw2200: fix oops on missing firmware"
2009-11-06 Eric Dumazet decnet: netdevice refcount leak
2009-11-06 Jozsef Kadlecsik netfilter: nf_nat: fix NAT issue in
2009-11-06 Sathya Perla be2net: Fix CQE_STATUS_EXTD_SHIFT define
2009-11-06 Eric Dumazet rose: device refcount leak
2009-11-06 Stephen Hemminger bridge: prevent bridging wrong device
2009-11-05 Uwe Kleine... virtio_net: rename driver struct to please modpost
2009-11-05 Larry Finger rtl8187: Fix kernel oops when device is removed when...
2009-11-04 Joe Perches MAINTAINERS: Add git net-next-2.6
2009-11-04 Roel Kluin isdn: hfc_usb: Fix read buffer overflow
2009-11-04 Roel Kluin isdn: hisax: Fix test in waitforxfw
2009-11-04 Jiri Slaby isdn: eicon: Return on error
2009-11-04 Jiri Slaby isdn: eicon: Use offsetof
2009-11-04 Dan Carpenter misdn: Fix reversed 'if' in st_own_ctrl
2009-11-04 Jiri Slaby isdn: hisax: Fix lock imbalance.
2009-11-04 Tonyliu DaVinci EMAC: correct param for ISR
2009-11-04 Torgny Johansson cdc_ether: additional Ericsson MBM PID's to the whitelist
2009-11-03 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2009-11-02 Johannes Berg mac80211: check interface is down before type change
2009-11-02 Johannes Berg cfg80211: fix NULL ptr deref
2009-10-30 David Woodhouse libertas if_usb: Fix crash on 64-bit machines
2009-10-30 Johannes Berg mac80211: fix reason code output endianness
2009-10-30 Johannes Berg mac80211: fix addba timer
2009-10-30 Luis R. Rodriguez ath9k: fix misplaced semicolon on rate control
2009-10-30 Michael Buesch b43: Fix DMA TX bounce buffer copying
2009-10-30 Johannes Berg mac80211: fix BSS leak
2009-10-30 Xose Vazquez... rt73usb.c : more ids
2009-10-30 Zhu Yi ipw2200: fix oops on missing firmware
2009-10-30 Herbert Xu gre: Fix dev_addr clobbering for gretap
2009-10-30 Brandon Philips sky2: set carrier off in probe
2009-10-30 Eric Dumazet net: fix sk_forward_alloc corruption
2009-10-30 Ken Kawasaki pcnet_cs: add cis of PreMax PE-200 ethernet pcmcia...
2009-10-30 Raimonds Cicans r8169: Fix card drop incoming VLAN tagged MTU byte...
2009-10-30 roel kluin ibmtr: possible Read buffer overflow?
2009-10-30 jamal net: Fix RPF to work with policy routing
2009-10-30 Eric Dumazet net: fix kmemcheck annotations
2009-10-30 Bruce Allan e1000e: rework disable K1 at 1000Mbps for 82577/82578
2009-10-30 Bruce Allan e1000e: config PHY via software after resets
2009-10-30 Bruce Allan e100: e100_phy_init() isolates selected PHY, causes...
2009-10-29 Gabor Gombas net: Fix 'Re: PACKET_TX_RING: packet size is too long'
2009-10-29 Janusz Krzysztofik netdev: usb: dm9601.c can drive a device not supported...
2009-10-29 Ron Mercer qlge: Fix firmware mailbox command timeout.
2009-10-29 Ron Mercer qlge: Fix EEH handling.
2009-10-29 Neil Horman AF_RAW: Augment raw_send_hdrinc to expand skb to fit...
2009-10-29 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2009-10-29 Jiri Bohac bonding: fix a race condition in calls to slave MII...
2009-10-28 Michael S.... virtio-net: fix data corruption with OOM
2009-10-28 Ben Hutchings sfc: Set ip_summed correctly for page buffers passed...
2009-10-28 Michael Chan cnic: Fix L2CTX_STATUSB_NUM offset in context memory.
2009-10-27 Bartlomiej... MAINTAINERS: rt2x00 list is moderated
2009-10-27 Roel Kluin airo: Reorder tests, check bounds before element
2009-10-27 Björn Smedman mac80211: fix for incorrect sequence number on hostapd...
2009-10-27 Holger Schurig libertas spi: fix sparse errors
2009-10-27 Andrey Yurovsky mac80211: trivial: fix spelling in mesh_hwmp
2009-10-27 Johannes Berg cfg80211: sme: deauthenticate on assoc failure
2009-10-27 Johannes Berg mac80211: keep auth state when assoc fails
2009-10-27 Reinette Chatre mac80211: fix ibss joining
2009-10-27 Miguel Boton b43: add 'struct b43_wl' missing declaration
2009-10-27 Larry Finger b43: Fix Bugzilla #14181 and the bug from the previous...
2009-10-27 Benoit PAPILLAULT rt2x00: Fix crypto in TX frame for rt2800usb
2009-10-27 Nobuhiro Iwamatsu sh_eth: Add asm/cacheflush.h
2009-10-26 Michal Ostrowski PPPoE: Fix flush/close races.
2009-10-26 Bruce Allan e1000e: allow for swflag to be held over consecutive...
2009-10-26 Bruce Allan e1000e: separate mutex usage between NVM and PHY/CSR...
2009-10-26 Bruce Allan e1000e: 82577/82578 requires a different method to...
2009-10-26 Bruce Allan e1000e: increase swflag acquisition timeout for ICHx/PCH
2009-10-26 Bruce Allan e1000e: clear PHY wakeup bit after LCD reset on 82577...
2009-10-26 Alexander Duyck igbvf: fix memory leak when ring size changed while...